Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Transfer to Nibley and becoming a Zone Leader

Transfer News!!!
I am leaving the good ole Mount Lewis Stake to go to Nibley in UT.
Just below Logan. I will be a Zone Leader. My new companion is Elder

Wednesday: Last District Meeting of this transfer! We were trained on
how to have investigators keep commitments. We got back in touch
with Amy! She kind of fell off the face of the Earth, however, now she
is wanting to learn again, and she actually brought her best friend to
learn with her too!

Thursday: All night we were on splits with the Elders Quorum
presidency. That was really fun, those are some really cool guys. At
8:50 he offered to take us to a BBQ in Huntsville, really wanted to say
Yes, however, totally wouldn't be back by 9:30. Haha

Friday: we went on exchanges, I was with Elder Burt, Elder Burt and
Elder Thompson are leaving Tuesday to go to Brazil, so it was really
funny, because at 8:00 we bike up to a playground and Elder Burt says,
"Nothing says you are trunky more than swinging on a playground set at
8:00 at night." So that's what we did for 10 minutes. Haha

Saturday: We literally just went around doing service everywhere. To
begin with, we dug a 12x12' hole, 8" deep. That wore us out, but he
then took us to Carl's Jr. So we were good to go again. We helped
another family put up a playground set. This was all happening while
our appts fell through.

Sunday: This Sunday was the best Sacrament Meetings on my mission!
Laura got up and bore her testimony, just exclaiming how thankful that
she will be baptized in the next couple of weeks and how the missionaries
have helped her :) Then also a few Less-Actives bore their testimonies. We had
4 investigators come to church and 10 less actives :) It was hard to say
goodbye to a lot of people :(

Monday: Went to Mission Leadership Training. The Doctrine and
information wasn't as good as normal I think. However, everything
besides that was super great! The transfer board was leaked out to the
mission a week ago, and that was done on purpose by President Hiers,
because transfer day is on April 1st. The fake transfer board said I
was going to be with Elder Alsterberg again, as Zone Leader! Haha, I
talked with Elder White afterwards about that, (He is the AP) He told
me they were actually thinking that might happen. That would have been
crazy! I got to know my new companion a bit, what I mostly got out of
him is that he likes to work out a lot! Haha, He works out a hour in
the morning, then does insanity at night. I'm going to get in shape!

Sorry not many funny stories, doesn't seem like much funny things
happened this week... Love thee!

Elder Wrathall

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

All about being at the right time at the right place.

I think someone needs new shoes.

Wednesday: We received a referral for a very less-active man, in a
trailer park. When headed to meet him, we parked our bikes on his
property, right next door was this family outside, the mother
approached us. Turns out she is a member that is less active, but has
been talking to her husband and they want to get back active. Miracle!!!
Even more so, they have two children who aren't baptized. So we are working
with them. All about being at the right time at the right place.

Thursday: Good ole Tracting all day!

Friday: When going through the trailer park, we met this one kid a
while back ago, he always approaches us and says funny things, mainly
about how he has so many girlfriends. On this occasion, we were
outside the school, and it was around noon, so school wasn't out yet.
However, he was. He told us that he gets out of school early because
of his temper problems. Then he said he likes to go dumpster diving,
then proceeded to go dumpster diving. Fair enough. Haha

Who would have ever thought that I would come from Georgia to here and prune
peach trees. Yep. The stake has a peach orchard which they take care of, the
fruit goes to church humanitarian aid. Each Ward has its allotted trees. We
helped out the 4th ward because that is where we live. Good thing too, only 3
people from the 4th Ward came. Some wards didn't have anyone come. So

Sunday: 7:30-5:00 church meetings! Good ole day of rest ;) We met with
a lady who has meet with the missionaries many times before, she is an
active non member, just today she came when the rest of her member family
didn't come. She does drink and smoke, but that is all that hold her back. She
knows that the church is true, she wants to go to the temple some day. The sad
thing is that she doesn't have a true desire to do all that now, she wants to
do it all later. So very boldly, I invited her to be baptized April 18th. You
should have seen the whole family's faces. They all thought I was insane, she
and her daughter even said that I was insane to think that she would be
ready by then. I then continued, boldly telling them, "I did not pick
that date. That was the date that God told me is the date you would be
ready. You saying that I am insane is saying that you think God is
insane." Then it got quite for a while. It was so spiritual. Sadly, it
didn't seem to phase her to much, we finally got a soft commit.

