Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Okay, you ready to hear about a miracle??

Wednesday: Okay, you ready to hear about a miracle?? So we were
Riding down the street, and a guy is standing on the side of the road,
He waves us down. We talked for quite a while, and we learned that he is
a member, hasn't been active in about a month, but recently he
received the custody of his daughter who isn't a member. She is 16 and
she is interested in learning more about the church! We didn't eve
ask him a time when we could setup, he asked us, "Are you guys
available this week?" Well of course we are!!! Tomorrow!

Thursday: Our appointment fell through with him, rescheduled
to Saturday. Later on the day, of having just tried to meet with a member
who is working with their neighbor who says she is interested in
coming to church. We were tracting some condos, ran into a few people
that weren't interested of course, but we ran into a member that was
active. She invited us in, and pretty quickly we learned that all
wasn't right in the home, after talking with her further, we learned
that her husband isn't active, and they have been struggling in their
marriage a lot, they have seriously been considering divorce. We
talked about how the gospel could help her, showed the Mormon
Message, "Mountains to climb", left her home with a prayer. That was the
Best tracting experience that I had, I know that God needed us there to
Lift her up. :)

Friday: One of the things that is really stressed for us to being
doing is acts of simple service, and weekly planned service. This has
really been a struggle to fulfill, because nobody usually excepts us to do
anything for them. This day though, when we were biking late at night, it was
about 8:30, very cold and super windy. We saw a lady walking in the middle of
the street carrying groceries, we were pretty far away from any grocery store.
We offered to help, she said, "Are you sure? I live up the mountain." "Of
course we are sure!" She had to be about 80, and she lives in the highest house
on the mountain. She walked about 2 miles from the grocery store with a lot of
groceries. Felt good to be able to help her.

Saturday: It was definitely a struggle to keep positive this day. The
appointment we set up with the guy on the street fell through, and we
called him, we can't even get into contact with him. Every single
other appointment fell through as well. On top of that, it was a
really cold windy day, and when you don't have appointments, you're
outside all day. We pretty much tracted the whole day. I feel super bad
for the missions where that is all they do, because at the end of the day, I
felt like I did what God wanted us to do, but I also felt that we accomplished

Sunday: We had 5 investigators come to church, 2 of those are they who
we can't ever meet with to talk about baptism :( The other 3 will be
baptized this week! Gabriel, Emily, and Ricky :) We have been fasting out
here for moisture because we need more of it! The Sunday miracle hopefully, is
that we got a referral from a member, about a Part-member family where the
member (Wife) wants to come to church :) Hopefully that will blossom into

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