Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Zone Conference!

Wednesday: Went on exchanges with the Spanish missionaries. I really
wish I knew how to speak Spanish. There was one contact that we made
the entire day that I was able to speak English to. Even though I
can't understand all of it, I can sense the spirit. Elder Schearr is
doing an excellent job as a missionary!

Thursday: Zone Conference! To start off the day, we got lost, so we
arrived at Zone Conference 4 minutes late. :( Zone Conference was
super good though, I learned a lot about how to keep investigators
progressing, and also, the whole mission got black boxes in their cars
to record what they are doing. If you go to fast it says, "Watch your
speed" If you accelerate to fast, "Aggressive Driving" Things like
that, and if you get those, it gets reported to President Hiers
immediately. Makes me glad I don't have to worry about that ;P

Friday: Lessons fell through, the norm.

Saturday: We were pretty encouraged that we had so many lessons set up
for the day, but of course... They fell through, however, we were able
to pick up a lesson with a Part-Member Family. They have a girl that
isn't even 9 yet, but in 6 days she turns 9. That is the definition of
a Kiddy-dunk. That is what we call baptism of younger ones. Having her
be baptized will be easy, to keep the family strong, is a different

Sunday: We were so excited in the morning, because we a had a lot of
people tell us that they were coming. Not as many as we hoped actually
came, but you know, we can get everything we want. We had 2 Less Active members
come by themselves and want to meet with us to go to the temple. That
was really cool! :)

Monday: Elder Skidmore starts off with eating 3 week old pineapple, it
didn't make him feel so good. He ended up throwing up a lot, so we
dropped him off at a retired members home at 3:00, and I went solo
missionary for rest of the day, Just switched off splits at every
lesson. Walked into dinner alone, I was just like, this feels soo
weird. I wasn't doing well either, I felt like I was going to throw up
the whole night. Didn't have any lunch or dinner. However, things went
well nevertheless. I was able to set 2 Less Active families to go to the temple
and 1 New Investigator.

Our area covers from 400 N, to 1500 N. And Washington St. To the mountains, so not too big. However, yes it is hilly. It is terribly hard biking around sometimes. We live at the top of a huge hill. Biking up it is miserable. 
I sent a pretty good amount of pictures this time I think! That is our place. 

We do zone sports every Saturday. It is hard to do things together because only one companionship in our district has a car. We were going to do a hike this morning, however, because Skidmore got sick, we weren't able to do it. :(
Thanks for writing me!
Love you!
Elder Wrathall

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