Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Probably not his favorite week.

Wednesday: Well I woke up at 4:30, and got that feeling, "Am I sick,
or am I starving?" So I got out of bed, I was going to pour myself a
bowl of cereal, but in the process of trying to open the bag, I got my
answer, I was sick. :( Throwing up isn't fun. I only did twice though.
Once I went to bed and 6:30 came around I told Elder Housman that I
was going to rest a bit longer. At 7:45, Elder Hughes called, I woke
up from that, I could hear Elder Housman saying, "He is sick, can you
talk to him later??" Elder Housman told me that he said it was urgent,
he gave me the phone, "Hello?" "Elder Wrathall, my back hurts a lot,
so can I take a bath?" "Are you joking?" I just hung up. The life of
being a District Leader.
I was feeling terrible all morning, but the Zone Leaders came over and
gave me Pepto and a blessing, I went foreword with faith and gave
District Meeting even though didn't feel very good, but it went really
well, probably my least favorite out of them all, but not too bad!
Afterwards, went on exchanges with Elder Hughes. There was only one
time during the day where I had to take a rest for an hour.

Thursday: Was feeling almost back to my normal self. Went to District
Leader Training, where they tell us what to train on for our
districts, and this time they left it way more open ended, meaning I
can do pretty much whatever I receive revelation on what my District
needs. I think that this next District Meeting is going to be my
favorite! I have planned some really fun activites. You have to have
fun! It will be Christmas Eve when we do it!

Friday: Dang, this was a rough day. We got a call from Steve, saying
that Heather's (Our investigator scheduled to be baptized Saturday)
dad was found un-responsive this morning and had CPR and is now on
life support, and they were wondering iff they could post-pone the
baptism to another day. NOOOO!!! :( I told them my take on it, Satan
is trying all he can to make sure she doesn't get baptized, and said
she should get baptized nevertheless, it only takes 30 minutes.
However, they decided that they should wait for another day.
Mark, our other investigator whom we had scheduled for Saturday as
well, we went over to his house and he still hasn't recognized his
answer, I know without a doubt he has his answer, he just hasn't
recognized it. It is so frustrating at times.
So needless to say, I was feeling pretty down at the end of the day.

Saturday:I have been feeling super discouraged, just because nothing
is going the way that I wanted them to happen. Of course that is never
the situation. God has a plan for everything, he knows what is
happening more than we do. Just I wish that he let us on in the plan.
I feel a good correlation would help out ;) Haha. I really just want a
baptism! I am really hoping that we will have one this transfer.

Sunday: We had the wonderful opportunity of speaking in the 8th Ward.
I heard that Dad spoke as well! A ton of people afterwards came up to
us and told us thank you, and gave us referrals. MMmmmm talks are the
We were finally able to get in contact with Steve and Heather. Heather
is receiving an onslaught of opposition from here family. They are
blaming her for her dad going into life support because she is joining
the church. Her sister bashed on the church for 4 hours with her. I
really hope she has enough strength to endure and be baptized this
upcoming week. We are going to shoot for Christmas, have a White
Christmas! (Get it? because she would be in all white??)

Monday: We stopped by Heather again today. She is really going through
a hard time, she pretty much told us that she would kill herself, and
the only reason she hasn't is because she doesn't have anything to
over-dose on. I guess she suspects that Steve her husband is cheating
on her, but she said she has cheated on him twice. She has been raped
by two family members. She also denied feeling the holy ghost in our
lessons, and she doesn't know if Joseph Smith is a prophet, she still
thinks that the Godhead is all one being. SO in other words, we lost a
lot of traction. She needs a ton of help, it is so hard to see people
suffer. By the time we left, we left her feeling better than we found
her, we gave her a blessing of comfort, and that seemed to help a lot.

Love Elder Wrathall

No pictures this week from him but since we get to Skype with him in a couple of days I will forgive him.

