Tuesday, September 30, 2014

You are an answer to my prayer

Wednesday:Well we had a lot of lessons planned, enough where we had to
go on splits to cover them all. unfortunately they did not all go
through, maybe like half cancelled. It is pretty sad, we have like 10
investigators with a planned baptismal date. How many of those are
solid? How many of those have we even talked to more than once? Not
many :( However, we are looking to baptize 5 this transfer. We have 3
for sure.1qw

Thursday: Thursdays are always good days. We go on splits with the
16th ward every week, because they are studs at missionary work! :) I
was able to go to a lesson with Krystof, he is such a funny guy. He
will be getting the priesthood this Sunday, and he is working on
getting his patriarchal blessing as well! Such a cool recent convert.

Friday:So we met this peculiar girl named Wendy. First contact she
came up to us and said, "Hey, your the missionaries right?" She is
really small, and she does look and sound like she is handicapped in
some way. We said, "Yeah! are you a member?" "No, but I would like to
be." Sounded way to good to be true. SO today we had a lesson with
her, and after, she couldn't give us her phone number, address or
anything. We did learn she lives out of our area, and so i asked, "How
is there a way that the missionaries can meet with you?" She then
said, "Actually, I am already meeting with missionaries?" "Really,
when was the last time you met?" "Oh just yesterday!" I am pretty sure
she is a member and she just wants attention from the missionaries.

Saturday: We had a baptism at 11, and a baptism at 1! Erica was the
first baptism :) She wasn't even a roller coater of a journey, she was
so solid from the beginning to the end. We set her date on the first
lesson and she never even thought to change it! So coool! President
Hiers decided to show up to that baptism, and of course Alsterberg and
I were presenting the restoration, it's always at those times, where
you feel if you mess up, "OFF WITH THE HEAD!" Which really, it is not
even like that at all, but it still feels like it.... Haha.

Okay, so like at 8:40 we were at some apartments, trackting, and when
we were talking to a lady in the parking lot, in the middle of a
conversation, a different lady comes walking out of this huge grass
field... Like there is nothing in this field and the grass is like 5
feet high. She was smoking a cigarette, she comes up to us, we say, "
How is it going?" She's like, "Welp, I had to much to drink and I
don't know how I got here... Well I am headed home to 24th and Monroe"
We just were like kinda dumbfounded. Haha, We were probably like a 2
hour walk from there.

Sunday: I was asked by Erica to confirm her! :) So I was able to
confirm someone for the first time. It was so cool! Then in the same
sacrament meeting Elder Peterson & I gave a talk. Elder Peterson just
went off and talked for about 25minutes. So I just talked 7 minutes.
Which was actually quite sad for me, I have grown to like talking. I
love making people laugh and at the same time seeing them like write
down some scripture references I make and what I say. :)  Last week,
we were talking to a girl named Stacie at church. Last Sunday I asked
her if she was going to prepare for a mission, and her reaction was
huge, she started to cry, and said, "You don't know what that
means..." Then in a little while she explained, "I have been praying
to Heavenly Father on what I need to do, if I need to go on a mission.
I told him, if he wants me to go on a mission, to have someone come up
and talk to me about a mission, I even gave him a timeline. You are an
answer to my prayer." I was sort of taken back, I didn't know what to
say. This week I talked with her again, she already has her papers
filled out! :) So cool!

Monday: In the evening, we did a ward blitz, which is where they get
everyone's name that they don't recognize and go and visit them.
Alsterberg and I split up with some priesthood leaders. Most of my
contacts we didn't even get a hold of, either they moved away, or
their address was non-exsistent. However, miracles happen, just
because of working hard. After receiving the news that someone moved
away by her brother, we returned to thee car and was deciding where
next to go. When all of a sudden, a knock came at my window and scared
me half to death. We talked to her, her name, Crystal. She has been
wanting to come back to church, she has been in-active for about 6
years, it was awesome that she took that initiative :) We will be
meeting with her, because she has lost a bit of doctrinal knowledge.

Love Elder Wrathall

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Well... I find it difficult to beat this week.

