Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I was so excited to go do missionary work!

Wednesday: We had transfer breakfast in the morning, Yumm bacon! It
seems like almost everyone stayed in the Zone besides Elder Skidmore.
Haha. We spent most of the day saying goodbye to people that would
kill Elder Skidmore if he didn't say goodbye to them... Haha

Thursday: The dreaded chaos of Transfer Day was not to bad this day.
Only had to stay at the transfer point 1 hour and a half. Then easily
got back to our area, grabbed some lunch and got to work! Elder Madera
is a really good Elder, he has been out for 3 months, this is his
first time going into English program. It seems that he is a bit sad
about that.

Friday: Met with Sharon! A potential investigator, she already knows a
lot about the church, most of her friends are LDS. Her fellowshipper
is the Stake President's 1st counselor. Perfect fellowshipper! We
shared the first vision with her, of course, as always, the spirit was
really strong, and she felt it! We confirmed to her that, that as the
spirit telling her that it is true! She agreed! :) The only struggle
with her is she is taking 18 Credits at school while doing a full time
job. :( Can hardly ever meet.

Saturday: I'll be honest, Saturdays are usually the hardest days. In
the White Handbook, it tells us that Saturdays are the best
proselyting days, it is the day when family's are together at home.
What kind of world is that in? Nobody is home, they are all out doing
fun stuff. Haha, however, this Saturday was pretty good! We did a lot
of knocking doors, we found a couple less active families that seem
pretty golden in coming back.

Sunday: Elder Medera's first time doing marathon Sundays. He didn't
struggle too bad, though you could tell he was super tired in the last
Sacrament Meeting. Almost all of our investigators came to church
except for 1. So not bad at all! Sadly, that one delays three baptisms
cause they are all in the same family. That would be hard to tell a
family that 2 of them can be baptized, but not the 3rd. Also, they
need a little more time anyways.

Monday: Because of the increasing complexities surrounding iPads, they
wanted all the Technical Assistants to come to the MLC (The meeting
where Zone Leaders and Sister Trainer Leaders go.) So I was pretty
excited to go to hear all the things happening in the mission. It was
nothing of what I expected, I didn't learn anything new that was
happening in the mission, I already new it all... However, the spirit
was super strong there, and I got some really good revelation out of
the meeting, so that pumped me up!  I was so excited to go do
missionary work!

The wind was so crazy Sunday & Monday that these tree branches got
stuck in the wires on this pole, way up there!!
60 mph winds for 48 hours!
Love Elder Wrathall

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Transfer News!

Transfer News!: I am staying, and getting a new companion. So sad to
lose Elder Skidmore, he has been my favorite companion :)

Tuesday: At night, we exchanged with Elder Thompson & Elder Burt.
Turns out Elder Burt wiped out on his bike this day. Was going
downhill, hit a rock or something, popped the front tire, and he went
over the handlebars. Got 12 stitches in his forehead, right above his
eye. Felt bad for him :(

Wednesday: The Last District Meeting of the transfer. Had to make sure
that it was going to be good! I felt like it was really good, however,
it seemed off, because we had none of the senior couples come. We
usually have like 15 missionaries in the District Meetings, but it was
only 8 this time. Elder Burt took the rest of the day like a man,
after getting 12 stitches, the next day he went tracting. Went the
whole day without complaints! What a stellar elder :)

Thursday: When on splits, me and my split went to the lesson we had
planned and they weren't home, so I thought we would go visit a
referral. The referral is a RM who is in-active. Had a lesson with him
on contact, and he told us he has never felt the spirit inn his life,
and same with his wife. They are atheist now, ever since they got
married in the temple. What??? So during that lesson, I had the
prompting to ask them if they had ever repented. I was a bit hesitant,
because obviously that is not a question you go around asking
everybody, it is more of a personal one. Turns out neither of them
ever have. Thus why they have never felt the spirit. Mmmmm.... The
church is true :) Sadly, they didn't want to repent, they thought they
have never done anything worth repenting for.

