Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I was so excited to go do missionary work!

Wednesday: We had transfer breakfast in the morning, Yumm bacon! It
seems like almost everyone stayed in the Zone besides Elder Skidmore.
Haha. We spent most of the day saying goodbye to people that would
kill Elder Skidmore if he didn't say goodbye to them... Haha

Thursday: The dreaded chaos of Transfer Day was not to bad this day.
Only had to stay at the transfer point 1 hour and a half. Then easily
got back to our area, grabbed some lunch and got to work! Elder Madera
is a really good Elder, he has been out for 3 months, this is his
first time going into English program. It seems that he is a bit sad
about that.

Friday: Met with Sharon! A potential investigator, she already knows a
lot about the church, most of her friends are LDS. Her fellowshipper
is the Stake President's 1st counselor. Perfect fellowshipper! We
shared the first vision with her, of course, as always, the spirit was
really strong, and she felt it! We confirmed to her that, that as the
spirit telling her that it is true! She agreed! :) The only struggle
with her is she is taking 18 Credits at school while doing a full time
job. :( Can hardly ever meet.

Saturday: I'll be honest, Saturdays are usually the hardest days. In
the White Handbook, it tells us that Saturdays are the best
proselyting days, it is the day when family's are together at home.
What kind of world is that in? Nobody is home, they are all out doing
fun stuff. Haha, however, this Saturday was pretty good! We did a lot
of knocking doors, we found a couple less active families that seem
pretty golden in coming back.

Sunday: Elder Medera's first time doing marathon Sundays. He didn't
struggle too bad, though you could tell he was super tired in the last
Sacrament Meeting. Almost all of our investigators came to church
except for 1. So not bad at all! Sadly, that one delays three baptisms
cause they are all in the same family. That would be hard to tell a
family that 2 of them can be baptized, but not the 3rd. Also, they
need a little more time anyways.

Monday: Because of the increasing complexities surrounding iPads, they
wanted all the Technical Assistants to come to the MLC (The meeting
where Zone Leaders and Sister Trainer Leaders go.) So I was pretty
excited to go to hear all the things happening in the mission. It was
nothing of what I expected, I didn't learn anything new that was
happening in the mission, I already new it all... However, the spirit
was super strong there, and I got some really good revelation out of
the meeting, so that pumped me up!  I was so excited to go do
missionary work!

The wind was so crazy Sunday & Monday that these tree branches got
stuck in the wires on this pole, way up there!!
60 mph winds for 48 hours!
Love Elder Wrathall

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