Sunday, April 19, 2015

She is so ready!! So excited for this baptism!

This is our ward mission leader, he also plays as a Pharisee in the Bible videos!

Wednesday: Went to Elder Hack's first District Meeting ever! It was so good, it
seems like he has been District Leader for a long time even though this is his
first. I am not sure if I have talked about Elder Hack before, he is from Clarksville GA, so pretty close, and we learned after talking that he and I were in the same sacrament meeting before the mission once. He brought a friend to church once to the Suwannee ward, and that was when I was going to the YSA ward.

Thursday: We got a call from President Hiers, apparently there is a man who is stalking the sister missionaries, so we intimidating, strong men had to go pay him a visit. The first visit we tried to make was this little Vietnamese lady, with a ball of chew as big as my fist in her mouth, we tried
to ask her if her son was there. Of course, what answer do you expect from a lady with so much chew in her mouth that she can even close it? She made some noises and some spit came out of her mouth... it was disgusting. "Well, we will just come back later, thanks!" Haha

Friday: We tried again to make a visit to the stalker, we succeeded this time, and he was a really nice guy, he understood, and it shouldn't be a problem anymore :) We had musical fireside practice, and weekly planning. We have been trying to meet with Jerry, who seemed like a golden investigator when we talked to him, "Yeah, I like the church, have come to church a couple of times, it was fun. I wouldn't mind joining." However, we haven't been able to get a hold of him lately.

Saturday: This was the hardest Saturday of my mission, we tried so hard to get a new investigator, so hard to make contacts, but nobody was home. It was a very discouraging time. finally at about 8:00, we broke down and played soccer with a Ward Mission Leader's children. At least we gained some
member trust by doing so. It was a good stress reliever.

Sunday: Church meetings all day! It was weird not really looking for any investigators to come
to church.... because we don't really have any!! We only have one, and she comes to church no matter what. So no worries. In the evening the Mission put on a musical fireside, Elder Bayles was participating, so Elder Hack and I went to work in his area for the night. They were low on miles so we walked their area.

Monday: Well I was planning to go down to Ogden to go see Laura's baptism (The one from Germany) However, it got postponed. Sad, but happy I get to work in the area, this area needs work! Interviewed Brylee to be baptized this week for Saturday! She is so ready!! So excited for this baptism!
Yeah, we went hiking this morning and there was supposed to be a huge snow storm or something like that... Haha yeah right!  It hasn't been too bad!  We were there and we know that the storm came the next day. Wind gusts up to 89 miles an hour. Several fences were blown down and we even saw trampolines that had taken flight. Then the next day a snow storm.
Thanks for writing!

Elder Wrathall  

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