Tuesday: Well I went to the doctor's appointment. Told me all the
stuff that I pretty much know. They told me that the recovery time is
about 2 weeks. They told me the recovery time last surgery was a week.
So I recovered from that one in a day... Does that mean that this one
I will recover in 2 days? haha. I will have to wear the cast on my
nose for a week. Same as last time. this time I am for sure going to
be more careful.
After Pday, we had 7 lessons set up. All of them went through, and we
got 4 lessons with non-members, 3 with Less actives. That is already
reaching "The Standards of Excellency" which is like the goal set by
the mission for things. Haha. So we can just sack out for the rest of
the week.... :P Haha, just kiddin! Never.

Wednesday: Started off with District Meeting. We had to leave early
because we had a lesson that we had to go to. I love that feeling when
we have so many lessons that we have to leave mission things early to
get them done. We have skipped lunch a couple of times as well, just
because we are straight teaching throughout the day. We met with
Adele, she is still living with McCord, they are engaged, She knows
that everything is true, however, she doesn't feel like she should be
baptized right now, just because she has been praying to The Lord for
her answer on that. She has not received her answer, she receives
answers for everything else, just not that. You can't argue with The
Lord's answer. A big reason though it seems is because her family
wouldn't be able to attend in the near future. So we asked her to see
when they could all come.
The rest of Wednesday, we were just teaching away! I Can't share every
cool lesson because that would take way too long.

Thursday: We met with Fihi, the coolest guy ever, he knows pretty much
everything about the church, and is not a member. He attends institute
classes and everything. The only reason he is not baptized, is because
he is having a hard time giving up dip (Tobacco Dip). We are trying to
help him with that. He would make the perfect missionary though, he
says himself he wants to serve a mission. Haha.
We literally spent 7 hours straight on campus just street contacting
everyone. At the end of that in the 94 degree sun. We were straight up
about to pass-out. We were on the grass talking with someone near the
end, and Alsterberg was sharing a Mormon message with him, during that
video, I just laid back and actually fell asleep while contacting this
guy. Haha, that is how tired I was. We then had pizza for dinner, and
that got my energy back up! haha
We went on splits with 16th Ward, the coolest ward ever for missionary
work, We went to the dorms, because we had lessons set up for them, we
just sat at this table in the dorms for 2 hours teaching, because
right when one lesson got done, the other came up and sat down, and we
taught him. Haha, such a perfect missionary life.

Friday: Met with another guy from Nigeria, he seems genuinely
interested. I think he wants to take the steps. That would be cool to
baptize another guy from Nigeria, haha. We had most of our lessons
today cancel on us, however, it was pretty nice as always to just be
on campus :)

Saturday: We had the privilege of being able to go to the cultural
event for the Ogden Temple dedication, and actually being in it.
Well... Kinda.. Haha. I'll explain. We were supposed to be there at
5:00 for like practice, then dinner. The actual event didn't start
until 7:00. We had a lesson with Leo set for 8:00, he can only meet
once a week, and he can only meet then. So pretty important. So we got
to stay all the way up until the time where we actually participated
in the program by going down the stairs and waving then going back up.
All while singing, called to serve.  So we weren't actually in the
cultural event, but you know what? That lesson was more important, so
I was actually completely fine that we left early. Leo's lesson went
really great, he is from China, studying economics at Weber. He is the
most innocent guy ever. So eager to learn. :)

Sunday: Super busy Sunday, we had the dedication of the Temple to
attend :) There was three sessions. Sadly though, we were only able to
attend one of them. The only one with President Monson, though. We had
many more lessons today as well. One was with Kacie, whom is very
religious. She is very well versed in the Bible.... Soo... I kinda got
into a debate with her. Not really intentionally, but she loves to
debate, so she just kept asking me questions. Most of them were really
intelligent. Though the spirit was definitely not there. So we needed
to just stop, and tell her, were not here to debate.
Another lesson we had was with 3 Asians that don't really speak
English very well. They are totally interested in learning, but it so
hard to communicate with them. We will next time, get the pamphlets
and BOM in their own language, there was 2 Chinese and 1 Korean.

