Tuesday, June 30, 2015

It's a better day in the Utah Logan Mission!!!

It's a better day in the Utah Logan Mission!!!

 It's official!! This is the Utah Logan Mission! With the mission president of President Allred!

My New Comps Elder Chaing: Been out 3 months, actually trained his first transfer by Elder Rangel, this is the 2nd time being with him. He is from Hong Kong. He is 25 years old. Graduated from college in Conclusionist Science... or something like that. Elder Rangel, From Visalia CA, been out 21 months. He was a grape farmer before the mission. Really fun goofy guy.

Wednesday: It was sad saying goodbye to Elder Bayles, at the same time, I was really excited, I
learned about my area. We cover two stakes. Logan East and Logan Central (Which includes an ASL branch, and a Mandarin Branch). I learned that this area hasn't baptized in two transfers and has only one current investigators. Which to me, just tells me that it just hasn't been worked hard. I was also
nervous, because President Hiers told me that I need to learn Mandarin. At the end ofthe day, we had a new investigator, Todd, who is in his 40's the rest of his family is baptized, and learned that President was joking about learning the language all along.. Pheww!

Thursday: Day 2 in Logan, we met with Susie, she was brought to our attention because her fiance (a RM) texted us and said that he has been working with her, and he feels that she has been prepared, and boy she was! She answered all the baptismal interview questions, she told us she had a voice from the heavens tell her that the Book of Mormon is true, and that she needs to be baptized. She is also a Protestant Minister on top of that, she has taught a few congregations, and received a full ride for divinity in college. Pretty cool investigator.

Friday: We met our 1 other investigator, who is actually waiting on first presidency approval for permission to be baptized. When we saw him he had a big black eye, we asked him about it, and he
said, "Yeah, I was in a fight." We were like, "What....??" Hahaha, turns out he is a MMA fighter. He is 35 years old, and beating up other people. He has been waiting for approval for 3 weeks, hopefully it comes in soon, he is such a wonderful man.

Saturday: In the morning we went to the funeral of a missionary that served in this mission, Elder Wyatt, he died of Muscle Dystrophy (Probably not correct spelling). He served in this mission only a
year and a half ago. He passed away at age 22. :( We worked hard in order to try an meet a lot of bishops and Wml's this day, most of them are usually home on Saturdays, we were able to visit
3 Bishops, an 4 Ward Mission Leaders.

Sunday: Welcome to the day of rest... Yeah right!! Haha, we got up at 5:40 to get to a meeting at 6:30 :(. By the time we got done with meetings at 5:00, I was dead tired, thank goodness for dinner
appointments with members, that gave me the fuel I needed. We have been trying super hard to visit a ton of these names in the areabook but of course, they are never home!!

Monday: I'm not used to working in the mornings, usually I am planning out meetings or in meetings, so it was weird for me to be going out at 10am, and honestly, I was skeptical,  most areas are hard to work at that time. However, God proved me wrong, he lead us to a lady who was smoking outside her apartments. She met with missionaries about a year ago, she wants to get baptized, but last time
couldn't give up smoking, but she told us she was ready to quit, so we invite her for the 25th of July to be baptized. She has has a rough life recently, she was mugged the night before, her utilities aren't working in her apartment, and she was ran over by a truck a month ago, and has a broken ankle.

I love the trio, each companion is perfect to make the trio work!  I've learned a tiny bit of Mandarin, but not even enough to do anything with. Our address is 654 E, 400 N, #1 Logan, Utah 84341. President Hiers is gone :(  I don't know the new Mission Address, but it has changed.
Thanks for the email!
Elder Wrathall

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Transfer News!!!!:

Elder Wrathall with President Hiers and Sister Hiers.

Transfer News!!!!: Elder Bayles is staying here in Nibley for another Transfer. I have been released as a Zone Leader, and will be transferred out to Logan Central with Elder Rangel (Elder Bayles
previous comapnion) & Elder Chaing.... Mandarin Speaking. Yep. I will be in a Chinese Branch.

Wednesday: I don't remember what happened on this day....

Thursday: Went on exchanges with Elder Hack (From Clarksville GA.) I love this Elder so much, we had a blast. He has been struggling really hard with the companion he has now, because he doesn't
want to work at all. Elder Hack told me that this day was the best day that he has had in 3 weeks time. I feel bad for him. I really hope before my mission is over that we can be companions at some point.