Friday: Was with our Ward Mission Leader, just doing a mini
correlation, but before we ended, he was testing his children on what
they read in the scriptures. One of his questions was, "Who was
Laban?" His youngest son answered, "Drunk people don't love God".
Haha, What an answer.

Saturday: We had dinner with the Mauchley family. Mauchley was the
last name of someone I was teaching in Tremonton, so I asked them if
they had family up there, and they said they do, they have a daughter.
It was the same person :) Was really cool to meet her parents, then to
share with them the progress she has been making! They also told me
they saw Elder Burt in the Urgent Care with his head busted...

Sunday: The day started off early with a ward council at 7:30. So far
in this stake, we haven't had any great ward council meetings. In past
areas, that is usually how we get golden referrals. At our first
Sacrament, Chris, our investigator didn't come to church. A lot of
people here just have a struggle of commitments, like whenever we ask
someone to do something they always say, "I will try... I won't
promise because I don't want to make a promise because I am not sure."
No wonder marriage rates are down. Later on in a different sacrament
meeting, we had 3 investigators not come again. As soon as I didn't
see them, I told Elder Skidmore, "Nope, this isn't happening again,
let's go get them." We walked over to their house and they were just
playing basketball, we just told them to get ready for church, and
they did, so we walked back. Mission accomplished. Haha

Monday: We got a referral from someone in the stake presidency telling
us that the had requested the missionaries and they were not members.
So of course, we got super excited. We got to the door, before we even
knocked on it, they opened the door and said, "come on in!". So that
got our enthusiasm up too!  Turns out they talked to nobody about
requesting the missionaries, and they bible bashed us for 40 minutes.
Yay. Other than that, we had all of our lessons go through for the
day!!!! VICTORY all 5 lessons, plus we were able to get an additional
one  throughout the day. Yumm.

This is the week that we find out about transfers. Most of the mission won't know what happens till tomorrow this time. It is weird like that. However, I did get a call of release of being District Leader, and they told me what is happening. I will be staying and getting a new companion. I am going to miss Skidmore so much, he has been my favorite companion. It was super easy getting along with him :)
I haven't been able to see the pictures yet. I am writing this email offline, and it didn't download the pictures yet, next time I go to the church I will though!  It is supposed to snow here on Saturday.

I am excited for next month to go back to Costco and stock up again! Haha. I have been buying a lot of fresh produce lately. Getting better at eating vegetables! So hard for me to for to buy Vegetables.... Haha. It makes me feel a lot better. On the contrary, I made a good batch of Buttermilk Syrup :)
Hope you have a good week!
Elder Wrathall

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Busy Busy Day!!!! It was great!

Wednesday: Yet another exchange with Gideon after District Meeting!
For District Meeting, I did the candy scavenger hunt again, it was
really fun! The district also came up with good symbolism for it too!
Elder Menendez was my companion for the day, he is such a good
missionary, he is so good at contacting, we had a door contact where,
she was just going to slam the door, but Elder Menendez asked her
question right before, saying, what is that light over the mountain
(Obviously the moon) but it had her talk with us more and eventually
she said we could come back :)

Thursday: We taught the youth in a ward about Preach My Gospel. One of
the Young Women got stuck on a question about homosexuality, and how
it is not fair that they can't go to the temple. Did not think we
would get that from that visit at all!!!

Friday: We were biking around at night in the mobile home park, and
there was a family outside around their truck, when we said Hello, a
man was like yelling "help us!" We rolled back around and they were
trying to move into the house, so we helped them move all their stuff.
At the end, I recognized one of the guys as the guy that gave us that
huge bag of popcorn! I told him thanks for the popcorn and immediately
he said, "I Have 6 bags in my truck, do want another one?" Haha,
politely declined his offer.

Saturday: Saturday was a really busy day as well, appointments in the
afternoon which was really good, however, one of them was with a
widow, and our fellowshipper who was coming cancelled at the last
second, so we couldn't get someone to come with us to the lesson. We
had to cancel because we couldn't go in without another male. Sad,
first time having to cancel an appointment for that reason.