December 16th

To start off with: Borrowmans, they want to say thank you to you for having me out on a
mission. Good job Mom and Dad!
Wednesday: Had District Meeting with not much planning. I have had so many meetings and what not to the point where it is really difficult to get anything done. I had to skip personal study to plan district meeting. It went okay, however, we weren't even able to role-play which is super important, because we had to do somethings at the beginning like making a card for a little girl who's dying wish is to have her room full of Christmas cards.
Afterwards, went on exchanges with Elder Legones, it was really good, though Elder Legones is having a hard time with his companion, and therefore the area is suffering quite a bit. :(

Thursday: District Leader Training was about how we are supposed to baptize and help Less active's. Many missionaries only do one or the other. We have talked about it so much, it is kind of annoying now, but I guess it needs to be done.

Friday:Had a meeting down in Ogden about Ipad stuff, always super difficult to try and get down there and back up. However, we did pretty good. Was able to figure it out. We had another frustrating lesson with Mark. I feel we did perfect at teaching but it did nothing, he still isn't sure whether he should be baptized. It is so frustrating!

Saturday: We had someone nice enough to drive us around in the afternoon, that way we were able to make a lot of visits that otherwise we could not make.

Sunday: One of my goals for this transfer have been to rely more on
the spirit when teaching. Today was probably the best I have done it
on my mission thus far. The weirdest thing about it, is when looking
back at the lesson, I don't remember what I say, I remember the
feeling the spirit and Heather (The Investigator) saying, "Oh.. That
makes sense". Heather felt the spirit and determined that she does
want to be baptized this next weekend :)

Monday: Had the Christmas party, we watched the grinch while having lunch. It was fun! We had Elder Walter from the seventy come and talk to us :)

Sorry, pretty lame letter.

Elder Wrathall
I wish I could call you and blow off steam! Hahaha. We got flurries but nothing sticked. Not having a car has been really annoying, it isn't fun asking people always to give us a ride. We ask random door contacts even. Just knock, "Hello!" "Hello! Can you give us a ride?" It's terrible haha
Carter ,his nephew, is the coolest! We are baptizing someone this weekend who has a child the same age. He is the funniest kid in the world. His name is Dax. His smile looks evil though haha.

I got the packages already, we had a Christmas party and got them there.
I got this super cool hat too! 

It doesn't even feel like it is Christmas really. Besides talking to you and Dinner, we don't have anything planned. I wonder if the Zone will do anything.
I really hope there will be snow.
Love you!
Elder Wrathall

Sunday, December 14, 2014

This mission has brought me true conversion.

Wednesday: Well, I am pretty tired of this weather. I am just so sad!
I was so looking foreword to having 3 feet of snow like everyone talks
about around here. However, it has been in the 50's all week!! Stop
dumb Utah. This makes me really never want to live in Utah. Can't even
change seasons right. Well anyways, we had District Meeting, I was
really nervous about it, my first one alone doing it. It went really
well! Elder Farmer said that was one of his favorite District
Meetings! That is a big compliment for someone about to go home!
Thursday: We had DLT, this one was a little different than ones
before, just because we have so many District Leaders now. Elder
Farmer our Zone Leader, and my favorite missionary in the mission, is
feeling super sick, but still came :) He is going home this transfer,
which makes me super sad. I am going to miss him so much. With him
going home, it made me think about what if I was going home this
transfer. Rather than the normal thoughts of Motorcycles, girls and
family, I thought immediately to the things I would miss so much on my
mission, the many Elders who have changed my life, the many converts
whom I love so dearly, being so close to heavenly father, doing The
Lord's work. I am just glad I don't have to come home just yet ;)
This mission has brought me true conversion.
Friday: Met with the Davis Family.
Saturday: Everyone in the stake pretty much tells us to go to the
stake baptisms, so I suppose we should go. Haha. It was really good,
it is always nice to see people enter into that covenant, even though
they don't really comprehend what they are actually doing :) We are
having troubles trying to explain to an Investigator why he needs to
be baptized again. It is really stressing me out, he is a super smart
guy, knows everything!! Haha, he knows all the fundamentals that we
Sunday: Fast Sundays are great. Elder Housman was dying the whole day
though. He couldn't remember even what time we eat at. So right after
our correlation, we had a ward mission leader giving us a ride to our
dinner apt. I said to Elder Housman, "Hey, I cancelled our dinner
appointment because we had a lesson come up instead." The Ward mission
leader, playing along said, "Yeah, sorry guys, this is the only time
this family could do it." Elder Housman just groaned and said,
"Fetch!... Alright, are they LA or Non-members" "Nah, they are active
members" "....What...." Haha. So he was really relieved when we walked
in and there was food for us. I am a mean trainer :P
Monday: So many meetings... So usually I plan out District Meeting on
Mondays, however, I had to go down to Perry for a Technology Assistant
Meeting. We had to figure out the rules for the Ipads. Took 2 hours.
Elder Housman was still in our area, working it! First time working
the area without me. He did a great job. Taught one lesson, who is now
working towards going to the temple. So that is super stellar!