Monday: lots of appt fell through

Well I hope that you have a great week down in Georgia!
Love thee!
Elder Wrathall

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

"Ice Cream or Hawk?"


The dog on the roof came out when we knocked on the door and it
started barking at us from its roof haha   

Wednesday: Went on exchanges with Elder Thompson in his area. It was really,
good! They have terrible bikes though, and to make it even better, they are
pink and purple... Haha. Elder Thompson makes a wonderful District Leader! Even
though he is only been out for 6 months. He and his companion just got their
visas, so they are leaving to Brazil at the end of the month.

Thursday: We helped a man put gravel on his roof. Which in itself made
me learn about roofs.... Haha, but when we got done, he said to us,
"Well thanks so much guys, Ice Cream or Hawk?""Hawk? What do you mean
Hawk?" "Pick your choice, Ice Cream or Hawk." "Fine, Hawk, I like
trying new things." Thinking it was some kind of food called Hawk.
Nope, he brought out a hawk we could hold. Pretty sweet! I'd take that
over ice cream anytime!

Friday: A lady waved us down to follow her and to meet her brother.
Her brother was hit by a car, and is in physical rehab. He had a
really cool story about how he was on the wrong path, but once he was
hit by the car it turned him on the right path. It was really cool to
see this man, in a lot of pain, and where a lot of people would be
depressed. He was grateful, and happy :)

Saturday: I feel accomplished, I ate a German Pancake batch (9x13) by
myself for breakfast, with a whole can of peaches and a banana. To
think, two of those use to feed our family right? Haha. We found a
golden investigator, he just needs to stop smoking then will be
baptized. He has already been reading and praying. Sadly, we learned
that he is also 27 and single. So, we pass them over to the YSA missionaries.

Sunday: When I woke up in the morning, I just knew it was going to be
a rough day, I was soo exhausted. I was impressed with myself though,
I made it till the 4th Sacrament meeting, then I kinda died, and fell
asleep in a talk. It was too difficult. :( I just hope that the members
that notice think, "Oh man, that missionary is a hard worker." rather than,
"What a terrible missionary!!!" Haha

Monday: Interviews with President! President didn't give me any hints
on what is happening to me this transfer... What's up with that!?
Haha. He is such a good guy. I am really going to miss him once he
leaves us. Through the day we had a lot of good lessons with
Less-actives, but made us really realize, we need new investigators...

Tuesday: Hiked up Mount Lewis is morning with Elder
Thompson! Took 5 hours!
Love Elder Wrathall

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A good service week.

He got to go to the temple with one of his recent converts!

Wednesday: We had a big meeting (12-4pm) where Elder Clarke from the Seventy
came to talk with us. The whole thing was about diligence using iPads, because
the whole mission is now getting their iPads and they want to make sure we are
obedient with them. Wednesday is when it began, we had 2 lessons for the night
and they cancelled. I will just get it out of the way and say we had 22 lessons
set up for the week, and only 5 of them happened.

Thursday: Man, this was a
day where I actually felt super positive, and we were setting up return
appointments left and right with some of the potential investigators that we
were finding! It felt super great! The only thing was on later on the week with
those return appointments, all of them fell through. So now it is just the
struggle of meeting with these darn people.

Friday: Nearing the end of the
day, we saw an Elder's quorum president on his roof, nailing in shingles. We
thought we would help out! We helped for like 30 min, and got to talking to him,
said he was going to shingle his whole roof. Turns out the Zone Service activity
the zone had planned for Saturday fell through, so we told him our whole zone
could come and help!

