Tuesday, July 29, 2014

We set a goal to baptize 7 souls, when we have 0 with a date.

Tuesday: Said goodbye to a lot of other missionaries and Sister missionaries.
We had dinner with President Spackman, tater tot casserole... Weird O know...
but good! Then I said goodbye to a couple

of people, I am going to miss so many people so badly :( We had a

lesson fall through, which was kinda nice, sad to say, because I still

had a lot of people to say goodbye too haha. We had my final Stake

correlation meeting, they all said so nice words to me, I am going to

miss them extremely. I shed a few tears leaving them :( The Evertsens

gave me kisses. Haha, The chocolate kind anyways. Then when we got

home we did my tie burning. With a bunch of friends.

Wednesday: Transfer day. Had to go up at the transfer point at 7:30. I

only had to wait there for an hour! New record! Went and dropped off

my stuff, went to the mission office to see the new missionaries

coming in (My favorite part about transfers). Now that I am APB the

things I do are a little different. I helped do the transfer board,

updated everyone’s information, like where they are and what leadership

position they are. So a bunch of paperwork... Fun! haha. Did that for

4 hours. Thankfully they tell me this is the only day we ever do stuff

like that.

 Went on splits that night, alone with a Ward Mission leader, and I

learned that the Ward mission leaders here rock! They have a whole

bunch of people to go and visit, and all I do is just take notes, and

accompany them. So cool! Returned home for the night. We did planning

and went to bed. So I am kind of in a foursome, we all plan together,

and it makes it really fun :)

  Thursday: We marched in the Ogden Parade for Pioneer Day! It was

pretty weird how missionaries are in a parade... but okay. I saw a few

people from my last areas! I saw Jesus who was from Roy and his gf. I

am actually writing her sister who is serving a mission in California,

because I knew her before her mission, and I will still be here when I

get back. haha.

The afternoon consisted of me studying, Elder Young was feeling sick,

so we just stayed in. I studied and wrote letters while he took a nap.

In the evening I went on splits again with a ward missionary, same as

the day before, just accompanied him. We met a LA lady who loves the

missionaries. She says the reason she wants to not be active, is

because if she was, the missionaries wouldn't come over anymore. lol

We had to come in a little early because we don't want to be out for

fireworks.... Sad.

  Friday: Surgery day! My surgery was at 11:30, I was able to meet the

Zone before I went in. Surgery went super well. Going under feels sooo

good. Waking up I felt super good too :) I don't think I said anything

weird. Elder Wood was with me, and the Knights were able to accompany

me too :) They laughed at me a lot.... but that's okay I guess. haha.

I was told to rest for the whole day, which was really sad, because I

felt fine and wanted to work. Just have to wear this splint for a

week. Lame!

  Saturday: We watched "Joseph Smith: Prophet of The Restoration"

with a recent convert family. The family is so solid, it is co cool.

The APs had to go take their van up somewhere north, about 1 hour one

way. So Elder Wood and I went to go do some lessons. We went to the

office to meet back up with the APs and they told us they forgot the

keys to the office on the key ring of the van. So they had to drive

back up to go get those. Elder Wood and I just went back to the

apartment for dinner. I just took a hour nap instead of eating. I was

so dead tired. We had two more lessons in the evening, only 1 fell

through. So far, all the people I have meet, kinda seem the same way

on things, Stubborn. That is really hard :(

  Sunday: We went to 7 sacrament meetings... Fun times lol. I did

pretty good at staying awake! We had a pretty normal day. Our area is

pretty dang big. I am not sure on how big, but at least 3 times bigger

than my last. So it ha been hard getting to know the area. We do have

a car as well, and I don't really learn all to well, unless I am the

one steering, or making the decisions turn left or turn right if you

know what I mean. Our lessons fell through, we did get a lot of

referrals to what seems golden people for baptisms. We set a goal to

baptize 7 souls, when we have 0 with a date. Pretty high goal, that is

for sure! At the end of the night, we were confirming appointment with

a nm, for tomorrow, and after we had 10 min till curfew. We decided we

should knock on one door. Elder Wood pointed at a house and said,

"awhat do you think?" I responded, "lets do it!". It was a member

family, and they gave us a referral of a girl who has been attending

church for 3 months, and has been getting LA girls back to church, but

she is a non-member! She has expressed her desire to be baptized 3

times. So we will go visit her, to get her dunked!

  Monday: We had a lesson with Stacy, a 9 year old girl who wants to

be baptized, and we set her date for the 16th. In the evening, Elder

Young and I went tracting. We drove to a street, and we were going to

start one house from the edge and inwards, however, we got a feeling

that we needed to start from the beginning. Sure enough, there was

Jessica there, and she was golden. We set up a return appt with her

for later in the week :)

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