Hope everyone has a sweet delicious brownie of a week!!
Thanks so much for the email!
So excited to talk with ya too!
Elder Wrathall
Those are some big apples!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Heavenly Father has been blessing us significantly

Right now it is going not so hot. So neither of us can drive, because I don't have privileges and he doesn't have a license. So we can't use the car. So either we have to get him a driver's license, or he gets Emergency Transferred. Lame. I really wish I was able to drive, all of this would be solved. So all that stress has been weighing on me.
However, even without a car, Heavenly Father has been blessing us significantly. This past week, we picked up 3 new investigators, and found a lot of other potential investigators whom seem really solid. So the work continues on even though we have to be constantly trying to find rides to places and walking. One of our new investigators is Mark, he has been going to church for over 14 years and he actually teaches primary quite often. However, he has never been baptized. His wife is very active as well. He knows that everything is true, however, he has asked and has been asking to join the church and he hasn't necessarily received his answer. So we have him praying for the date of Dec. 20th. We also found a family, where the dad is getting back active, the mother would, but she works on Sundays, and they have 2 un-baptized children, 10 and 15 years old. So that is looking good too! Elder Housman, my son, is really cool, he is definitely very nerdy, but he is really good at being obedient and teaching is very good for just starting out his mission. The nice thing about him being Nerdy is he likes to play board games like me! haha. I am a nerd as well. As well as not having a car, our senior couple has been out of town. I didn't tell them about the situation until today, because I didn't want them to stress about it while they were on vacation, good thing too. I told them last night, and they freaked out, and now are stressing over the fact.
The girl that was baptized last week, she is 9.
Yeah, the bishop had us over for thanksgiving, but his family is so big we just had it in the church haha. We had another dinner that night.
 I feel like even after my mission I will never read something that doesn't teach about the gospel. haha, in my free time anyways. Of course college books.
Black Friday started on Thanksgiving at 6:00 here. it was pretty lame.
It snowed here Sunday, but in the morning, it was all gone, even though there was an inch and a half of snow last night. SAD :( haha
Well this is the weekly letter you get, I didn't have time during the week to do my normal thing.
Love you!
Elder Wrathall  

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

We had the Twintism!

Transfer News: Elder Mika is leaving to Wellsville, over by Logan. I

am staying, still going to be District Leader. The best part... I AM

GETTING A SON!!!! I am training haha.

Wednesday: We had our final district meeting! Because it is our final

one, we had to extend an invitation for them that they would do

themselves, because we can't necessarily follow up on them with this

one. So what we did is we had them write down a list of things they

are going to change for next transfer that they think of while others

train. Then at the end we talked about how we need to be patient with

ourselves as we try to apply changes. Our invitation was, "Will you be

diligent in applying your list to yourself?"


Thursday: Went on exchanges with Elder Legones in his area, when we

got there I set expectations with him for what does he want out of

this exchange? He told me that he wanted me to baptize all the people

that they are having a hard time with. Which I told him is not really

what a District Leader is supposed to do... Haha, more of sit back and

learn how they are working the area, and tell them ways to improve.

Well our first contact was a young couple, they invited us in the

house. I was trying not to say anything and let Legones do the

talking. However the conversation went like this. Elder Legones, "How

is it going?" "Good" "That's good, that’s good." Then Elder Legones

just stared at him for like a minute then looked at me. Haha I just

winked at him. He still didn't say anything, so I saved us all from

the awkwardness and talked to him, turns out he has been making a lot

of changes in his life already and wants to improve himself, so we

talked about baptism and he and his girlfriend really want to get

baptized :) They were so prepared!


