Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Learned some Spanish!

Some lady gave us a ton of popcorn... Haha, these are our Zone Leaders!

Wednesday: All of our investigators are really struggling to follow
their commitments, now I know the true meaning of how God feels
towards us when we don't keep his commandments. So sad!!

Thursday: Went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. They serve in a
Spanish area, so it was very difficult to understand what was going on
the whole day. Learned some Spanish!

Friday: So glad to be back to English Speaking. We had about 8 lessons
planned, only 2 went through. That is a sad day :(

Saturday: One of our Investigators who had a really strong desire to
change his life around got kicked out of his apartment so he is going
to live with a buddy in another stake. Dang. It will feel good giving
that referral over to some other missionaries though!!

Sunday: 3 different buildings, 4 different wards. Fun!!! Haha, We had
4 investigators come to sacrament, that was pretty cool. Becka we
weren't even able to get in contact with her about reminding her about
church, but she still came! :)
We met a lady, Amy, she is a member, she barely knows anything.
However, she has a super strong desire to learn more! It is really
cool telling her the super basic things though. She does anything we
tell her to, we invited her to pray she did, told her to write her
"homework" down. She did! True desire :)

Monday: We had a lesson scheduled for 11:00, during normally when I
plan for District Meeting, and it was super far away, so of course, it
falls through. Then I plan for District Meeting for 3 and a half
hours. Turns out we don't have District Meeting this week... Woops...
Haha. One of our other appointments fell through, right next door was
a couple of guys working on a car. We went to go talk to him, in his
car he had a couple motorcycles. When we first greeted him, he swore
quite a bit, saying how he hates Mormons, so I started talking about
motorcycles, he replies, "I know your tactics!" "No, I just generally
love motorcycles!" Told him about how I rode, got on a positive note,
turns out he is a pretty nice guy. It was good to leave on a positive
note. Maybe that did something.

I still haven't even been to a sealing sadly :( I want to soo bad!! Probably in June!
We went to Costco today :) No samples though, which was lame. Bought Potstickers, Chicken Thighs, a new white shirt, lots of Eggs!

Have not gotten the flu thank goodness :)
Thanks for writing :)
Elder Wrathall

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