Tuesday, July 29, 2014

We set a goal to baptize 7 souls, when we have 0 with a date.

Tuesday: Said goodbye to a lot of other missionaries and Sister missionaries.
We had dinner with President Spackman, tater tot casserole... Weird O know...
but good! Then I said goodbye to a couple

of people, I am going to miss so many people so badly :( We had a

lesson fall through, which was kinda nice, sad to say, because I still

had a lot of people to say goodbye too haha. We had my final Stake

correlation meeting, they all said so nice words to me, I am going to

miss them extremely. I shed a few tears leaving them :( The Evertsens

gave me kisses. Haha, The chocolate kind anyways. Then when we got

home we did my tie burning. With a bunch of friends.

Wednesday: Transfer day. Had to go up at the transfer point at 7:30. I

only had to wait there for an hour! New record! Went and dropped off

my stuff, went to the mission office to see the new missionaries

coming in (My favorite part about transfers). Now that I am APB the

things I do are a little different. I helped do the transfer board,

updated everyone’s information, like where they are and what leadership

position they are. So a bunch of paperwork... Fun! haha. Did that for

4 hours. Thankfully they tell me this is the only day we ever do stuff

like that.

 Went on splits that night, alone with a Ward Mission leader, and I

learned that the Ward mission leaders here rock! They have a whole

bunch of people to go and visit, and all I do is just take notes, and

accompany them. So cool! Returned home for the night. We did planning

and went to bed. So I am kind of in a foursome, we all plan together,

and it makes it really fun :)

  Thursday: We marched in the Ogden Parade for Pioneer Day! It was

pretty weird how missionaries are in a parade... but okay. I saw a few

people from my last areas! I saw Jesus who was from Roy and his gf. I

am actually writing her sister who is serving a mission in California,

because I knew her before her mission, and I will still be here when I

get back. haha.

The afternoon consisted of me studying, Elder Young was feeling sick,

so we just stayed in. I studied and wrote letters while he took a nap.

In the evening I went on splits again with a ward missionary, same as

the day before, just accompanied him. We met a LA lady who loves the

missionaries. She says the reason she wants to not be active, is

because if she was, the missionaries wouldn't come over anymore. lol

We had to come in a little early because we don't want to be out for

fireworks.... Sad.

  Friday: Surgery day! My surgery was at 11:30, I was able to meet the

Zone before I went in. Surgery went super well. Going under feels sooo

good. Waking up I felt super good too :) I don't think I said anything

weird. Elder Wood was with me, and the Knights were able to accompany

me too :) They laughed at me a lot.... but that's okay I guess. haha.

I was told to rest for the whole day, which was really sad, because I

felt fine and wanted to work. Just have to wear this splint for a

week. Lame!

  Saturday: We watched "Joseph Smith: Prophet of The Restoration"

with a recent convert family. The family is so solid, it is co cool.

The APs had to go take their van up somewhere north, about 1 hour one

way. So Elder Wood and I went to go do some lessons. We went to the

office to meet back up with the APs and they told us they forgot the

keys to the office on the key ring of the van. So they had to drive

back up to go get those. Elder Wood and I just went back to the

apartment for dinner. I just took a hour nap instead of eating. I was

so dead tired. We had two more lessons in the evening, only 1 fell

through. So far, all the people I have meet, kinda seem the same way

on things, Stubborn. That is really hard :(

  Sunday: We went to 7 sacrament meetings... Fun times lol. I did

pretty good at staying awake! We had a pretty normal day. Our area is

pretty dang big. I am not sure on how big, but at least 3 times bigger

than my last. So it ha been hard getting to know the area. We do have

a car as well, and I don't really learn all to well, unless I am the

one steering, or making the decisions turn left or turn right if you

know what I mean. Our lessons fell through, we did get a lot of

referrals to what seems golden people for baptisms. We set a goal to

baptize 7 souls, when we have 0 with a date. Pretty high goal, that is

for sure! At the end of the night, we were confirming appointment with

a nm, for tomorrow, and after we had 10 min till curfew. We decided we

should knock on one door. Elder Wood pointed at a house and said,

"awhat do you think?" I responded, "lets do it!". It was a member

family, and they gave us a referral of a girl who has been attending

church for 3 months, and has been getting LA girls back to church, but

she is a non-member! She has expressed her desire to be baptized 3

times. So we will go visit her, to get her dunked!