Friday: Had the interviews for the Felix children. The best one was

Madyson, when we asked her the question if she had ever committed a

serious crime, (which we normally just skip for children) but she

said, "One time... I... Graffitied in the girl's bathroom at school...

BUT DON'T TELL MY DAD!". That was probably the best response I have

ever heard :)


Saturday: We had the Twintism! The baptism was really great, this is

my first time having multiple baptisms in one program. Everything went

according to plan, thanks to the Ward Mission Leader, and our senior

couple the Rupp's. We did our "Restoration" presentation at the

baptism, it was super great, I could feel the spirit so strongly, and

there were a lot of less actives there, I hope they felt the spirit.

We challenged non-members, to meet with us, Less actives to go back to

church, and Actives to find someone for us. So at the end of the day,

3 more souls entered the waters of baptism :) The parents are working

towards the temple now :)

Sunday: We had the confirmation for all 3 people in a row, which was a

really great experience, however, my arm got really tired. Haha. We

also went to a farewell in a different ward, and there I saw Jared

Thompson! Haha, He lives up in Garland and came to the farewell. The

rest of the night we searched diligently for a new investigator. It

didn't happen :(

Monday; MLT!!! (Mission Leadership Training): So on Saturday I was

called by President Hiers to be training. I have been so excited that

I haven't been really able to sleep well since. But here on Monday we

drove down to Ogden, with everyone from our Zone who needed to go

down. The meeting was really good. A lot of big changes, we are

decreasing the number of Zones from 13 to 9, so our Zone is going to

be a lot bigger. One of the Elders who came with us, Elder Norris,

stayed down in Ogden afterwards, causing a lot of trouble for Elder

Hack his companion, so we had to help out Hack through the night,

because he didn't have a companion!

Tuesday: Today, I don't really get a P-day because as Technical

Assistant, I have to go down to Ogden and set up IPads for the new

missionaries. :( Sad.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Those miracles coming through

Wednesday: District Meeting was pretty good, still not as good as the

first one that we did, we will have to repent and try harder next

time. We went on exchanges afterwards, I had the pleasure of having

the Spanish Missionary Elder Looper come with me in our area. Elder

Mika got the fun time of trying to speak Spanish in his area... Haha.

Elder Looper is such a good missionary, ever since I met him in this

Zone I have had a high respect for him, when he came out doing

missionary work with me, he lived up to my expectations :)


Thursday: In the morning we had interviews with President Hiers.

Sounds like there is going to be a lot of big changes this next

transfer. It is crazy that this transfer is almost already up. He told

me that there will be less Zones in the mission, that they are going

to congregate a lot of people. Which I wonder about the reasoning, I

kind of doubt that I will be District Leader next transfer, I think

they wanted me just to have the experience of it and now they want

someone else to have the experience, which is completely fine, and it

makes sense too.


Friday: Had a lesson with the boy we invited to be baptized on the

doorstep, his whole family was kind of like Zombies, and not

interested at all. Sad. We met this lady who sells doTERRA for a

living, she is very successful in doing so. She gave us a ton of it,

she said, "I will give this all to you as long as you use it." "Sure!"

Found out later that she gave us over $300 worth of stuff in doTERRA.

She is too nice.


Saturday: MMmmm... Those miracles coming through. We had a lesson

scheduled with an ongoing potential investigator, whom I have never

heard of before setting up the appointment with him a couple days ago,

however, Elder Mika has, and he told me that he has set up several

lessons with them and they have all fallen through. Today however was

a new day, and the lesson went through, and the family is soooo

prepared, they have been taught by missionaries in the past, and they

wanted to get baptized, however they didn't want to get married, (They

have been together 11 years and have 5 children.) They told us now

that they wanted to get married and be active in the church and be

sealed. Pretty cool.


