Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A good service week.

He got to go to the temple with one of his recent converts!

Wednesday: We had a big meeting (12-4pm) where Elder Clarke from the Seventy
came to talk with us. The whole thing was about diligence using iPads, because
the whole mission is now getting their iPads and they want to make sure we are
obedient with them. Wednesday is when it began, we had 2 lessons for the night
and they cancelled. I will just get it out of the way and say we had 22 lessons
set up for the week, and only 5 of them happened.

Thursday: Man, this was a
day where I actually felt super positive, and we were setting up return
appointments left and right with some of the potential investigators that we
were finding! It felt super great! The only thing was on later on the week with
those return appointments, all of them fell through. So now it is just the
struggle of meeting with these darn people.

Friday: Nearing the end of the
day, we saw an Elder's quorum president on his roof, nailing in shingles. We
thought we would help out! We helped for like 30 min, and got to talking to him,
said he was going to shingle his whole roof. Turns out the Zone Service activity
the zone had planned for Saturday fell through, so we told him our whole zone
could come and help!

Saturday: Roofing with the whole zone was fun, well,
none of the sisters came. I guess it is more of a boy thing. Haha. Probably my
favorite part about doing service in nice weather, is being able to be in jeans
and a T-shirt. Feels so good! Haha

Sunday: Sunday's are always a good
rebuilding day, you get to sit listen and take in the spirit. Just the end of
the day was rough, especially reporting numbers, because this week was lowest
numbers I have ever had on my mission in a week :( I took it pretty hard,
however, I know that we did our best and endured it well, so this next week will
be a good one.

Monday: Oh man :) What a wonderful day. Started it off right
by knocking on a door, and the man who answered was a guy we talked to a couple
of days ago on the street. He is really open and has really good questions and
concerns. We taught him the restoration and invited him to be baptized April
4th. He isn't to sure about being baptized, but he does say if he receives his
answer, then how can he fight it? Haha. What he does for work is rents out
bounce houses, so after teaching him. We helped him clean out two of his bounce
houses haha. All of our appointments went through for the day :) God knew I
couldn't take it anymore... Haha

Can't really think of any funny story this
week. A simple pleasure for me this morning because I am competitive, A couple
days back, I upped the weight on our bench press, because I am trying to get
stronger! And it is working! The bench is set at 145, I can barely do 10 of
those. Elder Madera hadn't worked out in the last couple of days, so when he
worked out today and saw how much weight was on the benchpress, he stared at it
for like 5 minutes when I was doing push-ups. Finally, I asked him, "What are
you doing?" He replied, "Thinking if I can bench that much..." "You got this!!
Go for it!" He tried, could hardly do 1. That made me feel strong.

Elder Wrathall

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