Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me!

Tuesday: Zone conference was amazing!! It had the most note-taking of any before. It was really nice that we didn't have to give a training too! Usually the Zone Leader's have to give a training, some how I lucked out. Afterwards, President Hiers had us go fix some Sisters' bikes. I have gotten pretty good at it considering how many times my bike has broken down.... Haha

Wednesday: Finally! A new investigator! Elder Bayles was telling me that he hasn't done much work in the 3rd ward, which is where we live, so we decided we should go and do some work in it! In the area notes there was a name Indy, says he comes to church, but his parents won't let him get baptized, lives with his grandparents. So we went to the Grandparents, and we talked with Granddad for a little, he was very negative about Indy, he told us he doesn't want to be baptized and doesn't like the church. Then he called out Indy, Indy told us first, that he liked to be called Indiana, that is his real name. Guess what his last name is... Jones, I am teaching Indiana Jones. Haha, Long story short, he has been coming to church for 2 years, and really likes it, just doesn't have a testimony. I invited him to be baptized if he knew that this is true, he said yes. His Dad is the "Anti-Christ" (Words from Indiana himself) He has been banned from even being on church property. So we have to wait till he
turns 18 in July.

Thursday: Had District Leader Training, we had to talk about Dungeons and Dragons, because that is a problem in the Zone, people spending to much time playing that game. After much debate of that, went on exchanges with Elder Hack. It was really fun, learned a lot. Though, every time I am with Elder Hack, it seems like he feels like he needs to confess all his sins to me or something. It's weird being a zone leader sometimes... Haha

Friday: Can't really remember, but this letter is long enough, so I don't feel to bad... Haha :P

Saturday: We have an "Investigator" who the only way we get to talk with him is when we play H.O.R.S.E. WE leave a commitment every time though, he usually does them too! He almost always beats us at Horse though, he was on a 6 winning streak! I finally beat him!! "I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me!" Haha. By the way, he is 10. Haha, Yeah, we are terrible....

Sunday: 8 1/2 hours of church. Spoke in the 1st ward, taught young women's in the 4th ward, and spoke in the 6th ward. Passed out in the 5th ward.  Overall good church, we renewed our covenants, so that is always good! :) Jerry, a potential investigator whom we meet when I first got in to this area, has disappeared off the face of the earth. He seemed soo golden, but we can't even get a hold of him since. :(

Monday: Met a man that has southern hospitality at its finest. He had a really nice property, so he took us on a tour, asked us if we wanted anything to drink. Just super nice guy. He is not a member, but his wife is a active member. He invited us to come back for dinner next week. All of our lessons happened! It was wonderful!! Only had 3 hours of finding, the rest was teaching. If everyday was like today, it would be blissful! Haha
Love Elder Wrathall

Kayla called me last week. She said she heard on the news that diesel fuel had contaminated the water in Nibley where he is serving. I had to ask him about that since he didn't say anything in his letter. This is what he said.
Oh, yeah, forgot about that. Yeah. Nibley had diesel water for two days. I guess technically they say we can't drink it right now, but can shower in it, and do dishes, but we've been drinking it anyways.
Our house is so close to the spring that when it was at its worse we could smell the diesel and actually see it in the water, Elder Bayles washed his hands in it accidentally and it tingled for a while. Fun stuff!  
Funny how you could forget about something like that.

Monday, April 20, 2015

A surprise Monday E-mail

Surprise! Today is Monday, and it's our P-day! We have a Zone Conference tomorrow morning, so just for this week, our zone gets to be like the rest of the world and have P-day on Monday!

Wednesday: I can't remember anything specific that happened today. Just contacting.

Thursday: District Leader Training, I had to give a training on obedience, because our zone is struggling with that a little, I was pretty dang bold with them. It went well though. We were able to find a few more potential investigators, however, with all of them, they are kids that have less-active parents. The kids are all for it, but the parents want them to have nothing to do with it.

Friday: We had weekly planning, then afterwards, there is this really nice restaurant called "elements" that let's us have anything on the menu under $15 free. So nice of them. Got bacon wrapped turkey, with sweet potatoes!  Well, the rest of the day, we tried to contact non-members, but I think it was international, don't answer your door day.

Saturday: We had the baptism of Brylee, she is a 9 year old girl. The story of her family is super dramatized. Her mother (A return missionary) is cheating on her temple recommend holding husband, by kicking him out of the house and has a guy that she met at the gym living with her. Her husband is like a modern day Job from the bible, he has had everything taken away from him :( So the baptism was really weird, bishop wanted us to make a quick one so nothing bad would happen during it. What? So weird... Haha

Sunday: We had the confirmation of Brylee, that was really cool, Brylee was so excited to get confirmed! We got to give a talk in one of our wards, that was fun! Bishop just wanted us to talk about our mission, because I guess he has a few priest that are on the fence on going on a mission. I hope I shared good enough experiences to help them make that decision.

Super boring week for ya'll sorry :(

Elder Wrathall

Oh yeah, we did get like a foot of snow in two days... That was cool! :)

Sunday, April 19, 2015

She is so ready!! So excited for this baptism!

This is our ward mission leader, he also plays as a Pharisee in the Bible videos!

Wednesday: Went to Elder Hack's first District Meeting ever! It was so good, it
seems like he has been District Leader for a long time even though this is his
first. I am not sure if I have talked about Elder Hack before, he is from Clarksville GA, so pretty close, and we learned after talking that he and I were in the same sacrament meeting before the mission once. He brought a friend to church once to the Suwannee ward, and that was when I was going to the YSA ward.

