Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Those miracles coming through

Wednesday: District Meeting was pretty good, still not as good as the

first one that we did, we will have to repent and try harder next

time. We went on exchanges afterwards, I had the pleasure of having

the Spanish Missionary Elder Looper come with me in our area. Elder

Mika got the fun time of trying to speak Spanish in his area... Haha.

Elder Looper is such a good missionary, ever since I met him in this

Zone I have had a high respect for him, when he came out doing

missionary work with me, he lived up to my expectations :)


Thursday: In the morning we had interviews with President Hiers.

Sounds like there is going to be a lot of big changes this next

transfer. It is crazy that this transfer is almost already up. He told

me that there will be less Zones in the mission, that they are going

to congregate a lot of people. Which I wonder about the reasoning, I

kind of doubt that I will be District Leader next transfer, I think

they wanted me just to have the experience of it and now they want

someone else to have the experience, which is completely fine, and it

makes sense too.


Friday: Had a lesson with the boy we invited to be baptized on the

doorstep, his whole family was kind of like Zombies, and not

interested at all. Sad. We met this lady who sells doTERRA for a

living, she is very successful in doing so. She gave us a ton of it,

she said, "I will give this all to you as long as you use it." "Sure!"

Found out later that she gave us over $300 worth of stuff in doTERRA.

She is too nice.


Saturday: MMmmm... Those miracles coming through. We had a lesson

scheduled with an ongoing potential investigator, whom I have never

heard of before setting up the appointment with him a couple days ago,

however, Elder Mika has, and he told me that he has set up several

lessons with them and they have all fallen through. Today however was

a new day, and the lesson went through, and the family is soooo

prepared, they have been taught by missionaries in the past, and they

wanted to get baptized, however they didn't want to get married, (They

have been together 11 years and have 5 children.) They told us now

that they wanted to get married and be active in the church and be

sealed. Pretty cool.


Sunday: Ahhh, the day where we just sit in meetings all day, which, I

am not going to lie, I kind of like. It is a day where it is somewhat

relaxing to be taught to, rather than to be teaching. The Felix's came

to church, then the Dad started talking about how he would like to

baptize his children, which seems to be a worthy desire, however,

Preach My Gospel tells us to do all that we can to not delay baptisms,

even if it means that the Father can't baptize them. So I was kind of

stressing out, because I was like, "How am I going to break this to

them, and are they even going to listen, and we won't baptize them for

like 3 months!". All my thoughts and stresses were gone away when we

talked to the Bishop after he just interviewed Dad. Bishop says he is

worthy to baptize them!!!! Win-Win-Win situation. SO sick.


Monday: We didn't have a busy Monday schedule like we usually do,

everyone that we usually teach on Mondays wanted to do a different day

:( However, that leaves us plenty of time to go out and knock some

doors.... It didn't go to well, I did get to meet some new potential

investigators, however, their concerns of course are not like, "Oh, I

am not sure about Joseph Smith" It is, "I hate the church, they

treated me meanly" or even more common, "They treated someone I know

not very good." That nearly sums up everyone's concerns. :(


Love Elder Wrathall
I think that he likes animals!

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