Friday: We had a super good DLT, and was able to fix some of the problems in the Zone.  We were
also able to find some potential investigators while knocking doors, always a good thing!

Saturday: We helped out those "Build your own house" people by laying sod, then we did weekly planning, that is when we got a call from the  Assistants to the President gave us a call, Elder Bayles answered it thinking he was going to get released for sure, but sure enough, they said, "Can I speak to your companion." At that point, I knew I was done for. Haha. They assured me I did nothing wrong as a Zone Leader, and I was meant to be in a new area at this time. Gave me an honorable release. Nevertheless, I am sooo anxious to know where I am going to be, I couldn't sleep till 1:00am.

Sunday: I thought for sure this was going to be the longest day in history because I was still anxious to know what is happening for transfers, but it still went by really quick, saying goodbye to a lot of
the friends I have made here. We visited Jim, and he is now solid for the 11th of July to be baptized. I really hope I am in this mission still to be able to go to his baptism. The mission is splitting July 1st

Monday: Finally, the day where I find out where I go!! I swear, this MLT was the longest MLT, because we find out at the ver end. I learned a lot of things that I could improve on if I was staying Zone Leader. So When I learned that I was going to be in Logan Central, with Elder Rangel and Chiang, I was super excited. I didn't even think about how that area has a Chinese Branch. Then, I got nervous. President called, told me that he and The Lord, trusted in me to take this up, and to blow it out of the water. No stress or anything....

Dang, well we are going to be in the 100s here.... So yeah... Haha. Though dry heat isn't as hot. We didn't do anything different on Father's Day. Most of the wards didn't give Fathers anything, but one gave out a ton of Hershey's candy, like almond joys and Reese's. Thanks for the email! Wish me luck!
Love Elder Wrathall


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

"Perfect!! You should pray about it!"

Wednesday: Met a YSA guy who came early from his mission because of health reasons. He was getting out of the habit of doing things such as reading praying and going to church, we invited him to go back to the temple, hopefully we will be able to go with him to that! He was such a cool guy, really humble and repentant.

Thursday: Went on exchanges with Elder Ogden, he is such a good missionary! I was super impressed at how well he talks to other people. He teaches super simply, and it is perfect for them to
understand.  Another strong testimony to me, that just because you are in leadership definitely does
not make you better in any shape or form :)

Friday: New investigator!! We met with a YSA, her name is Anna, she has met with missionaries quite a few times. She is Catholic, and has strong roots in it, but she has been coming to
church here for a few times. She told us off the bat, "I'm not wanting to convert..." However, as the lesson continued, she was definitely soul searching and we could tell she wants to. She has a hard time with the Great Apostasy, obviously. It was really cool though, as soon as we got done
talking about it, she said, "Ohhh.... I'm going to have to do some praying..." We exclaimed in unison, "Perfect!! You should pray about it!"

Saturday: We went to our service location in the morning, in our stake they have this area where people can build their own houses, and of course, it is a lot cheaper, so they always need help there. We just helped them do landscaping to get ready for laying down sod, but using the rake for 2
hours was a good work out! We found another new investigator today! His name is William, he lives in a family, where the parents were offended a long time ago, and they haven't come back since. They are wanting to get back active and have their son baptized though :)

Sunday: We went to 4 different Sacrament Meetings, though it was a mix up today, we went to a normal, then a testimony, then a normal, then another testimony one. So it switched it up, because last week was Stake Conference for the Nibley Stake, but not for Providence YSA Stake. Afterwards we ate at the Christensens, because we didn't have a dinner scheduled. Then at night we had a missionary musical fireside, which was super spiritual! Finished the day off with meeting with
Indiana, he denied knowing that these things are true, even when he has admitted that the spirit
has testified to him that they are true :(

Monday: Lots of Monday morning planning, we did an FHA with the Zone, we played the "Name Game" WHere everyone comes up with a name, writes it on a paper, it is read out once, then everyone tries to guess who is who. Super fun. Finally met with Jim again, he has been super
stressed out because of his work, and because of that, he hasn't been reading, praying, and even didn't come to church on Sunday! :( Super sad. We didn't have a dinner again, so we went to the Christensens again. Haha

Elder Wrathall

Sunday, June 14, 2015

So I am learning to forgive my companion.... Haha

Yep, thats a goat. It actually likes to be held....
Wednesday: We had actually a lot of time to do proselyting in our area for a change, and it was wonderful! Yes of course we had rejections and of course people weren't home, but we did set up appts with potential investigators, and what can be better than that!!

