Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I am leaving Tremonton

Transfer News! I am leaving Tremonton and am going down to Ogden North, Mount Lewis Stake!!! Elder Housman is getting Elder Durant.

Wednesday: Last District Meeting of the transfer, I focused on Christ-like attributes, I feel like it was a really good one to end off on. It is going to be sad to leave this District.

Thursday: The last DLT of the transfer, talked with Elder White and he gave me a whole bunch of great talk to help be a better district leader!

Friday: Met quite a few new people! It was nice to actually get to talk to some people about Christ and invite new people to do things. 

Saturday: Mark  got baptized!! He didn't want anyone to come to his baptism pretty much, so it was super low key. We had about 8 people there. Smallest baptism ever. Haha. Nevertheless we still did the Restoration, that was Elder Housman's first time, since that was his first baptism :) right after our baptism, we had Spanish's baptism!

Sunday: Mark was confirmed! All the wards changed times, and some of the wards that were super empty at 9:00 church are now super full with people at 1:00! Haha, funny how that works.

Monday: Went down to Ogden for MLT, got to eat at Zaxbys!! Yummmmm. Then the training was super good! Learned that I will be getting transferred to North Ogden, not where specifically. Had last lesson's with Lindsey, Cooks. It is so sad leaving them, they are going to get baptized shortly. She already knows everything is true, she just has to give up coffee! Cooks are sad to leave as well, they just need to come to church a couple more times to be baptized.

Sorry super short one!
Elder Wrathall
His responses from questions I asked him emailing. I think  you can figure it out.
Tomorrow morning is transfers. Yeah, still a District Leader down there. I am also greenie busting. Which means I am Elder Skidmore's first companion after his trainer! I heard he is pretty good guy though! :)
I asked how many transfers he was in Tremonton
Just 2, 3 months in total. Not long at all. I thought I might stay. Looks like not!

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  1. I thought he hadn't been in Tremonton that long. I hope he gets a chance to go to Logan, in Noelle's area.