Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Transfer to Nibley and becoming a Zone Leader

Transfer News!!!
I am leaving the good ole Mount Lewis Stake to go to Nibley in UT.
Just below Logan. I will be a Zone Leader. My new companion is Elder

Wednesday: Last District Meeting of this transfer! We were trained on
how to have investigators keep commitments. We got back in touch
with Amy! She kind of fell off the face of the Earth, however, now she
is wanting to learn again, and she actually brought her best friend to
learn with her too!

Thursday: All night we were on splits with the Elders Quorum
presidency. That was really fun, those are some really cool guys. At
8:50 he offered to take us to a BBQ in Huntsville, really wanted to say
Yes, however, totally wouldn't be back by 9:30. Haha

Friday: we went on exchanges, I was with Elder Burt, Elder Burt and
Elder Thompson are leaving Tuesday to go to Brazil, so it was really
funny, because at 8:00 we bike up to a playground and Elder Burt says,
"Nothing says you are trunky more than swinging on a playground set at
8:00 at night." So that's what we did for 10 minutes. Haha

Saturday: We literally just went around doing service everywhere. To
begin with, we dug a 12x12' hole, 8" deep. That wore us out, but he
then took us to Carl's Jr. So we were good to go again. We helped
another family put up a playground set. This was all happening while
our appts fell through.

Sunday: This Sunday was the best Sacrament Meetings on my mission!
Laura got up and bore her testimony, just exclaiming how thankful that
she will be baptized in the next couple of weeks and how the missionaries
have helped her :) Then also a few Less-Actives bore their testimonies. We had
4 investigators come to church and 10 less actives :) It was hard to say
goodbye to a lot of people :(

Monday: Went to Mission Leadership Training. The Doctrine and
information wasn't as good as normal I think. However, everything
besides that was super great! The transfer board was leaked out to the
mission a week ago, and that was done on purpose by President Hiers,
because transfer day is on April 1st. The fake transfer board said I
was going to be with Elder Alsterberg again, as Zone Leader! Haha, I
talked with Elder White afterwards about that, (He is the AP) He told
me they were actually thinking that might happen. That would have been
crazy! I got to know my new companion a bit, what I mostly got out of
him is that he likes to work out a lot! Haha, He works out a hour in
the morning, then does insanity at night. I'm going to get in shape!

Sorry not many funny stories, doesn't seem like much funny things
happened this week... Love thee!

Elder Wrathall

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