Sunday: Ahhh, the day where we just sit in meetings all day, which, I

am not going to lie, I kind of like. It is a day where it is somewhat

relaxing to be taught to, rather than to be teaching. The Felix's came

to church, then the Dad started talking about how he would like to

baptize his children, which seems to be a worthy desire, however,

Preach My Gospel tells us to do all that we can to not delay baptisms,

even if it means that the Father can't baptize them. So I was kind of

stressing out, because I was like, "How am I going to break this to

them, and are they even going to listen, and we won't baptize them for

like 3 months!". All my thoughts and stresses were gone away when we

talked to the Bishop after he just interviewed Dad. Bishop says he is

worthy to baptize them!!!! Win-Win-Win situation. SO sick.


Monday: We didn't have a busy Monday schedule like we usually do,

everyone that we usually teach on Mondays wanted to do a different day

:( However, that leaves us plenty of time to go out and knock some

doors.... It didn't go to well, I did get to meet some new potential

investigators, however, their concerns of course are not like, "Oh, I

am not sure about Joseph Smith" It is, "I hate the church, they

treated me meanly" or even more common, "They treated someone I know

not very good." That nearly sums up everyone's concerns. :(


Love Elder Wrathall
I think that he likes animals!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

faking it till I make it

Wednesday: Started off with District Meeting, this time I didn't like

our training as much as last week. It seemed like we tried to cover too

much in just a short time. Next week we will do better! Had the

opportunity to go on exchanges with the Zone Leaders, I got to go with

Elder White in our area. He is such a cool funny guy, he made the day

very enjoyable. I forgot how it was to have a goofball with me. Haha,

it lightened the mood a lot with him. He gave me some tips on how to

work our area better :)


Thursday: We did stuff.. Good things happened, bad things happened. I

really don't remember this day. Haha.


Friday: Had a great lesson with the Felix family, the parents just got

married last week, and they are working towards being married in the

Temple. They have 5 children, 2 of their own, 1 from her previous

marriage, and 2 from his previous marriage. They are such a cool

family, she makes sure that the children aren't taking the covenant of

baptism lightly.


Saturday: We had 2 appointments with non-members whom we were going to

invite to be baptized. However, both of them fell through. That didn't

help at all... I was looking forward to those all week, however, one

of them, we went to visit the next day, and he was home, and we were

able to invite him to be baptized on the door step, it was a pretty

flakey yes, but a yes nevertheless.


Sunday: Here in Tremonton they like to sing hymn 94. It talks about

corn. Fitting for Tremonton haha. Sooo.... The Felix family didn't

come to church. Well they did, just not the Ward that they are in.

Which is lame, because now we have to move their baptismal date back a

week. They were going to get baptized this next weekend :( Besides

them not coming to church, it was a really great Sunday, we had quite

a few Less Actives come to church, and it was Fast Sunday, so we got to go up

and bare our testimonies. Which is always awesome!


Monday: I didn't feel good at all, I thought for sure I was going to

be sick, we have been around a lot of sick people lately, people who

have been throwing up and whatnot. However, I promised myself I would

never be one of those missionaries that aren't enthusiastic about the

gospel, because that wouldn't be fair to those whom we teach. Also, I

remember in my patriarchal blessing, it tells of me never being sick

enough on the mission that I won't be able to serve. So with a lot of

begging prayers to heavenly Father, and faking it till I make it, I

was able to overcome it and didn't feel sick at all.  We had all of

our lessons come through as well.

That is awesome!! (About his new nephew) So a bit early, but not too much! I am sure Kayla will tell me. She sent me an email this week, but I always read yours first, so I don't know what she has said yet.

Good job with doing all of the churchy stuff! Haha.

Everyone here does a ton of hunting, I have seen a lot of dead deer, and you wouldn't like it too much. Sunday there is a family we are teaching and they are going to grill the venison up for us.

I am pretty glad I didn't have to learn a new language.

I finally remembered to take pictures of where I live!
Love Elder Wrathall
This is my apartment mom.

We have a foursome living here.

This is his real place.
Someone really likes My Pretty Ponies

Ah that Elder Wrathall. So funny!

