Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Transfer Day!

Wednesday: Transfer Day! When driving out of the area, it was pretty
sad to think, I will probably not see it again until after the
mission. I promised a lot of people there that I am going to come back
and see them, so no doubt about it I will be going back.
Met my new companion Elder Skidmore (Elder Skidmore, San Bernadino CA, 19, out on his mission for 3 months. Stud. Very talkative, we are trying to stop using the word "freak.") at the Ogden Transfer point, I was
unloading my luggage from a truck and he was at the side of the truck
yelling, "Elder Wrathall! Come down here!!!" I was like, "Who are
you??" Yep, that's my companion! Right of the bat, I knew that we were
going to get along good.
Their organization is pretty dang good, however, they didn't update
the areabook very good, so that's going to take some time fixing.
Overall, super good day, especially for it being transfer day.
Thursday: Zone study, we all got together, had an ice breaker kind of
thing to get to know each other. I know hardly anyone in this zone. I
thought for sure I knew most people in the mission by now. I was
Getting to know some of the investigators in this area, reminds me,
This is not Tremonton, you are back in Ogden. A lot of the
investigators are flaky, and their appointments don't go through.
Friday: Every single non-member in Ogden smokes. I swear... It is
terrible. Many of the people we are working with won't get baptized,
the sole purpose being is because they can't get over addiction to
smoking. Dang nicotine. Now I know where the cigarette companies get
all their money... Ogden!! Haha
Saturday: We have been back on bikes! I love riding bikes. SO much
faster than walking around. It has been pretty cold though. Thank
goodness for all the nice warm clothes that you guys got me for
Christmas!! SO a girl that we are working with, Jade, she is the most
solid person here. She knows that the Church is true, she knows that
she needs to be baptized. However, when we ask her, "Will you follow
the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized?" She says, "Ehhh, I
don't feel like it is the right time..." What??? Why???? Can't get
anymore out of her than that.
Sunday: SO in one of the Sacrament meetings, a girl who was giving her
homecoming talk started to pass out in the middle of her talk, so the
Bishopric had to help her get down, and have her rest for a bit. The
Bishop got up and saw me and said, "Well, we got a new missionary, and
I was seeing when I could squeeze him in to talk, well I guess now is
the perfect opportunity..." Haha, so I had to speak that day, but it
was good, now everyone in the ward knows who I am, I think they should
do that every time.. Well not having someone pass out... but you know.
Monday: This was a terrible day, raining all day!!! Wet cold, all
appointments fell through, so we were outside all day. Misty
cancelled, however we just went anyways, and she was a little upset at
first that we came anyways, but after doing puppy eyes she let us in,
and we had a super good lesson!!

Okay so another person that we are teaching is Laura, she is a foreign
exchange student from GERMANY!!! So I was like cool! Germany is
awesome, I wonder where she is from. Heidelberg!!  How cool is that,
even cooler, is that she is super solid in the faith, we haven't asked
her to be baptized because we are pretty sure she can't be baptized as
a foreign exchange student, but we are going to ask her next time.

For the fit challenge, I am at 8 points

Elder Wrathall

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