  Monday: We had a lesson with Stacy, a 9 year old girl who wants to

be baptized, and we set her date for the 16th. In the evening, Elder

Young and I went tracting. We drove to a street, and we were going to

start one house from the edge and inwards, however, we got a feeling

that we needed to start from the beginning. Sure enough, there was

Jessica there, and she was golden. We set up a return appt with her

for later in the week :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Well as you know, some pretty exciting stuff happened on P-day!

Tuesday: Well as you know, some pretty exciting stuff happened on P-day! After the hike, we went and ate at 5 Guys, then after that we went to go Ice Skating! Well I don't think I have ever been ice

skating, or if I have, I don't remember it. We went with our entire district, because our Zone Leader's less active is a professional ice skater. He is just getting done with chemo. So when getting on the Ice, of course I was a noob, and couldn't go anywhere, but I started getting the hang of it and was actually getting myself to get pretty fast. My District Leader, Elder Knudson, said they best way to learn is to be reckless and stupid. Anyone who knows me, knows that is very possible for me to do. Sister Katich after a while said, "Elder Wrathall! Let's race!" She was just starting to learn too. So we all lined up in a line, and went for it! We all got going pretty fast, I was in 2nd place. However, when it came to the first corner.... Bad things happened. I did something wrong and was falling foreword, I put my hands down, but they slid out, so there went my face into the ice. I kept sliding, but I rolled over and spit out some Ice, a tooth, and blood. I felt my mouth around with my tongue, then I felt a tooth missing. So I was like, "Oh crap, I'm going to be missing a tooth for the rest of my life...." Then I remembered that dentistry has come a long way, so then I didn't worry at all. I also wasn't in pain. So it wasn’t bad at all.

   We went to Urgent Care. They didn't do very much, just made me wait for a long time. They did weigh me though! I weigh 163 lbs, I’ve lost a few pounds! :( That tooth must have weighed a lot. They glued my chin? Which I don't think it really needed to be glued, and it was really annoying, it was sticking out a lot. So when shaving, I...accidentally shaved it off.

  Went to a dentist referred by Sister Knight. The Dentist was pretty cool guy. I got a root canal then a crown. I got a temporary tooth, made out of plastic which feels weird, and in 3 weeks I get a
permanent one.

  While I was at the Dentist, Elder Buckley was out doing work! What a guy! He was meeting with Clarks, whom is a family who we have been working with for a while, he has just been waiting to be an Elder, so he can baptize and confirm his children. Well it was announced at church that he is being ordained next Sunday. So they are getting baptized the 2nd of August. Then also meeting with Jesse James (Not his real name, but everyone calls him that" Who has already said he wants to be baptized and get the priesthood, and be sealed to his soon to be wife. So yeah pretty golden. He has already been going to church as well. So Elder Buckley set the date for the 28th... Which isn't the real date we wanted. So we will ask if he can do the 26th.

  I had dinner at our Senior Couples who have been helping me out thewhole day, however it seemed that I was the only hungry one, because Sister Evertsen didn't even put anything on her plate, and everyone else had like three mouthfuls. Then after that, everyone just watched me eat. Was really awkward. It was super good dinner too! Pot roast with apricot sauce. Delicious! Unfortunately, I did not eat to my heart’s content, because I couldn't do the awkwardness.