Looks like a pretty nice place for Elders

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Learn New Stuff

First off, I have to share a story that happened last transfer I am

pretty sure I forgot to tell. In a lesson with Erica, she was sharing

an experience that happened to her at church. She was in a Sunday

School class, she was telling about how there was a super strong

spirit in the room and the physical light in the room got brighter.

When she accounted that story, I was pretty questionable, and kind of

shrugged it off. However, as we continued in our lesson, there was a

moment where the Spirit was strong, and I noticed that the physical

light bulbs in the ceiling suddenly were stronger and gave off more

light. It was not imaginable, it was fact. I know that the Spirit does

affect literal light.


Wednesday: I learned that the original 'Footloose' movie was filmed in

Lehi. I thought that was pretty cool, Kayla lives there now! haha


Thursday: Ehh, stuff.


Friday: Happy Halloween! So all of today consisted of me just going

down to Ogden, because there was a Technology meeting. Some new people

in the mission got called to be "Technology Instructors", who teach

people in the mission how to use the iPad efficiently and to teach

them the rules behind it. Also to try to encourage people to use it,

because not many missionaries actually use the Area Book App. Well I

would probably say 50/50. So now, rather me being called "Media

Specialist" I am now called, "Technology Assistant" or "TA" for short.

Haha. I will attach a picture that writes out what I do. Not too


Then afterwards we had a Halloween party for the Zone! We watched 17

Miracles, and get this, Do you know that handicapped little guy in the

movie? He is the grandson of one of our senior couples in my district!

I also ate in the house that he grew up in as a child :)


Saturday: A five year old's prayer, "Dear Heavenly Father, thanks for

these guys, help them come back. They are really cool..." Haha, it was

so cute.

We had Stake Conference "Adult Session", was the best Stake Conference

session I have ever been in, we had Bishop Davies, whom I am not

really sure like what position he is in now, but he was the one who

helped picked the temple grounds when President Gordon B. Hinckley

announced temples. He had so many good stories. Overall, the spirit

was super strong, so much so that I had chills several times, and it

felt thick in the room. To top it off, we ended with the song, "Nearer

my God to Thee". Dang was the spirit so strong, gave me wet eyes.

There were moments when the spirit brought back to my remembrance

experiences I have had in the temple.

Sunday: The Sunday Session of Stake Conference wasn't nearly as good,

which is sad, because none of our investigators went to the Saturday,

but all of them went to the Sunday. It was still good, but just not as good. but yeah, I was

surprised how many investigators came! Well we weren't able to find

two new investigators this week, we prayed every day for it, and tried

our very best, but sometimes we don't get what we want, even if it is

righteous :(


Monday: Today was a great day! We found high potential investigators,

that actually don't seem like their parents would hold them back from

being baptized! That seems to be the biggest concern of people here in

Tremonton. We had a lesson today with a 60 year old, and he knows that

this church is true, he told us he knows that Joseph Smith is a

prophet, however, he can't get baptized, because he promised his Mom

he would never join the church as long as she lived. Like really?????

C'mon Satan!

49 degrees is how it has been for a few days, but 49 is colder in GA than it is here, that is for sure. That is cool that you got to go to the game, They BYU Football game especially for free! It hasn't snowed here yet, well kinda, up in the mountains it snowed, but not down here, I think I saw some flurries. Maybe haha. Good job feeding the missionaries! You guys are working out good! I work out every morning, however, the workout itself is kinda lame... I need to repent. We watched the movie 17 miracles! It was really fun, we also had a fire going outside, I played with the Dogs, one of them wanted to race me! Game on!!! Contacts lenses are going strong, may have enough for my mission :P haha.

So I am bad, I forgot to take pictures of the apartment. I'm sorry, I am a bad son.

I got a picture with a super awesome huge dog!


Love you!