Monday: Such a good day! We had a lot of stuff to do in the office,
and while I was there, I kindo of got stuck helping people with their
IT problems. I set up an Ipad, helped a Sister get a picture off her
camera, helped Alsterberg with updating his Ipad.
Once we were able to get out of the office and have lunch, we headed
towards the goldmine, CAMPUS!!! Seriously the best place on earth for
missionary work. We could literally just sit in the chairs in the
Institute and people come up to us and say, "HEY MISSIONARIES, I have
someone you can teach." Even some LA's just join us in lessons that we
have when we are teaching non-members. Today, like seriously we just
stood in the middle of two pathways, and people would just come up and
talk with us. Alsterberg would take one pathway of people coming and
talking, and I would take the other. It was just sooo perfect. Then, a
girl comes up to us, she just says, "Hey, can I get a blessing?" So we
were able to give her a blessing, got to know her pretty well, now we
are like super good friends with her, she is going to try to find
people we can teach, she is a convert of a year.
Later in the afternoon, we went trackting in a apartment place, and
never have I had tracting so successful before. We met this guy from
New Jersey, he has been looking for a church, we invited him to be
baptized, his response, "Yeah, that would be cool..." haha. Seems to
good to be true. Met a catholic girl, who seems so promising, we
didn't really talk anything about our church, but really asked her
about her church. She pointed out what faults her church has and
whatnot, so we told her she would be very interested in what we have
to say. She said sure! So she is so going to love what we have to
hear! :) She is really smart too!

Well... I find it difficult to beat this week. It is going to be a
sad, sad day leaving this area. :(

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"Dude... That's my birthday.... That's a sign I need to be baptized!

Tuesday: For P-day, we played soccer, went on a hike and cleaned the
apartment. It needed some cleaning. We still weren't even out of our
suitcases yet. Haha. Afterwards, we went to Weber. We spend a lot of
time at Weber, but it works really well, it is cool. We had a lesson
with Katie, whom was at our church because her class told her to go to
a different religion. She wanted to learn more, so she met with us.
The lesson went pretty weird.... It was the first time that I taught
with Elder Peterson, and he has a very strange teaching style, so that
threw me off, we did manage to get her on a soft commit for baptism
for the 4th of October.

Wednesday: A ton of lessons fell through today sadly. In the evening,
we went on splits with the Ward Missionaries. Ahh splits... I love
splits... I was able to take the lesson we have with Eric, whom plays
football for Weber, and he was the only one to score a touchdown this
last game of theirs.  It was such a good lesson. Haven't had one that
good in a while. The spirit was so strong! After sharing the first
vision, I asked him, "How do you feel?" "I feel god's presence." "That
is him letting you know that this is true, do you believe that?"
"Yes". Then extended him the invitation to be baptized, he said yes.
Then asked him if he would prepare himself for the 4th of October. His
response, "Dude... That's my birthday.... That's a sign I need to be
baptized! Yes!" Such a cool guy :) haha.

Thursday: So in the previous day, trying to get into the dorms, (you
have to have a key to get in the dorms, but we don't have one, so we
just wait till people let us in haha.) two girls were coming out. We
exclaimed how happy we were to them, and one of them was like holding
her other friend back kinda, so that we could talk longer haha. We got
to know them, had a lot of good laughs. We learned that the girl
holding her back was a member, and the other was not. After the
bribing of cookies and bringing cute boys, we set up a return
appointment for today. I forgot that we didn't have oven racks in our
apartment, so we couldn't make cookies, so we bought some. Then we had
"cute boys" there, but they weren't there. So we let the
Fellowshippers go. We hanged around the dorms for a little, talking to
people, then they finally showed up. We got a lesson with them, taught
the Restoration and invited her to be baptized. She said yes! :)

Friday: So I have I told you I am a media specialist? I don't know if
I have, well I am. Haha, I just help out people who have problems with
their Ipads. People have a lot of problems... Haha. But Friday
morning, I had a training for a couple of things on the Ipad. Then we
went to Hug-Hes for lunch. Then Weekly Planning. Then haircuts,
because Holland comes tomorrow! Usually they don't allow us to do
haircuts other than P-day, but they told us to get them now for
Holland. Haha. Finally after dinner with a Bishop, we were able to go
and teach some people. It is nice to teach rather than all those other

Saturday: Drove up to Logan in order to see Elder Holland :) Cray C.
Christiansen was there as well. They are such good speakers. I was
about 20 feet away from them! It was pretty dang cool! Holland yelled
at us some, told us we need to be better, but in a loving way. :) That
took up half the day,  headed up there at 6:45, got back down at 2:30.
We had a couple of lessons set up, but of course they fell through :)
We got some texts from other missionaries setting up lessons for us,
because they just ran into YSA in their areas. So we had two lessons
that way, and we got 2 new investigators that way! Jordan was one of
them, I think his concern will be sacrament.