Saturday: Roofing with the whole zone was fun, well,
none of the sisters came. I guess it is more of a boy thing. Haha. Probably my
favorite part about doing service in nice weather, is being able to be in jeans
and a T-shirt. Feels so good! Haha

Sunday: Sunday's are always a good
rebuilding day, you get to sit listen and take in the spirit. Just the end of
the day was rough, especially reporting numbers, because this week was lowest
numbers I have ever had on my mission in a week :( I took it pretty hard,
however, I know that we did our best and endured it well, so this next week will
be a good one.

Monday: Oh man :) What a wonderful day. Started it off right
by knocking on a door, and the man who answered was a guy we talked to a couple
of days ago on the street. He is really open and has really good questions and
concerns. We taught him the restoration and invited him to be baptized April
4th. He isn't to sure about being baptized, but he does say if he receives his
answer, then how can he fight it? Haha. What he does for work is rents out
bounce houses, so after teaching him. We helped him clean out two of his bounce
houses haha. All of our appointments went through for the day :) God knew I
couldn't take it anymore... Haha

Can't really think of any funny story this
week. A simple pleasure for me this morning because I am competitive, A couple
days back, I upped the weight on our bench press, because I am trying to get
stronger! And it is working! The bench is set at 145, I can barely do 10 of
those. Elder Madera hadn't worked out in the last couple of days, so when he
worked out today and saw how much weight was on the benchpress, he stared at it
for like 5 minutes when I was doing push-ups. Finally, I asked him, "What are
you doing?" He replied, "Thinking if I can bench that much..." "You got this!!
Go for it!" He tried, could hardly do 1. That made me feel strong.

Elder Wrathall

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Okay, you ready to hear about a miracle??

Wednesday: Okay, you ready to hear about a miracle?? So we were
Riding down the street, and a guy is standing on the side of the road,
He waves us down. We talked for quite a while, and we learned that he is
a member, hasn't been active in about a month, but recently he
received the custody of his daughter who isn't a member. She is 16 and
she is interested in learning more about the church! We didn't eve
ask him a time when we could setup, he asked us, "Are you guys
available this week?" Well of course we are!!! Tomorrow!

Thursday: Our appointment fell through with him, rescheduled
to Saturday. Later on the day, of having just tried to meet with a member
who is working with their neighbor who says she is interested in
coming to church. We were tracting some condos, ran into a few people
that weren't interested of course, but we ran into a member that was
active. She invited us in, and pretty quickly we learned that all
wasn't right in the home, after talking with her further, we learned
that her husband isn't active, and they have been struggling in their
marriage a lot, they have seriously been considering divorce. We
talked about how the gospel could help her, showed the Mormon
Message, "Mountains to climb", left her home with a prayer. That was the
Best tracting experience that I had, I know that God needed us there to
Lift her up. :)

Friday: One of the things that is really stressed for us to being
doing is acts of simple service, and weekly planned service. This has
really been a struggle to fulfill, because nobody usually excepts us to do
anything for them. This day though, when we were biking late at night, it was
about 8:30, very cold and super windy. We saw a lady walking in the middle of
the street carrying groceries, we were pretty far away from any grocery store.
We offered to help, she said, "Are you sure? I live up the mountain." "Of
course we are sure!" She had to be about 80, and she lives in the highest house
on the mountain. She walked about 2 miles from the grocery store with a lot of
groceries. Felt good to be able to help her.

Saturday: It was definitely a struggle to keep positive this day. The
appointment we set up with the guy on the street fell through, and we
called him, we can't even get into contact with him. Every single
other appointment fell through as well. On top of that, it was a
really cold windy day, and when you don't have appointments, you're
outside all day. We pretty much tracted the whole day. I feel super bad
for the missions where that is all they do, because at the end of the day, I
felt like I did what God wanted us to do, but I also felt that we accomplished

Sunday: We had 5 investigators come to church, 2 of those are they who
we can't ever meet with to talk about baptism :( The other 3 will be
baptized this week! Gabriel, Emily, and Ricky :) We have been fasting out
here for moisture because we need more of it! The Sunday miracle hopefully, is
that we got a referral from a member, about a Part-member family where the
member (Wife) wants to come to church :) Hopefully that will blossom into