Sunday: Super sad day, at the beginning of the day, we had 7
investigators with a date to be baptized, but at the end of the day,
we had 2. Because only 1 came to church.... Super sad. On the positive
side, we had pot pie for dinner. That was yummy.

Monday: Busy Busy Day!!!! It was great! We had lessons from 1-9:30, We
had some fall through, but overall, wasn't to bad! We had a
Part-Member family drop us because the daughter didn't want to meet
with us,  however, the parents made a deal with her daughter, "We
won't meet with them, if every Sunday you come to church with us
without any complaints." That's a good deal! :)
Later we were trying to find a person, and we knocked on the "wrong"
door, an atheist came out an talked with us, he was super nice, and
had a few questions. One was about Kolob, so... not very easy
questions. He was open to meeting with us again though :)

Tuesday: Went hiking with the Zone this morning.

I love to exercise in this place, we have a great gym in our basement.
That is really cool that you had a good get-away! Sounds like a super cool house!
There wasn't a trail to get to the top, as far as we know, but it was really fun to just go off the trail and head up :) I'd take it over a trail any day, I know that if we did it with the Zone, there would have been no way all of us would have gotten to the top, some pretty rough spots, and like 45 degree angle the whole way.
Thanks for writing me!

Elder Wrathall

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Wednesday: Went on exchanges with Elder Thompson & Elder Burt. Elder
Thompson came into our area with me. The fun thing, was that we had a
lot of lessons set up, so pretty much the entire time we were
teaching, we actually went on splits and he took a lesson by himself
in our area, haha. Elder Thompson is such a good missionary, he has
only been out 3 transfers, but he is training, he and his son are visa
waiters for Brazil.

Thursday: We have been praying so hard for new investigators, and when
you pray,
your wants come true! We had a lesson with this family, where the
daughter is 10, is super excited about the church, we don't really
know why, we don't think she has any friends in it or anything, but
she is super excited and has been doing the things we ask.  We put her
and her brother. Emily and Ricky.

Friday: We had lessons 1-5 but after that, no lessons. Rebecca was
interviewed to be baptized :) She was found worthy! Yay!!!
We had a leson with a lady in a care center, we taught her the
Restoration. During the lesson, another lady came up to her and said,
"You know what they are trying to do right? They are trying to convert
you to Joseph Smith." She replies, "Yeah." The Anti-Lady continues,
"Do you want Joseph Smith to be your savior?" "Yeah" "Well I don't"
(Slowly Walks away) "You don't why not?". That is the point we
realized the lady that we are teaching is not very accountable...
Haha. It was super funny though. We later tried to have her say the
closing prayer, she said she would, but we would close our eyes and
fold our arms, wait... and look up, she was just staring at us. Haha,
so we just said it.

Saturday: Hectic last minute preparations for Becca's Baptism!
President Hiers came to our baptism, and for the first time I met the
Bishop of the Ward, he is super hard to get a hold of. I guess you
have to have a baptism to get a  hold of him. Haha

Sunday: Two of our  investigators didn't come to church, so they can't
get baptized they day that we set them for. Becca had her
confirmation! That was super cool, the spirit was soo strong!
Emily and Ricky came to church, also another brother of theirs Gabriel
was there to, so of course, wanting so much to have investigators,
right after church, I invited Gabriel to be baptized too, and invited
him for the 21st as well. Haha, he said "Sure"

Monday; So much planning and studying. So we had the normal studies.
8:00-10:00 then I had to plan for District Meeting 10-12:00. Lunch
12:00-1:00. Then we also had to do weekly planning 1:00-3:00. So a lot
of time in the home. After we got out though, we both were really
ready to work! We went on splits the whole night finding and teach.

Tuesday: We hike up the mountain in our backyard, it takes about 1
hour 45 min to get to the top. It was really cold up there, but super
fun nevertheless!  Had splotches of snow still up there haha.