Wednesday, January 7, 2015

December 30th update

Letter Home
Wednesday: District Meeting went really well. Had a candy hunt while
being tied with my companion to represent setting goals haha. Saw
Elder Farmer the last time before he went home :(

Thursday: CHRISTMAS!!! It was actually really hard for me to do
nothing but hang out with members for the day. The strength "Achiever"
in me really just wanted to go out and get some stuff done! Got to
talk with my awesome family though!! :)

Friday: Well, Heather is completely done, she doesn't even want to do
anything with the church anymore because of her family. That was
really depressing, we had her so close to being baptized, but no!

Saturday: Another Saturday without a baptism :( It was a sad day :(

Sunday: Really, just an uneventful day. We didn't get to much done. We
tried to make visits, but it is just so dang difficult sometimes
without a car. However, I still feel like we did our best. We attended
two homecoming talks from missionaries.

Monday: We met with Mark, we chatted a bit then started with a prayer,
right after the prayer he said, "Is it alright if I start first"
"Yeah, Sure! Go ahead" "Well, when you gave that date for baptism for
the 20th, and said I would receive my answer... I've been kind of
sheepish and I really did receive my answer, and I feel that I should
be baptized." Sweet Delicious Brownie!!! So now Mark is getting
baptized this Saturday. He wants his baptism to be super low key, like
nobody there. He even said it would be fine if his wife would just
wait in the car. Haha. That's the most exciting thing of the Transfer
though! :)
This is the back and forth of the emails.
It was a different Christmas for sure, however, I liked it a lot! I liked going out and just hanging out with the coolest people in the wards. There are just some people in this stake where I could easily be entertained by just talking with them for 10 hours haha. It was really fun to watch kids open presents to :)
Next year you could just come up here for Christmas, then wait a bit, then get me from up here!! Then we could celebrate in Utah with all the family.  
Freak, it is supposed to be super cold up here. like single digits and 70mph winds. There is no way I could go snowboarding in that. The wind is terrible!
I am happy about cold and snow. Not wind. Haha

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