Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December 16th

To start off with: Borrowmans, they want to say thank you to you for having me out on a
mission. Good job Mom and Dad!
Wednesday: Had District Meeting with not much planning. I have had so many meetings and what not to the point where it is really difficult to get anything done. I had to skip personal study to plan district meeting. It went okay, however, we weren't even able to role-play which is super important, because we had to do somethings at the beginning like making a card for a little girl who's dying wish is to have her room full of Christmas cards.
Afterwards, went on exchanges with Elder Legones, it was really good, though Elder Legones is having a hard time with his companion, and therefore the area is suffering quite a bit. :(

Thursday: District Leader Training was about how we are supposed to baptize and help Less active's. Many missionaries only do one or the other. We have talked about it so much, it is kind of annoying now, but I guess it needs to be done.

Friday:Had a meeting down in Ogden about Ipad stuff, always super difficult to try and get down there and back up. However, we did pretty good. Was able to figure it out. We had another frustrating lesson with Mark. I feel we did perfect at teaching but it did nothing, he still isn't sure whether he should be baptized. It is so frustrating!

Saturday: We had someone nice enough to drive us around in the afternoon, that way we were able to make a lot of visits that otherwise we could not make.

Sunday: One of my goals for this transfer have been to rely more on
the spirit when teaching. Today was probably the best I have done it
on my mission thus far. The weirdest thing about it, is when looking
back at the lesson, I don't remember what I say, I remember the
feeling the spirit and Heather (The Investigator) saying, "Oh.. That
makes sense". Heather felt the spirit and determined that she does
want to be baptized this next weekend :)

Monday: Had the Christmas party, we watched the grinch while having lunch. It was fun! We had Elder Walter from the seventy come and talk to us :)

Sorry, pretty lame letter.

Elder Wrathall
I wish I could call you and blow off steam! Hahaha. We got flurries but nothing sticked. Not having a car has been really annoying, it isn't fun asking people always to give us a ride. We ask random door contacts even. Just knock, "Hello!" "Hello! Can you give us a ride?" It's terrible haha
Carter ,his nephew, is the coolest! We are baptizing someone this weekend who has a child the same age. He is the funniest kid in the world. His name is Dax. His smile looks evil though haha.

I got the packages already, we had a Christmas party and got them there.
I got this super cool hat too! 

It doesn't even feel like it is Christmas really. Besides talking to you and Dinner, we don't have anything planned. I wonder if the Zone will do anything.
I really hope there will be snow.
Love you!
Elder Wrathall

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