Tuesday, November 11, 2014

faking it till I make it

Wednesday: Started off with District Meeting, this time I didn't like

our training as much as last week. It seemed like we tried to cover too

much in just a short time. Next week we will do better! Had the

opportunity to go on exchanges with the Zone Leaders, I got to go with

Elder White in our area. He is such a cool funny guy, he made the day

very enjoyable. I forgot how it was to have a goofball with me. Haha,

it lightened the mood a lot with him. He gave me some tips on how to

work our area better :)


Thursday: We did stuff.. Good things happened, bad things happened. I

really don't remember this day. Haha.


Friday: Had a great lesson with the Felix family, the parents just got

married last week, and they are working towards being married in the

Temple. They have 5 children, 2 of their own, 1 from her previous

marriage, and 2 from his previous marriage. They are such a cool

family, she makes sure that the children aren't taking the covenant of

baptism lightly.


Saturday: We had 2 appointments with non-members whom we were going to

invite to be baptized. However, both of them fell through. That didn't

help at all... I was looking forward to those all week, however, one

of them, we went to visit the next day, and he was home, and we were

able to invite him to be baptized on the door step, it was a pretty

flakey yes, but a yes nevertheless.


Sunday: Here in Tremonton they like to sing hymn 94. It talks about

corn. Fitting for Tremonton haha. Sooo.... The Felix family didn't

come to church. Well they did, just not the Ward that they are in.

Which is lame, because now we have to move their baptismal date back a

week. They were going to get baptized this next weekend :( Besides

them not coming to church, it was a really great Sunday, we had quite

a few Less Actives come to church, and it was Fast Sunday, so we got to go up

and bare our testimonies. Which is always awesome!


Monday: I didn't feel good at all, I thought for sure I was going to

be sick, we have been around a lot of sick people lately, people who

have been throwing up and whatnot. However, I promised myself I would

never be one of those missionaries that aren't enthusiastic about the

gospel, because that wouldn't be fair to those whom we teach. Also, I

remember in my patriarchal blessing, it tells of me never being sick

enough on the mission that I won't be able to serve. So with a lot of

begging prayers to heavenly Father, and faking it till I make it, I

was able to overcome it and didn't feel sick at all.  We had all of

our lessons come through as well.

That is awesome!! (About his new nephew) So a bit early, but not too much! I am sure Kayla will tell me. She sent me an email this week, but I always read yours first, so I don't know what she has said yet.

Good job with doing all of the churchy stuff! Haha.

Everyone here does a ton of hunting, I have seen a lot of dead deer, and you wouldn't like it too much. Sunday there is a family we are teaching and they are going to grill the venison up for us.

I am pretty glad I didn't have to learn a new language.

I finally remembered to take pictures of where I live!
Love Elder Wrathall
This is my apartment mom.

We have a foursome living here.

This is his real place.
Someone really likes My Pretty Ponies

Ah that Elder Wrathall. So funny!

Looks like a pretty nice place for Elders

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