Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me!

Tuesday: Zone conference was amazing!! It had the most note-taking of any before. It was really nice that we didn't have to give a training too! Usually the Zone Leader's have to give a training, some how I lucked out. Afterwards, President Hiers had us go fix some Sisters' bikes. I have gotten pretty good at it considering how many times my bike has broken down.... Haha

Wednesday: Finally! A new investigator! Elder Bayles was telling me that he hasn't done much work in the 3rd ward, which is where we live, so we decided we should go and do some work in it! In the area notes there was a name Indy, says he comes to church, but his parents won't let him get baptized, lives with his grandparents. So we went to the Grandparents, and we talked with Granddad for a little, he was very negative about Indy, he told us he doesn't want to be baptized and doesn't like the church. Then he called out Indy, Indy told us first, that he liked to be called Indiana, that is his real name. Guess what his last name is... Jones, I am teaching Indiana Jones. Haha, Long story short, he has been coming to church for 2 years, and really likes it, just doesn't have a testimony. I invited him to be baptized if he knew that this is true, he said yes. His Dad is the "Anti-Christ" (Words from Indiana himself) He has been banned from even being on church property. So we have to wait till he
turns 18 in July.

Thursday: Had District Leader Training, we had to talk about Dungeons and Dragons, because that is a problem in the Zone, people spending to much time playing that game. After much debate of that, went on exchanges with Elder Hack. It was really fun, learned a lot. Though, every time I am with Elder Hack, it seems like he feels like he needs to confess all his sins to me or something. It's weird being a zone leader sometimes... Haha

Friday: Can't really remember, but this letter is long enough, so I don't feel to bad... Haha :P

Saturday: We have an "Investigator" who the only way we get to talk with him is when we play H.O.R.S.E. WE leave a commitment every time though, he usually does them too! He almost always beats us at Horse though, he was on a 6 winning streak! I finally beat him!! "I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me!" Haha. By the way, he is 10. Haha, Yeah, we are terrible....

Sunday: 8 1/2 hours of church. Spoke in the 1st ward, taught young women's in the 4th ward, and spoke in the 6th ward. Passed out in the 5th ward.  Overall good church, we renewed our covenants, so that is always good! :) Jerry, a potential investigator whom we meet when I first got in to this area, has disappeared off the face of the earth. He seemed soo golden, but we can't even get a hold of him since. :(

Monday: Met a man that has southern hospitality at its finest. He had a really nice property, so he took us on a tour, asked us if we wanted anything to drink. Just super nice guy. He is not a member, but his wife is a active member. He invited us to come back for dinner next week. All of our lessons happened! It was wonderful!! Only had 3 hours of finding, the rest was teaching. If everyday was like today, it would be blissful! Haha
Love Elder Wrathall

Kayla called me last week. She said she heard on the news that diesel fuel had contaminated the water in Nibley where he is serving. I had to ask him about that since he didn't say anything in his letter. This is what he said.
Oh, yeah, forgot about that. Yeah. Nibley had diesel water for two days. I guess technically they say we can't drink it right now, but can shower in it, and do dishes, but we've been drinking it anyways.
Our house is so close to the spring that when it was at its worse we could smell the diesel and actually see it in the water, Elder Bayles washed his hands in it accidentally and it tingled for a while. Fun stuff!  
Funny how you could forget about something like that.

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