  Wednesday: When I got to District Meeting, they all made me smile to see, and they were all impressed with how it turned out. If I didn’t tell someone about it, they wouldn't notice it. And this isn't even the final turnout. Went to Warrens for lunch, we got hooked up with someone giving us a gift card, then someone paid for the meal too, so we didn't even use the gift card. Haha

  We went to the temple with Tom and his family, which was super cool! For the first time I did the Confirming, and also for the first time did baptizing. I was a bit slow at it, so I made people wait. Though we all have to start somewhere right?! I also got a lot of French names, so I kinda doubt I said them right... haha. Elder Simpson was able to come as well. He didn't participate, but only watched. It was nice to see him again though! The Greenwood family all made fun of me the whole night because I had a really crooked nose. So that got me to thinking, maybe I do have a broken nose...

  Thursday: Well after getting permission from Sister Hiers, I went to an Insta-Care to get my nose checked, to see if it was broken. After waiting forever, the doctor walked in, and instantly after looking at it said, "Yep, it's broken." So then scheduled me to see an ENT tomorrow morning. Elder Simpson's Dad is an ENT, he should just come in from Nebraska! haha.

  Friday: We went on splits, because we did have some meetings in the afternoon, and I had no idea how long the visit at the doctor's would-be. It was also up in Ogden. It was super hard to find. We were 15 min late, even though I put a 15 min spacer in case something like that happened. I had to fill out a ton of paperwork, then they finally got me in, straight off said, okay, you will be getting surgery next Friday, and this is what is going to happen... Basically said, no cutting involved, and super quick recovery time. I will be put under. The rest of the day, we just made some visits to members, trying to get them to do the work, rather than us... I would much rather do it myself, unfortunately, it isn't as effective.... haha

  Saturday: Went to help with a stake breakfast being set up :) Lots of fruit it was delicious! We also took home 2 gallons of milk, and a gallon bag of fruit. Haha.  We had another lesson with Jesse James. He is so golden, he asks a lot of questions, because he is coming from the Baptist faith. It shows us that he is really interested though :)

  Sunday: We had a stake correlation in the morning, we discussed a lot about how the Young men and Young women will be marking Book of Mormon’s for us to give out to investigators. Bro. Cook, the high council man over missionary work had me bear a "farewell" testimony, because we all are assuming that I am getting transferred. We split up to go to two different wards, and I went to the 5th ward. Out of the 3 people that I was expecting to come, none came... So sad day. Went to Zion’s Crossing ward. Something that is really cool about the Zion’s crossing ward, is once a month, all the mother's of missionaries go up and talk about their missionaries. Haven't seen that before, I bet you

would love to do that mom! Especially this week has been pretty interesting. Haha

  All 3 of our lessons fell through, so we really wanted a lesson, so we went and taught a lesson to the Knights, because they are always open to us coming over :) haha

   Monday: We totally slept in. Not on purpose, but for some reason, the alarm didn't go off, or we didn't hear it or something. So I woke up at 7:26, I was like, "Oh crap!!". So now I wonder, am I actually held accountable for it, when I honestly try my best to wake up on time, and something like this happens? I don't think so, but I still repented anyways. lol

  We had a few lessons, but mostly I just wanted to say goodbye to a lot of members, because I was pretty sure I am getting transferred. Then at night we had a FHE and played some sports, then... The
announcements. They announced me 2nd, and the Zone Leaders joke around usually and lie about what is happening at first. So they said, “Dallin Bailey Wrathall" I replied, "Why did you say my full name?”, “Because I have it... He is going APB WITH ELDER YOUNG!!!!" I totally thought he was lying, because that doesn't happen very often. So I was like, "yeah right liars!!" Then they showed me. I was super stoked!!!

I am sooo excited. Going to be serving in Ogden East, and in the YSA Stake.

     Tuesday; we went hiking again, but with some of the people I love in this area :) Nate Bell and Elizabeth Knight. They are really my best friends :) Going to miss them big time :(



Interesting Facts

Investigators with a baptismal date: 5

Approximate of how many people have made fun of my nose: 15

I made a goal as of 7/21/14, not to drink Soda!