Sunday: We had a lot of investigators come to sacraments so that was
good. However, not all of them did. Jordan, sadly didn't come, which
means he can't be baptized the 27th which we set it for. Lame.
We had dinner with President again, always delicious, Sister Hiers is
a good cook! Then afterwards we went to go watch D. Todd
Christofferson's broadcast, that was pretty cool, he explained, "When
you lose yourself for my sake, you find yourself."

Monday: Walked around on campus  more, just talking to people. It is
pretty fun to get to know a whole bunch of people. My fear is I am
going to talk to someone that I have already talked to, and be like,
"Hey! What's your name?" "Bro, I told you yesterday..." "Oh my bad...
have a good one!". We had a lesson in these one apartments, and the
hallways were really dark. The benefit of that is in the peepholes of
the door, you can see light shine through. When we knocked on Jordan's
door, waited a little bit, and he looked through the peep hole at us.
I was like okay, he'll open the door. Nope. He continued to look at us
through the door each time we knocked. Then I called him. He looked at
us then. When he put his eye up there, I made it obvious we could see
him, like I waved, said, "Hey Jordan!" It was kinda creepy. He never
did open the door, we just left a note on his door.

(I asked about his surgery coming up)
Turns out it is just a appointment, I thought it was surgery, that is what he told me. But I called him, and he told me, "You haven't even met me! We have to meet first before we start cutting into you!" I'm just like, I don't care! Just get it done! haha. My appt. Is today.
I Want to play board games, none of my companions are into that. I haven't played in a while!!
Sounds like everything went really well! I can't even imagine going home yet... Well that is good, because I still have a long time! Haha. That picture of how much chocolate she brought is ridiculous! Haha. That stuff is dang good though! haha.
I don't think I will be back on today. Now I have a good companion that doesn't take long I don't think anyways.
Elder Wrathall 

Tour of the apartment


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

If I could get married on a mission, I would love to be a missionary for the rest of my life.

It must be fun to see all the family get together. However, we went hiking today, and I absolutely love being a missionary. I told Elder Aranda, one of my good friends. If I could get married on a mission, I would love to be a missionary for the rest of my life. Haha

Good job going to the temple as always. I have still yet to go a session on my mission. Lame! I need to get a Less Active to go to the temple.
We do get to go to the temple dedication. We are also participating in the cultural event. I hear it is something super small. but hey, still pretty cool! haha.
They have 3 different dedication times. 1st one live, the other two recorded. We will only go to one probably... Haha, yeah, it will be weird. Haha (Going to church for such a short time)

Wednesday: Crazy transfer day. I was so excited to get Elder Alsterberg. I was really hoping his driving wouldn't be crazy. My hope was destroyed the first day. Somehow he managed to lose the hubcap on a turn... I have no idea. I will try to get his driving downscaled. We helped Elder Hancock move furniture around different apartment. Then helped out the AP's in the transfer board room.

Thursday: We had a zone study, where we paired up with someone we don't know, and ask them weird questions. Like, "If you were abandoned to space, which planet would you inhabit?" or, "If Elder ____ just was fired from his job. What would he do first?" After that we had a few lessons. Teaching with Elder Alsterberg is really fun.

Friday: Walking more around campus. I have learned that I a lot of people practice Buddhism here actually. That has been interesting. I've learned a lot about other religions recently. It is very weird on campus though, because they are usually pretty smart.

Saturday: When walking around campus, we met this girl named Raquel, she said she believes in Raquelism. She also said, that if God made her, that means that she is better than God. Mmhmmm. Haha. Elder Peterson after said after in the car, "Does that mean if I made a computer, that makes the computer better than me?" Lol.

Sunday: Met Elder Thompson, whom ate at our house on his mission in GA. He didn't give us referrals though. Lame. Haha Someone's testimony, "The Book of Mormon is the truest book on earth, you guys... You guys have been spending hundreds on college books, and they aren't even as true as the book as you can get for free. What are you guys spending your  money on!?"

