Tuesday, March 17, 2015

"Ice Cream or Hawk?"


The dog on the roof came out when we knocked on the door and it
started barking at us from its roof haha   

Wednesday: Went on exchanges with Elder Thompson in his area. It was really,
good! They have terrible bikes though, and to make it even better, they are
pink and purple... Haha. Elder Thompson makes a wonderful District Leader! Even
though he is only been out for 6 months. He and his companion just got their
visas, so they are leaving to Brazil at the end of the month.

Thursday: We helped a man put gravel on his roof. Which in itself made
me learn about roofs.... Haha, but when we got done, he said to us,
"Well thanks so much guys, Ice Cream or Hawk?""Hawk? What do you mean
Hawk?" "Pick your choice, Ice Cream or Hawk." "Fine, Hawk, I like
trying new things." Thinking it was some kind of food called Hawk.
Nope, he brought out a hawk we could hold. Pretty sweet! I'd take that
over ice cream anytime!

Friday: A lady waved us down to follow her and to meet her brother.
Her brother was hit by a car, and is in physical rehab. He had a
really cool story about how he was on the wrong path, but once he was
hit by the car it turned him on the right path. It was really cool to
see this man, in a lot of pain, and where a lot of people would be
depressed. He was grateful, and happy :)

Saturday: I feel accomplished, I ate a German Pancake batch (9x13) by
myself for breakfast, with a whole can of peaches and a banana. To
think, two of those use to feed our family right? Haha. We found a
golden investigator, he just needs to stop smoking then will be
baptized. He has already been reading and praying. Sadly, we learned
that he is also 27 and single. So, we pass them over to the YSA missionaries.

Sunday: When I woke up in the morning, I just knew it was going to be
a rough day, I was soo exhausted. I was impressed with myself though,
I made it till the 4th Sacrament meeting, then I kinda died, and fell
asleep in a talk. It was too difficult. :( I just hope that the members
that notice think, "Oh man, that missionary is a hard worker." rather than,
"What a terrible missionary!!!" Haha

Monday: Interviews with President! President didn't give me any hints
on what is happening to me this transfer... What's up with that!?
Haha. He is such a good guy. I am really going to miss him once he
leaves us. Through the day we had a lot of good lessons with
Less-actives, but made us really realize, we need new investigators...

Tuesday: Hiked up Mount Lewis is morning with Elder
Thompson! Took 5 hours!
Love Elder Wrathall

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