Monday, April 20, 2015

A surprise Monday E-mail

Surprise! Today is Monday, and it's our P-day! We have a Zone Conference tomorrow morning, so just for this week, our zone gets to be like the rest of the world and have P-day on Monday!

Wednesday: I can't remember anything specific that happened today. Just contacting.

Thursday: District Leader Training, I had to give a training on obedience, because our zone is struggling with that a little, I was pretty dang bold with them. It went well though. We were able to find a few more potential investigators, however, with all of them, they are kids that have less-active parents. The kids are all for it, but the parents want them to have nothing to do with it.

Friday: We had weekly planning, then afterwards, there is this really nice restaurant called "elements" that let's us have anything on the menu under $15 free. So nice of them. Got bacon wrapped turkey, with sweet potatoes!  Well, the rest of the day, we tried to contact non-members, but I think it was international, don't answer your door day.

Saturday: We had the baptism of Brylee, she is a 9 year old girl. The story of her family is super dramatized. Her mother (A return missionary) is cheating on her temple recommend holding husband, by kicking him out of the house and has a guy that she met at the gym living with her. Her husband is like a modern day Job from the bible, he has had everything taken away from him :( So the baptism was really weird, bishop wanted us to make a quick one so nothing bad would happen during it. What? So weird... Haha

Sunday: We had the confirmation of Brylee, that was really cool, Brylee was so excited to get confirmed! We got to give a talk in one of our wards, that was fun! Bishop just wanted us to talk about our mission, because I guess he has a few priest that are on the fence on going on a mission. I hope I shared good enough experiences to help them make that decision.

Super boring week for ya'll sorry :(

Elder Wrathall

Oh yeah, we did get like a foot of snow in two days... That was cool! :)

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