Sunday, December 14, 2014

This mission has brought me true conversion.

Wednesday: Well, I am pretty tired of this weather. I am just so sad!
I was so looking foreword to having 3 feet of snow like everyone talks
about around here. However, it has been in the 50's all week!! Stop
dumb Utah. This makes me really never want to live in Utah. Can't even
change seasons right. Well anyways, we had District Meeting, I was
really nervous about it, my first one alone doing it. It went really
well! Elder Farmer said that was one of his favorite District
Meetings! That is a big compliment for someone about to go home!
Thursday: We had DLT, this one was a little different than ones
before, just because we have so many District Leaders now. Elder
Farmer our Zone Leader, and my favorite missionary in the mission, is
feeling super sick, but still came :) He is going home this transfer,
which makes me super sad. I am going to miss him so much. With him
going home, it made me think about what if I was going home this
transfer. Rather than the normal thoughts of Motorcycles, girls and
family, I thought immediately to the things I would miss so much on my
mission, the many Elders who have changed my life, the many converts
whom I love so dearly, being so close to heavenly father, doing The
Lord's work. I am just glad I don't have to come home just yet ;)
This mission has brought me true conversion.
Friday: Met with the Davis Family.
Saturday: Everyone in the stake pretty much tells us to go to the
stake baptisms, so I suppose we should go. Haha. It was really good,
it is always nice to see people enter into that covenant, even though
they don't really comprehend what they are actually doing :) We are
having troubles trying to explain to an Investigator why he needs to
be baptized again. It is really stressing me out, he is a super smart
guy, knows everything!! Haha, he knows all the fundamentals that we
Sunday: Fast Sundays are great. Elder Housman was dying the whole day
though. He couldn't remember even what time we eat at. So right after
our correlation, we had a ward mission leader giving us a ride to our
dinner apt. I said to Elder Housman, "Hey, I cancelled our dinner
appointment because we had a lesson come up instead." The Ward mission
leader, playing along said, "Yeah, sorry guys, this is the only time
this family could do it." Elder Housman just groaned and said,
"Fetch!... Alright, are they LA or Non-members" "Nah, they are active
members" "....What...." Haha. So he was really relieved when we walked
in and there was food for us. I am a mean trainer :P
Monday: So many meetings... So usually I plan out District Meeting on
Mondays, however, I had to go down to Perry for a Technology Assistant
Meeting. We had to figure out the rules for the Ipads. Took 2 hours.
Elder Housman was still in our area, working it! First time working
the area without me. He did a great job. Taught one lesson, who is now
working towards going to the temple. So that is super stellar!

Hope everyone has a sweet delicious brownie of a week!!
Thanks so much for the email!
So excited to talk with ya too!
Elder Wrathall
Those are some big apples!

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