Tuesday, November 25, 2014

We had the Twintism!

Transfer News: Elder Mika is leaving to Wellsville, over by Logan. I

am staying, still going to be District Leader. The best part... I AM

GETTING A SON!!!! I am training haha.

Wednesday: We had our final district meeting! Because it is our final

one, we had to extend an invitation for them that they would do

themselves, because we can't necessarily follow up on them with this

one. So what we did is we had them write down a list of things they

are going to change for next transfer that they think of while others

train. Then at the end we talked about how we need to be patient with

ourselves as we try to apply changes. Our invitation was, "Will you be

diligent in applying your list to yourself?"


Thursday: Went on exchanges with Elder Legones in his area, when we

got there I set expectations with him for what does he want out of

this exchange? He told me that he wanted me to baptize all the people

that they are having a hard time with. Which I told him is not really

what a District Leader is supposed to do... Haha, more of sit back and

learn how they are working the area, and tell them ways to improve.

Well our first contact was a young couple, they invited us in the

house. I was trying not to say anything and let Legones do the

talking. However the conversation went like this. Elder Legones, "How

is it going?" "Good" "That's good, that’s good." Then Elder Legones

just stared at him for like a minute then looked at me. Haha I just

winked at him. He still didn't say anything, so I saved us all from

the awkwardness and talked to him, turns out he has been making a lot

of changes in his life already and wants to improve himself, so we

talked about baptism and he and his girlfriend really want to get

baptized :) They were so prepared!


Friday: Had the interviews for the Felix children. The best one was

Madyson, when we asked her the question if she had ever committed a

serious crime, (which we normally just skip for children) but she

said, "One time... I... Graffitied in the girl's bathroom at school...

BUT DON'T TELL MY DAD!". That was probably the best response I have

ever heard :)


Saturday: We had the Twintism! The baptism was really great, this is

my first time having multiple baptisms in one program. Everything went

according to plan, thanks to the Ward Mission Leader, and our senior

couple the Rupp's. We did our "Restoration" presentation at the

baptism, it was super great, I could feel the spirit so strongly, and

there were a lot of less actives there, I hope they felt the spirit.

We challenged non-members, to meet with us, Less actives to go back to

church, and Actives to find someone for us. So at the end of the day,

3 more souls entered the waters of baptism :) The parents are working

towards the temple now :)

Sunday: We had the confirmation for all 3 people in a row, which was a

really great experience, however, my arm got really tired. Haha. We

also went to a farewell in a different ward, and there I saw Jared

Thompson! Haha, He lives up in Garland and came to the farewell. The

rest of the night we searched diligently for a new investigator. It

didn't happen :(

Monday; MLT!!! (Mission Leadership Training): So on Saturday I was

called by President Hiers to be training. I have been so excited that

I haven't been really able to sleep well since. But here on Monday we

drove down to Ogden, with everyone from our Zone who needed to go

down. The meeting was really good. A lot of big changes, we are

decreasing the number of Zones from 13 to 9, so our Zone is going to

be a lot bigger. One of the Elders who came with us, Elder Norris,

stayed down in Ogden afterwards, causing a lot of trouble for Elder

Hack his companion, so we had to help out Hack through the night,

because he didn't have a companion!

Tuesday: Today, I don't really get a P-day because as Technical

Assistant, I have to go down to Ogden and set up IPads for the new

missionaries. :( Sad.

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