Tuesday, March 24, 2015

All about being at the right time at the right place.

I think someone needs new shoes.

Wednesday: We received a referral for a very less-active man, in a
trailer park. When headed to meet him, we parked our bikes on his
property, right next door was this family outside, the mother
approached us. Turns out she is a member that is less active, but has
been talking to her husband and they want to get back active. Miracle!!!
Even more so, they have two children who aren't baptized. So we are working
with them. All about being at the right time at the right place.

Thursday: Good ole Tracting all day!

Friday: When going through the trailer park, we met this one kid a
while back ago, he always approaches us and says funny things, mainly
about how he has so many girlfriends. On this occasion, we were
outside the school, and it was around noon, so school wasn't out yet.
However, he was. He told us that he gets out of school early because
of his temper problems. Then he said he likes to go dumpster diving,
then proceeded to go dumpster diving. Fair enough. Haha

Who would have ever thought that I would come from Georgia to here and prune
peach trees. Yep. The stake has a peach orchard which they take care of, the
fruit goes to church humanitarian aid. Each Ward has its allotted trees. We
helped out the 4th ward because that is where we live. Good thing too, only 3
people from the 4th Ward came. Some wards didn't have anyone come. So

Sunday: 7:30-5:00 church meetings! Good ole day of rest ;) We met with
a lady who has meet with the missionaries many times before, she is an
active non member, just today she came when the rest of her member family
didn't come. She does drink and smoke, but that is all that hold her back. She
knows that the church is true, she wants to go to the temple some day. The sad
thing is that she doesn't have a true desire to do all that now, she wants to
do it all later. So very boldly, I invited her to be baptized April 18th. You
should have seen the whole family's faces. They all thought I was insane, she
and her daughter even said that I was insane to think that she would be
ready by then. I then continued, boldly telling them, "I did not pick
that date. That was the date that God told me is the date you would be
ready. You saying that I am insane is saying that you think God is
insane." Then it got quite for a while. It was so spiritual. Sadly, it
didn't seem to phase her to much, we finally got a soft commit.

Monday: lots of appt fell through

Well I hope that you have a great week down in Georgia!
Love thee!
Elder Wrathall

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