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It started out a good Preparation day....

Okay, so I already wrote pretty much every day already once. On Saturday Night, I left my keyboard on when closing my Ipad and it was typing at the lock screen. The problem with that is when you try the code 6 times in a row, the Ipad resets itself. So I lost everything, every referral that i have every gotten, a ton of info for the area. And of course the letter that I already wrote. So yeah. Fun Stuff.
  Tuesday: We went to the Family Fun Center with Nate and Elizabeth, and her brother Tyler. It was by far the most fun I have had on a P-day. The center was alright, but it was just spending time with them that made it super fun! I would totally hang out with them even if I wasn't on my mission. We had dinner with Tom afterwards, with some other missionaries there as well.
 (Okay, I'm going to forget a lot, because I don't have my journal with me, also my planner is not downloaded, so I can't look back and see what we did that day, but something really cool? I'm writing this on top of a mountain! "I'm on top of the world eh, I'm on top of the world eh!")
Wednesday: District meeting was alright, not as good as it usually is. But good none the less. We taught people and stuff. Oh! We had a 2 hour and 15 min lesson with John, pretty crazy. or was that last week... Oh no, that was this week. We finally got to teach half of the restoration with him, Elder and Sister Evertsen were with us when we were there and were able to answer a lot of his questions, that was super good.
Thursday: Weeding in the morning, then we had lunch with the Knights :) She is my second Mom, we are like bestest friends! Haha, we have just talked about a lot of things, also have been really involved in their lives, so now we just love each other. We have proposed that I marry her daughter, so that we can be real family haha. We had a s good lesson with Alex, we were going to set a date for him to be baptized, but he kinda seems lost in everything. We did ask him if he wanted to follow the example of Christ and be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God. He answered that he wants to be truly converted before he gets baptized. We told him by the 26th we know that he would be, however, he didn't seem to sure of it. A big problem of his, is that he hangs out with a lot of not good examples of Mormons. "Jack" Mormons as they call them here. Where they are baptized, but not converted.
  Friday: Elder Buckley and I got in a fight because he wouldn't wake up, so I did weekly planning by myself. That made me realize how much easier things are when you do it alone. I guess I just don't work well with others. I just like to do everything myself. I need to trust more in people. The rest of the day went well. We got to get along with each other again, and had no problem ever since.
   Saturday: I don't remember Saturdays very well for some reason. But I am sure we knocked on lots of doors and had lessons fall through. Just like everyday! Haha
  Sunday: We spoke in one of the Sacraments about baptism and conformation. Speaking is so easy now. I'm probably not a very good one. I make people laugh, but I mess up sometimes. haha, but when I say it is easy, that just means that I am comfortable doing it, I'm not really nervous or anything. We were super busy, we were constantly doing things. We are helping Norman go to the temple. We went to the Dee Event Center and listened to Elder Uchtdorf... Is that spelt right? talk. He talked about the Pioneers and how we need to stop complaining. Pretty much. Haha. I was super close to him though! However, he didn't let anyone shake his hand afterward :(
  Monday: Can I even remember what happened yesterday? hmmm... Talked about getting Sister Knight to the Temple. I hope she goes soon :( Had dinner with Robi and Mike Mandell. Went to Crown Burger! Yummy Gryo! :) Actually picked up a lesson! Super Sick! That is hard to do! Then had a really good lesson with Cody, we talked about the gospel, then we played ping pong doubles. Cody and I won against Buckley and Tyler. Cody lives with the Stake President, so I talked with him after about deep doctrine. It is like my favorite thing to do, then had super super good cake. Which I am going to get the Recipe from sister Lamb, I'll send it home so you guys can try it. SOOOOO GOOD! :)
Well now I am on top of a mountain. Utah is beautiful, just in it's own way. It is really nice temp up here, about 75 with a breeze :) Love it.
Looking forward to tomorrow, going to the temple with Tom, and Elder Simpson is going to come down as well :) 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

There is no such thing as a perfect lesson, however, that one had to be pretty dang close.

