Tuesday, April 7, 2015

General Conference and seeing Sister Coleman!

Wednesday: So from what my current Zone Leaders were telling me,
transfer days I will have no time as a Zone Leader to work in my area
for the whole transfer day. So needless to say, I wasn't very excited

Look who Elder Wrathall ran into at Conference. Sister Coleman, who is from our ward too.
for this day. Had an hour and a half drive up to Logan, and then
dropped off my stuff at the apartment and went to work! So I actually
got to work in the area for a good amount of time. Work is so
different up here, our whole area is pretty rich, everyone has nicer
houses than any in my last area. That could be a factor. Matthew 19:23

Thursday: We had a Zone Study for the Zone, were we set a goal as a
zone for baptisms, our goal is 11 for the month of April. Which seems
really low, considering we have 11 companionships. However, currently
we only have 12 on date for baptism in the whole zone, and from past
experiences, usually only 50% of the people on Date actually get
baptized. So this is a big stretch.

Friday: The mission puts on these musical firesides about once every 6
months, I've actually never been to one, but Elder Bayles wanted to go
sing in the choir, so i joined him. It was a pretty good practice
session. The sisters that teach us how to sing do a really good job!
Afterwards, we had DLT (District Leader Training) where we train the
District Leaders what we want from them kind of thing. We have awesome
District Leaders. After all that was said and done, we didn't havemuch time to work in the area.

Saturday: General Conference!! This is Elder Bayles last General Conference, so he gets
to go down to SLC twice for sessions of conference. I stayed up in Nibley with
Elder Hack and Waite. They are a fun companionship to be with. I would tell you
my favorite session of conference, however there were so many good ones! I'd
have to say President Monson's in the Priesthood Session though.

Sunday: We went down to the PM Session, we didn't pack a lunch, however, our Recent
Convert packed a lot of Candy. We also rode down in a Mustang GT, going to
conference in style! After so much candy, I literally felt dead. Stupid junk
food. It's of the devil. Favorite Talk was Holland's!

Monday: Had to go down to Ogden for MLC (Mission Leadership Council),
which we just address problems that are happening in the mission and
council on them, and also discuss Zone baptismal goals. It took all
afternoon, and so much driving...  Can't believe I did that much
commuting to work back home, but everyday... As far as
investigators go, we aren't doing so well, we only have one with a baptismal
date, we found a golden investigator, but sadly the only thing that isn't
Golden is his schedule. Can only meet on Saturdays. :(

Elder Bayles is awesome! We are really similar, so we get along great.
He lived in Florida most of his life, just the last two months before
his mission he lived in Tennessee. He knows where Buford is! Haha! He
is 21, turning 22 this month. He owned a Mustang before the mission.
Loves soccer, and working out a lot. We work out for 30 min at night,
and a hour in the morning. I am getting swole.
That's about it, love thee!!
Elder Wrathall
Met a return Missionary from Argentina, and knew Melissa Baldwin. (A girl he dated)

We have a lot of supplements... Free stuff!

A session where everyone slept but me, which is surprising, after that talk, that lady got up and clapped and said, "Well if that ain't the best talk!" And clapped excitedly... She was snoring during it. Haha
A drive through the canyon to Nibley or maybe to Ogden

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  1. Derek's favorite conference talk was Holland's too. Great minds think alike!