Thursday: We got a call from President Hiers, apparently there is a man who is stalking the sister missionaries, so we intimidating, strong men had to go pay him a visit. The first visit we tried to make was this little Vietnamese lady, with a ball of chew as big as my fist in her mouth, we tried
to ask her if her son was there. Of course, what answer do you expect from a lady with so much chew in her mouth that she can even close it? She made some noises and some spit came out of her mouth... it was disgusting. "Well, we will just come back later, thanks!" Haha

Friday: We tried again to make a visit to the stalker, we succeeded this time, and he was a really nice guy, he understood, and it shouldn't be a problem anymore :) We had musical fireside practice, and weekly planning. We have been trying to meet with Jerry, who seemed like a golden investigator when we talked to him, "Yeah, I like the church, have come to church a couple of times, it was fun. I wouldn't mind joining." However, we haven't been able to get a hold of him lately.

Saturday: This was the hardest Saturday of my mission, we tried so hard to get a new investigator, so hard to make contacts, but nobody was home. It was a very discouraging time. finally at about 8:00, we broke down and played soccer with a Ward Mission Leader's children. At least we gained some
member trust by doing so. It was a good stress reliever.

Sunday: Church meetings all day! It was weird not really looking for any investigators to come
to church.... because we don't really have any!! We only have one, and she comes to church no matter what. So no worries. In the evening the Mission put on a musical fireside, Elder Bayles was participating, so Elder Hack and I went to work in his area for the night. They were low on miles so we walked their area.

Monday: Well I was planning to go down to Ogden to go see Laura's baptism (The one from Germany) However, it got postponed. Sad, but happy I get to work in the area, this area needs work! Interviewed Brylee to be baptized this week for Saturday! She is so ready!! So excited for this baptism!
Yeah, we went hiking this morning and there was supposed to be a huge snow storm or something like that... Haha yeah right!  It hasn't been too bad!  We were there and we know that the storm came the next day. Wind gusts up to 89 miles an hour. Several fences were blown down and we even saw trampolines that had taken flight. Then the next day a snow storm.
Thanks for writing!

Elder Wrathall  

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

General Conference and seeing Sister Coleman!

Wednesday: So from what my current Zone Leaders were telling me,
transfer days I will have no time as a Zone Leader to work in my area
for the whole transfer day. So needless to say, I wasn't very excited

Look who Elder Wrathall ran into at Conference. Sister Coleman, who is from our ward too.
for this day. Had an hour and a half drive up to Logan, and then
dropped off my stuff at the apartment and went to work! So I actually
got to work in the area for a good amount of time. Work is so
different up here, our whole area is pretty rich, everyone has nicer
houses than any in my last area. That could be a factor. Matthew 19:23

Thursday: We had a Zone Study for the Zone, were we set a goal as a
zone for baptisms, our goal is 11 for the month of April. Which seems
really low, considering we have 11 companionships. However, currently
we only have 12 on date for baptism in the whole zone, and from past
experiences, usually only 50% of the people on Date actually get
baptized. So this is a big stretch.

Friday: The mission puts on these musical firesides about once every 6
months, I've actually never been to one, but Elder Bayles wanted to go
sing in the choir, so i joined him. It was a pretty good practice
session. The sisters that teach us how to sing do a really good job!
Afterwards, we had DLT (District Leader Training) where we train the
District Leaders what we want from them kind of thing. We have awesome
District Leaders. After all that was said and done, we didn't havemuch time to work in the area.

Saturday: General Conference!! This is Elder Bayles last General Conference, so he gets
to go down to SLC twice for sessions of conference. I stayed up in Nibley with
Elder Hack and Waite. They are a fun companionship to be with. I would tell you
my favorite session of conference, however there were so many good ones! I'd
have to say President Monson's in the Priesthood Session though.

Sunday: We went down to the PM Session, we didn't pack a lunch, however, our Recent
Convert packed a lot of Candy. We also rode down in a Mustang GT, going to
conference in style! After so much candy, I literally felt dead. Stupid junk
food. It's of the devil. Favorite Talk was Holland's!

Monday: Had to go down to Ogden for MLC (Mission Leadership Council),
which we just address problems that are happening in the mission and
council on them, and also discuss Zone baptismal goals. It took all
afternoon, and so much driving...  Can't believe I did that much
commuting to work back home, but everyday... As far as
investigators go, we aren't doing so well, we only have one with a baptismal
date, we found a golden investigator, but sadly the only thing that isn't
Golden is his schedule. Can only meet on Saturdays. :(

Elder Bayles is awesome! We are really similar, so we get along great.
He lived in Florida most of his life, just the last two months before
his mission he lived in Tennessee. He knows where Buford is! Haha! He
is 21, turning 22 this month. He owned a Mustang before the mission.
Loves soccer, and working out a lot. We work out for 30 min at night,
and a hour in the morning. I am getting swole.
That's about it, love thee!!
Elder Wrathall
Met a return Missionary from Argentina, and knew Melissa Baldwin. (A girl he dated)

We have a lot of supplements... Free stuff!

A session where everyone slept but me, which is surprising, after that talk, that lady got up and clapped and said, "Well if that ain't the best talk!" And clapped excitedly... She was snoring during it. Haha
A drive through the canyon to Nibley or maybe to Ogden