Tuesday, September 9, 2014

If I could get married on a mission, I would love to be a missionary for the rest of my life.

It must be fun to see all the family get together. However, we went hiking today, and I absolutely love being a missionary. I told Elder Aranda, one of my good friends. If I could get married on a mission, I would love to be a missionary for the rest of my life. Haha

Good job going to the temple as always. I have still yet to go a session on my mission. Lame! I need to get a Less Active to go to the temple.
We do get to go to the temple dedication. We are also participating in the cultural event. I hear it is something super small. but hey, still pretty cool! haha.
They have 3 different dedication times. 1st one live, the other two recorded. We will only go to one probably... Haha, yeah, it will be weird. Haha (Going to church for such a short time)

Wednesday: Crazy transfer day. I was so excited to get Elder Alsterberg. I was really hoping his driving wouldn't be crazy. My hope was destroyed the first day. Somehow he managed to lose the hubcap on a turn... I have no idea. I will try to get his driving downscaled. We helped Elder Hancock move furniture around different apartment. Then helped out the AP's in the transfer board room.

Thursday: We had a zone study, where we paired up with someone we don't know, and ask them weird questions. Like, "If you were abandoned to space, which planet would you inhabit?" or, "If Elder ____ just was fired from his job. What would he do first?" After that we had a few lessons. Teaching with Elder Alsterberg is really fun.

Friday: Walking more around campus. I have learned that I a lot of people practice Buddhism here actually. That has been interesting. I've learned a lot about other religions recently. It is very weird on campus though, because they are usually pretty smart.

Saturday: When walking around campus, we met this girl named Raquel, she said she believes in Raquelism. She also said, that if God made her, that means that she is better than God. Mmhmmm. Haha. Elder Peterson after said after in the car, "Does that mean if I made a computer, that makes the computer better than me?" Lol.

Sunday: Met Elder Thompson, whom ate at our house on his mission in GA. He didn't give us referrals though. Lame. Haha Someone's testimony, "The Book of Mormon is the truest book on earth, you guys... You guys have been spending hundreds on college books, and they aren't even as true as the book as you can get for free. What are you guys spending your  money on!?"

Monday: Ran into a girl on campus sitting in the shade, whom is Hindu. We were just getting to know her, and we invited her to learn more. Afterwards we reflected back, we both thought, that was like really similar to asking her out on a date. Something that also doesn't help is that we invited her to meet at Burger King. Haha totally a date. However, instead of scoring a kiss at the end, it will be a baptismal date! Haha, life as a missionary in a YSA stake.

Love Elder Wrathall

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