Tuesday, September 2, 2014

held her hands up making the rock on symbol, and yelled, "Yeah!!!"

Transfer News: I am staying APB with Elder Peterson as the new AP,
Coronado is staying AP, and Elder Alsterberg is the new APB with me.
Yep, the Alsterberg that was in my MTC district! The area we will be
covering is just Weber YSA, no longer the family stake.

Wednesday: I asked about Wednesday and he said there were probably appoint-
ments that people canceled on.

Thursday: We had a lesson with some woman in the apartments, and she
is about 28. It was quite the interesting lesson. We had her read
Heleman 5:12, she told us that scripture is telling us to build our
foundations upon ourselves... That is like the opposite of what it
says! We later asked her what would it mean to her to follow the
example of Jesus Christ? She told us she refuses to follow the example
of Jesus Christ, because that is impossible to become like Jesus
Christ, She would much rather follow the example of the Holy Ghost.
What the? Haha, I was just flabbergasted during that lesson.

Friday:We had a whole bunch of lessons set up in the Eccles Park Ward,
which is the poverty ward. All of those lessons fell through... Lame!
Last week we had met this lady on the side of the road, and she asked
us where was a ward party for a ward we don't cover, we being
missionaries of course got talking about baptism with her, she told
us, "Yeah I would love to be baptized." However, she is homeless and
doesn't have a phone, so there is no way to get in contact with her,
we set up a lesson for today at a church building, she didn't show
surprise surprise. Haha

Saturday: Kristoph will be baptized on Tuesday because the person he
wants to baptize him is currently in New York.\ We had the baptism of
Kristi and Sierra! It was probably the most different baptism I have
had. It was really crowded and full, not enough to go to the chapel,
but still a lot of people.When Sierra was baptized, she came
straightway out of the water and clapped her hands gently once, and
said, "Yay". When Kristi was baptized, she came straightway out of the
water, then held her hands up making the rock on symbol, and yelled,
"Yeah!!!" Then walked out. That got quite the laugh.

Sunday: I went to the YSA Wards today, because I am staying in the YSA. So hopefully I can get accustomed to them quickly. I have been pretty nervous about the upcoming transfer because working a YSA is completely different than a family Stake. We had some correlations with some of the Ward Mission Leaders, and there isn't much work happening right now, but it will soon pick up, I am sure of it! I will have to pick up my game tp get baptisms this transfer though. At Kristi' and Sierra's Confirmation, Elder Fisher (Of the Seventy) was there, now they are like best friends. He chatted with them during class, and during sacrament, Elder Fisher gave a talk, and he was talking personally with them over the pulpit, kept saying their names and staring directly at them the whole thing through. Never seen something like that. Haha. For dinner, we ate at President's with all the leaving missionaries. Elder Wiedner was there and also Sister Noell. Crazy that they are going home! For the rest of the night we told all of our leaders in our Family Stake that we are getting white washed (Where two new Elders come into the area). It was sad to say good-bye. Monday: We went to go see our new apartment that we will be staying at, we will be living in the basement of some members, they are a younger couple. The new place is really nice, it is smaller than what we have now, but nevertheless, a lot nicer :) Elder Wood had to go to MLT (Mission Leadership Training) because he is going up to USU and training a new missionary. He is super nervous about that. I had some lessons with recent converts, said goodbye to them, that was sad as well. I hope that they will endure to the end! We had Kristoph's baptism, at 8:00pm, he is such a cool guy and has such a strong testimony, especially for only being taught for two weeks. He has such a strong accent to... haha. The only sad thing about the baptismal is that our Zone FHE was the same time, we missed that, but we went over at the end, and they had so much PIE there! From Marie Callender's I got some coconut cream pie :)
Love Elder Wrathall

Street Taco Time!

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