Monday: Ran into a girl on campus sitting in the shade, whom is Hindu. We were just getting to know her, and we invited her to learn more. Afterwards we reflected back, we both thought, that was like really similar to asking her out on a date. Something that also doesn't help is that we invited her to meet at Burger King. Haha totally a date. However, instead of scoring a kiss at the end, it will be a baptismal date! Haha, life as a missionary in a YSA stake.

Love Elder Wrathall

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

held her hands up making the rock on symbol, and yelled, "Yeah!!!"

Transfer News: I am staying APB with Elder Peterson as the new AP,
Coronado is staying AP, and Elder Alsterberg is the new APB with me.
Yep, the Alsterberg that was in my MTC district! The area we will be
covering is just Weber YSA, no longer the family stake.

Wednesday: I asked about Wednesday and he said there were probably appoint-
ments that people canceled on.

Thursday: We had a lesson with some woman in the apartments, and she
is about 28. It was quite the interesting lesson. We had her read
Heleman 5:12, she told us that scripture is telling us to build our
foundations upon ourselves... That is like the opposite of what it
says! We later asked her what would it mean to her to follow the
example of Jesus Christ? She told us she refuses to follow the example
of Jesus Christ, because that is impossible to become like Jesus
Christ, She would much rather follow the example of the Holy Ghost.
What the? Haha, I was just flabbergasted during that lesson.

Friday:We had a whole bunch of lessons set up in the Eccles Park Ward,
which is the poverty ward. All of those lessons fell through... Lame!
Last week we had met this lady on the side of the road, and she asked
us where was a ward party for a ward we don't cover, we being
missionaries of course got talking about baptism with her, she told
us, "Yeah I would love to be baptized." However, she is homeless and
doesn't have a phone, so there is no way to get in contact with her,
we set up a lesson for today at a church building, she didn't show
surprise surprise. Haha

Saturday: Kristoph will be baptized on Tuesday because the person he
wants to baptize him is currently in New York.\ We had the baptism of
Kristi and Sierra! It was probably the most different baptism I have
had. It was really crowded and full, not enough to go to the chapel,
but still a lot of people.When Sierra was baptized, she came
straightway out of the water and clapped her hands gently once, and
said, "Yay". When Kristi was baptized, she came straightway out of the
water, then held her hands up making the rock on symbol, and yelled,
"Yeah!!!" Then walked out. That got quite the laugh.

Sunday: I went to the YSA Wards today, because I am staying in the YSA. So hopefully I can get accustomed to them quickly. I have been pretty nervous about the upcoming transfer because working a YSA is completely different than a family Stake. We had some correlations with some of the Ward Mission Leaders, and there isn't much work happening right now, but it will soon pick up, I am sure of it! I will have to pick up my game tp get baptisms this transfer though. At Kristi' and Sierra's Confirmation, Elder Fisher (Of the Seventy) was there, now they are like best friends. He chatted with them during class, and during sacrament, Elder Fisher gave a talk, and he was talking personally with them over the pulpit, kept saying their names and staring directly at them the whole thing through. Never seen something like that. Haha. For dinner, we ate at President's with all the leaving missionaries. Elder Wiedner was there and also Sister Noell. Crazy that they are going home! For the rest of the night we told all of our leaders in our Family Stake that we are getting white washed (Where two new Elders come into the area). It was sad to say good-bye. Monday: We went to go see our new apartment that we will be staying at, we will be living in the basement of some members, they are a younger couple. The new place is really nice, it is smaller than what we have now, but nevertheless, a lot nicer :) Elder Wood had to go to MLT (Mission Leadership Training) because he is going up to USU and training a new missionary. He is super nervous about that. I had some lessons with recent converts, said goodbye to them, that was sad as well. I hope that they will endure to the end! We had Kristoph's baptism, at 8:00pm, he is such a cool guy and has such a strong testimony, especially for only being taught for two weeks. He has such a strong accent to... haha. The only sad thing about the baptismal is that our Zone FHE was the same time, we missed that, but we went over at the end, and they had so much PIE there! From Marie Callender's I got some coconut cream pie :)
Love Elder Wrathall

Street Taco Time!