Thursday: In the morning, during personal study we got a call from the APs, they told us to, "Get in the car now! And call us when you are on the road." So of course, we are like, "What is
happening?" They basically told us that they forgot that they needed to be in Avon to teach a high adventure group in Avon, so they needed us to get there as soon as possible, it started in 18 minutes. We got there 40 minutes late, but it sure was an adventure. Thank goodness we have a truck is
all I have got to say. Haha
Avon is so beautiful!

Friday: Did service building a roof, and then proselyted! Good day. Haha

Saturday: We had Stake Conference this weekend, we went to the leadership and the Adult Session this day, they mainly focused on how councils are important, such as ward councils, or family councils. We had Elder Duram and Elder Cardon from the 70 with us, Elder Duram, this was his
first assignment as a 70! He is a super friendly man :) Got to shake both of their hands which was cool!

Sunday: We had a meeting with Jim, who is our investigator working for this next Saturday to be Baptized. The lesson went wonderful, super spiritual, then, out of nowhere, Elder Bayles says, "We are going to reset your date, if you came to know that this is true by the 4th OF JULY, would you be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God?" What the??? He was on track to this weekend, all he needed was an interview, but Elder Bayles pushed him back a month! I talked with him afterwards, and he thought that his baptismal date had already past. He didn't mean to also put him a month back. So the next day, we went by and Elder Bayles tried to fix it, but Jim likes the 4th now better, because his family will be in. So I am learning to forgive my companion.... Haha

Monday: We had interviews with President Hiers starting at 8:00am. Interviews w/ President are
so different when you are a Zone Leader. One, because you have to give a 2 hour training, second, that is where they ask you for transfer suggestions (They even asked me if Elder Bayles should leave) of course, they pray about them before they finalize it, and third, President tells you a lot more things that are happening in the mission then when you are not a Zone Leader. So it was cool, learned a ton, and had a new experience. For an activity that we did in our training, we had them push their cars to"Checkpoints" to get to the Law of Consecration. Elder Bayles and I, and the APs, played the part of Satan's angles, so we tried to stop them, we would push them backwards, or pull the E-brakes, haha. Super fun.

Thanks for the email!
Love you!!
Elder Wrathall
The shoes are getting good use.
                                                        Trying to pogo at a WML

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

It was a spiritual powerhouse!

So, I'm not going to do my normal format, because I don't want to take that much time on emailing this week. Sorry.... Haha Highlights of the week though. We went to MLC, president Hiers last one:( It was a spiritual powerhouse! Received a ton of revelation on how to be a more consecrated missionary!)

We met with our investigator Jim who is working towards the 13th of June to be baptized, we learned, that he has an addiction to smoking, His father  in law, (The Stake President) joined us, which was super inspired, because he gave a blessing to him for him to stop smoking. He has the faith, and he really wants to quit! I know he can do it!!
We met with Indiana too! He has been more frustrating lately actually. Every single lesson that we have with him, it is super powerful. The spirit is there so strong. He keeps about half of his commitments, but when he does he feels the spirit. Yet, because he communicates with his anti Dad about the gospel, every time we meet, it is like starting over again. He brings up the same concerns, and refuses to, realize that this is right, he has had many witnesses of the spirit.
Another investigator, Jericho, we have been struggling to meet with. He doesn't have a phone, so we set up a time, and always, at that time, he isn't home. Maybe he has good excuses, but we wouldn't know because he doesn't have a phone to tell us. How does anyone survive without a phone these days.

Elder Bayles and I are getting along super well still! Can kind of tell he is getting a bit trunky, he only has 3 months left. He is trying hard not to be though!
Allergies are kinda kicking in, just itchy eyes. Not too bad though. Just annoying.

I think these guys like to hike!

Hope all is well with everyone!
Love ya'll!!!
I forgot to write about the baptisms! Coltan and Isabelle both got baptized, spirit was super strong in both of
their baptisms!!