Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Learn New Stuff

First off, I have to share a story that happened last transfer I am

pretty sure I forgot to tell. In a lesson with Erica, she was sharing

an experience that happened to her at church. She was in a Sunday

School class, she was telling about how there was a super strong

spirit in the room and the physical light in the room got brighter.

When she accounted that story, I was pretty questionable, and kind of

shrugged it off. However, as we continued in our lesson, there was a

moment where the Spirit was strong, and I noticed that the physical

light bulbs in the ceiling suddenly were stronger and gave off more

light. It was not imaginable, it was fact. I know that the Spirit does

affect literal light.


Wednesday: I learned that the original 'Footloose' movie was filmed in

Lehi. I thought that was pretty cool, Kayla lives there now! haha


Thursday: Ehh, stuff.


Friday: Happy Halloween! So all of today consisted of me just going

down to Ogden, because there was a Technology meeting. Some new people

in the mission got called to be "Technology Instructors", who teach

people in the mission how to use the iPad efficiently and to teach

them the rules behind it. Also to try to encourage people to use it,

because not many missionaries actually use the Area Book App. Well I

would probably say 50/50. So now, rather me being called "Media

Specialist" I am now called, "Technology Assistant" or "TA" for short.

Haha. I will attach a picture that writes out what I do. Not too


Then afterwards we had a Halloween party for the Zone! We watched 17

Miracles, and get this, Do you know that handicapped little guy in the

movie? He is the grandson of one of our senior couples in my district!

I also ate in the house that he grew up in as a child :)


Saturday: A five year old's prayer, "Dear Heavenly Father, thanks for

these guys, help them come back. They are really cool..." Haha, it was

so cute.

We had Stake Conference "Adult Session", was the best Stake Conference

session I have ever been in, we had Bishop Davies, whom I am not

really sure like what position he is in now, but he was the one who

helped picked the temple grounds when President Gordon B. Hinckley

announced temples. He had so many good stories. Overall, the spirit

was super strong, so much so that I had chills several times, and it

felt thick in the room. To top it off, we ended with the song, "Nearer

my God to Thee". Dang was the spirit so strong, gave me wet eyes.

There were moments when the spirit brought back to my remembrance

experiences I have had in the temple.

Sunday: The Sunday Session of Stake Conference wasn't nearly as good,

which is sad, because none of our investigators went to the Saturday,

but all of them went to the Sunday. It was still good, but just not as good. but yeah, I was

surprised how many investigators came! Well we weren't able to find

two new investigators this week, we prayed every day for it, and tried

our very best, but sometimes we don't get what we want, even if it is

righteous :(


Monday: Today was a great day! We found high potential investigators,

that actually don't seem like their parents would hold them back from

being baptized! That seems to be the biggest concern of people here in

Tremonton. We had a lesson today with a 60 year old, and he knows that

this church is true, he told us he knows that Joseph Smith is a

prophet, however, he can't get baptized, because he promised his Mom

he would never join the church as long as she lived. Like really?????

C'mon Satan!

49 degrees is how it has been for a few days, but 49 is colder in GA than it is here, that is for sure. That is cool that you got to go to the game, They BYU Football game especially for free! It hasn't snowed here yet, well kinda, up in the mountains it snowed, but not down here, I think I saw some flurries. Maybe haha. Good job feeding the missionaries! You guys are working out good! I work out every morning, however, the workout itself is kinda lame... I need to repent. We watched the movie 17 miracles! It was really fun, we also had a fire going outside, I played with the Dogs, one of them wanted to race me! Game on!!! Contacts lenses are going strong, may have enough for my mission :P haha.

So I am bad, I forgot to take pictures of the apartment. I'm sorry, I am a bad son.

I got a picture with a super awesome huge dog!


Love you!

Elder Wrathall 

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