Tuesday: We had planned on going ice skating with our District
Leader's investigator with them. However, that was rescheduled for
next week. We played some more games with the Knight's family. After
P-day, we had a lesson fall through with a Potential Investigator
named Alex, he went up to Zion's Camp, which is kind of like a youth
conference here. He felt the spirit so strongly, we heard that after
the speakers talked, he would go up and talk with them afterwards. At
the final testimony meeting he went up there and said that he didn't
have a testimony, however he wanted one, and he wanted to read the
Book of Mormon. So we tried to get a lesson with him. Not today
   Wednesday: We had District Meeting, and it was concerning using
filler words, such as, Ummm, and..., but... So.... Super cool.... I
use super cool quite often. So we all had to role play in front of the
Zone, and whenever, we said a filler word, they would yell it at us
haha. I am proud to say, I had nobody yell at me :) haha. In the
evening, we tried to do family history with the Greenwoods, that key
word is "try". We had no idea what we were doing. I also learned that
my family history has been done all the way back to the 1500s... It's
going to be difficult.
   Thursday: I had the best lesson so far on my mission! So we are
working with a less active named Cody, and he has been studying things
of the church for a really long time. Like he knows probably about as
much as me. Knowledge wise anyways. He just wants a testimony. The
spirit was super strong with me during that lesson, and told me to ask
certain questions. Those questions were soo powerful. Also, the spirit
told me to invite him to kneel down with us and pray to know if the
BOM was true, right then and there. He accepted, and he prayed. He
felt the spirit strongly testifying to him. He shed a few tears. :) It
was so awesome. There are no such things as perfect lessons, however,
that one had to be pretty dang close :)
   Friday: We as a zone helped someone with yard work, it was pretty
fun, they had apple trees that we had to pluck some, so other's would
grow better. So what do we do with the discarded apples? Shoot baskets
and throw them at each other! You know... Missionary life. After
service we tried to make contacts, however, most people don't like to
talk to missionaries for the 4th of July I guess. We did go and visit
a referral that we got, Jesse. He has been attending church with his
active girlfriend (They are late 40's) We had heard word that he went
up to the bishop and he asked if he could get the priesthood. The
Bishop in response say, "Well you got to first be baptized!". So that
is why we are here! Haha, Golden! We just met with him and it was
pretty warm, he seems interested.
 Oh yes! Also, that door that you people keep taking pictures of... we
never use that door. So when I was riding by in front of the house, I
was like, "What are all those colored notes on that door!" Haha, so we
went up, come to find it is the Smith's! Thanks!

  Because it is the 4th of July, we had to be in our apartments at
7:00. Pretty crazy, So Buckley and I just played Board Games :) haha.
   Sunday: Fast and Testimony Meeting!
Funniest Testimony: "I would like to bear my testimony by cleaning up
messes that I make at church... (Everyone in the congregation laughs)
*giggle* That was funny..."
   Monday: We had Zone Conference, which was super sick! (Yes I used
Super Sick again. lol) Got to see Elder Berg again. Asked him if I
could be Trainer next transfer, he said, "We'll see what we can do"
lol. I miss Elder Berg! He was so fun to serve with. However he is
dying this transfer.
Tuesday: Oh, so this morning, Elder Buckley would not get up from bed.
(He thinks it is fine to sleep in on P-day's) I told him, "If you get
up now, I'll make you breakfast!" He didn't get up. So I got a pitcher
of water, and went over to his bed and said, "You may want to get up
now." He saw it, but he still didn't get up. So I poured a little on
his head. "You sure you don't want to get up?" So I ended up pouring
two pitchers on him. He just laid sopping wet for like 10 minutes.
  I can say that I have been wanting to do that all my life, he took
it well. He didn't get angry or anything, I am super impressed with
that. Hopefully he will wake up on time now?