Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Wednesday: Went on exchanges with Elder Thompson & Elder Burt. Elder
Thompson came into our area with me. The fun thing, was that we had a
lot of lessons set up, so pretty much the entire time we were
teaching, we actually went on splits and he took a lesson by himself
in our area, haha. Elder Thompson is such a good missionary, he has
only been out 3 transfers, but he is training, he and his son are visa
waiters for Brazil.

Thursday: We have been praying so hard for new investigators, and when
you pray,
your wants come true! We had a lesson with this family, where the
daughter is 10, is super excited about the church, we don't really
know why, we don't think she has any friends in it or anything, but
she is super excited and has been doing the things we ask.  We put her
and her brother. Emily and Ricky.

Friday: We had lessons 1-5 but after that, no lessons. Rebecca was
interviewed to be baptized :) She was found worthy! Yay!!!
We had a leson with a lady in a care center, we taught her the
Restoration. During the lesson, another lady came up to her and said,
"You know what they are trying to do right? They are trying to convert
you to Joseph Smith." She replies, "Yeah." The Anti-Lady continues,
"Do you want Joseph Smith to be your savior?" "Yeah" "Well I don't"
(Slowly Walks away) "You don't why not?". That is the point we
realized the lady that we are teaching is not very accountable...
Haha. It was super funny though. We later tried to have her say the
closing prayer, she said she would, but we would close our eyes and
fold our arms, wait... and look up, she was just staring at us. Haha,
so we just said it.

Saturday: Hectic last minute preparations for Becca's Baptism!
President Hiers came to our baptism, and for the first time I met the
Bishop of the Ward, he is super hard to get a hold of. I guess you
have to have a baptism to get a  hold of him. Haha

Sunday: Two of our  investigators didn't come to church, so they can't
get baptized they day that we set them for. Becca had her
confirmation! That was super cool, the spirit was soo strong!
Emily and Ricky came to church, also another brother of theirs Gabriel
was there to, so of course, wanting so much to have investigators,
right after church, I invited Gabriel to be baptized too, and invited
him for the 21st as well. Haha, he said "Sure"

Monday; So much planning and studying. So we had the normal studies.
8:00-10:00 then I had to plan for District Meeting 10-12:00. Lunch
12:00-1:00. Then we also had to do weekly planning 1:00-3:00. So a lot
of time in the home. After we got out though, we both were really
ready to work! We went on splits the whole night finding and teach.

Tuesday: We hike up the mountain in our backyard, it takes about 1
hour 45 min to get to the top. It was really cold up there, but super
fun nevertheless!  Had splotches of snow still up there haha.


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