Elder Wrathall 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Today, at one point, I was actually giddy

Wednesday: I have become completely addicted to studying church
history. I have been reading the institute manual for it, and it is
sooooo goooood! I spend all the time I can reading it. I suggest it to
anyone who wants an awesome story that spiritually uplifts as well.
We went on splits in the night, I went to Thomas's lesson, and he wasn't
there at first, which was so meant to be, because I needed to talk to
his fellowshippers to understand what we can do better to help him. It
was perfect, then we had a good lesson with him. Went to Madison as
well, we read the introduction, she doesn't seem to have much desire,
but she seems willing to think about it... That's something at
Thursday: So a big majority of our investigators are 14 year olds that
want to get baptized, but their parents won't let them. I think we
have 4 investigators in the same situation. Always the Dad that
doesn't live with them, because they are divorced. So tonight, Elder
Rupp and I went to go visit with Scott, one of the Dad's. Elder Rupp
has visited him before, so what he does, (because it is the only way
that Scott answers), is he opens the door that goes into the Garage. I
was just like, "Elder Rupp!? What are you doing??" He knocks on the
door to the house inside the garage. Haha. Scott does not like the
church at all, he wants his children to be 18 before they decide to
join. The only way I think that will change his mind is if his
children bare their testimonies to him, but they are terrified of him
Friday: 3 New investigators! Just what we needed! A part member
family, the parents are just boyfriend and girlfriend, but they are
wanting to get back active. Ashley, the girlfriend isn't even sure if
she was baptized, she was told by her mom she was, but we can't find
her records, and she doesn't remember it. So she may need to be
baptized as well, which she is fine with. So it could be 4 baptisms. 2
of the children are twins, they are super excited to be baptized, like
jumping off walls excited. Then the other, Aiden like to think a lot
more, which I think is cool. All throughout he asks questions about
the Plan of Salvation. He is so smart :)  When we got to talking about
Jesus Christ and how he was baptized, we told them that baptism is the
only way to live with their heavenly father again. Aiden responded, "I
want to be baptized... what about those who don't get baptized?"
Saturday: Had the wonderful opportunity to do some service in the
morning, for a old couple who don't like the Word of Wisdom. However
while doing service for them, the wife told us she was waken in the
middle of the night by the Holy Ghost and was told by words, that the
Word of Wisdom is true. So that was pretty cool! However, the husband,
who is the non-member still does not feel that way....
Sunday: Today, at one point, I was actually giddy. I was so excited
with happiness! The reason behind it? Gospel Doctrine class. It has
been about 3 transfers since I have attended a Sunday School class. I
like them a lot. We studied Isaiah. Then even better, we had a primary
program in one of our Sacraments! That is always cool too!
 So in the other Sacrament Meeting, one of the talks didn't happen
because apparently he got sick, so what we did instead is that anyone
from the congregation could come up and tell their favorite hymn, then
the congregation would all sing just one verse of the hymn. I thought
that was a super good idea :)
We didn't have any lessons scheduled, except for one, but that fell
through. Sunday's are good days to talk to auxiliaries though!
Everyone is home! Haha, they can't escape us!
Monday: We visited the crazy guy that thought there was the guy living
in his attic, he wasn't crazy anymore :) He was a normal dude. He is
really smart as well. He is working towards getting to the temple now.
Must have just been a phase or something... Madison, our investigator,
is not looking to good for the 8th. She doesn't seem to have a desire
at all, her sister who is 8 is ecstatic for it though. Their parents
don't really set a good example for them though, they don't go to
church or do anything really religious. They go to church with their
grandparents. Madison didn't even go this week :(
I looked up Allison's companion in LDS tools, and she isn't in ours, however, we don't cover all Tremonton, there are 4 companionship's covering Tremonton. (Allison's last companion is going home this week to Tremonton) We don't have much plans, I got free dry cleaning :) Much needed, we are mostly going to play board games, there isn't much to do up here. I have not given a talk here yet, I think that we should though, it would help build member trust a lot.
This morning when coming out it was 38 degrees apparently, but it didn't feel cold at all.
 Haha,  thanks for the package by the way! I love the socks! I am in desperate need of socks as well, so that was perfect. All my socks have holes in them. My shoes are starting to get worn out a bit, thank goodness they have the missionary mall warranty!
The food does sound good to me!(Allison's birthday breakfast) I like cheesecake a ton now, don't get it very much. I regret all the times that I didn't like cheesecake when you made it all the time! Haha
Thanks for writing me!
Love you!
Elder Wrathall
The new apartment