Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Busy Busy Day!!!! It was great!

Wednesday: Yet another exchange with Gideon after District Meeting!
For District Meeting, I did the candy scavenger hunt again, it was
really fun! The district also came up with good symbolism for it too!
Elder Menendez was my companion for the day, he is such a good
missionary, he is so good at contacting, we had a door contact where,
she was just going to slam the door, but Elder Menendez asked her
question right before, saying, what is that light over the mountain
(Obviously the moon) but it had her talk with us more and eventually
she said we could come back :)

Thursday: We taught the youth in a ward about Preach My Gospel. One of
the Young Women got stuck on a question about homosexuality, and how
it is not fair that they can't go to the temple. Did not think we
would get that from that visit at all!!!

Friday: We were biking around at night in the mobile home park, and
there was a family outside around their truck, when we said Hello, a
man was like yelling "help us!" We rolled back around and they were
trying to move into the house, so we helped them move all their stuff.
At the end, I recognized one of the guys as the guy that gave us that
huge bag of popcorn! I told him thanks for the popcorn and immediately
he said, "I Have 6 bags in my truck, do want another one?" Haha,
politely declined his offer.

Saturday: Saturday was a really busy day as well, appointments in the
afternoon which was really good, however, one of them was with a
widow, and our fellowshipper who was coming cancelled at the last
second, so we couldn't get someone to come with us to the lesson. We
had to cancel because we couldn't go in without another male. Sad,
first time having to cancel an appointment for that reason.

Sunday: Super sad day, at the beginning of the day, we had 7
investigators with a date to be baptized, but at the end of the day,
we had 2. Because only 1 came to church.... Super sad. On the positive
side, we had pot pie for dinner. That was yummy.

Monday: Busy Busy Day!!!! It was great! We had lessons from 1-9:30, We
had some fall through, but overall, wasn't to bad! We had a
Part-Member family drop us because the daughter didn't want to meet
with us,  however, the parents made a deal with her daughter, "We
won't meet with them, if every Sunday you come to church with us
without any complaints." That's a good deal! :)
Later we were trying to find a person, and we knocked on the "wrong"
door, an atheist came out an talked with us, he was super nice, and
had a few questions. One was about Kolob, so... not very easy
questions. He was open to meeting with us again though :)

Tuesday: Went hiking with the Zone this morning.

I love to exercise in this place, we have a great gym in our basement.
That is really cool that you had a good get-away! Sounds like a super cool house!
There wasn't a trail to get to the top, as far as we know, but it was really fun to just go off the trail and head up :) I'd take it over a trail any day, I know that if we did it with the Zone, there would have been no way all of us would have gotten to the top, some pretty rough spots, and like 45 degree angle the whole way.
Thanks for writing me!

Elder Wrathall

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