Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Well... I find it difficult to beat this week.

Tuesday: Well I went to the doctor's appointment. Told me all the
stuff that I pretty much know. They told me that the recovery time is
about 2 weeks. They told me the recovery time last surgery was a week.
So I recovered from that one in a day... Does that mean that this one
I will recover in 2 days? haha. I will have to wear the cast on my
nose for a week. Same as last time. this time I am for sure going to
be more careful.
After Pday, we had 7 lessons set up. All of them went through, and we
got 4 lessons with non-members, 3 with Less actives. That is already
reaching "The Standards of Excellency" which is like the goal set by
the mission for things. Haha. So we can just sack out for the rest of
the week.... :P Haha, just kiddin! Never.

Wednesday: Started off with District Meeting. We had to leave early
because we had a lesson that we had to go to. I love that feeling when
we have so many lessons that we have to leave mission things early to
get them done. We have skipped lunch a couple of times as well, just
because we are straight teaching throughout the day. We met with
Adele, she is still living with McCord, they are engaged, She knows
that everything is true, however, she doesn't feel like she should be
baptized right now, just because she has been praying to The Lord for
her answer on that. She has not received her answer, she receives
answers for everything else, just not that. You can't argue with The
Lord's answer. A big reason though it seems is because her family
wouldn't be able to attend in the near future. So we asked her to see
when they could all come.
The rest of Wednesday, we were just teaching away! I Can't share every
cool lesson because that would take way too long.

Thursday: We met with Fihi, the coolest guy ever, he knows pretty much
everything about the church, and is not a member. He attends institute
classes and everything. The only reason he is not baptized, is because
he is having a hard time giving up dip (Tobacco Dip). We are trying to
help him with that. He would make the perfect missionary though, he
says himself he wants to serve a mission. Haha.
We literally spent 7 hours straight on campus just street contacting
everyone. At the end of that in the 94 degree sun. We were straight up
about to pass-out. We were on the grass talking with someone near the
end, and Alsterberg was sharing a Mormon message with him, during that
video, I just laid back and actually fell asleep while contacting this
guy. Haha, that is how tired I was. We then had pizza for dinner, and
that got my energy back up! haha
We went on splits with 16th Ward, the coolest ward ever for missionary
work, We went to the dorms, because we had lessons set up for them, we
just sat at this table in the dorms for 2 hours teaching, because
right when one lesson got done, the other came up and sat down, and we
taught him. Haha, such a perfect missionary life.

Friday: Met with another guy from Nigeria, he seems genuinely
interested. I think he wants to take the steps. That would be cool to
baptize another guy from Nigeria, haha. We had most of our lessons
today cancel on us, however, it was pretty nice as always to just be
on campus :)

Saturday: We had the privilege of being able to go to the cultural
event for the Ogden Temple dedication, and actually being in it.
Well... Kinda.. Haha. I'll explain. We were supposed to be there at
5:00 for like practice, then dinner. The actual event didn't start
until 7:00. We had a lesson with Leo set for 8:00, he can only meet
once a week, and he can only meet then. So pretty important. So we got
to stay all the way up until the time where we actually participated
in the program by going down the stairs and waving then going back up.
All while singing, called to serve.  So we weren't actually in the
cultural event, but you know what? That lesson was more important, so
I was actually completely fine that we left early. Leo's lesson went
really great, he is from China, studying economics at Weber. He is the
most innocent guy ever. So eager to learn. :)

Sunday: Super busy Sunday, we had the dedication of the Temple to
attend :) There was three sessions. Sadly though, we were only able to
attend one of them. The only one with President Monson, though. We had
many more lessons today as well. One was with Kacie, whom is very
religious. She is very well versed in the Bible.... Soo... I kinda got
into a debate with her. Not really intentionally, but she loves to
debate, so she just kept asking me questions. Most of them were really
intelligent. Though the spirit was definitely not there. So we needed
to just stop, and tell her, were not here to debate.
Another lesson we had was with 3 Asians that don't really speak
English very well. They are totally interested in learning, but it so
hard to communicate with them. We will next time, get the pamphlets
and BOM in their own language, there was 2 Chinese and 1 Korean.

Monday: Such a good day! We had a lot of stuff to do in the office,
and while I was there, I kindo of got stuck helping people with their
IT problems. I set up an Ipad, helped a Sister get a picture off her
camera, helped Alsterberg with updating his Ipad.
Once we were able to get out of the office and have lunch, we headed
towards the goldmine, CAMPUS!!! Seriously the best place on earth for
missionary work. We could literally just sit in the chairs in the
Institute and people come up to us and say, "HEY MISSIONARIES, I have
someone you can teach." Even some LA's just join us in lessons that we
have when we are teaching non-members. Today, like seriously we just
stood in the middle of two pathways, and people would just come up and
talk with us. Alsterberg would take one pathway of people coming and
talking, and I would take the other. It was just sooo perfect. Then, a
girl comes up to us, she just says, "Hey, can I get a blessing?" So we
were able to give her a blessing, got to know her pretty well, now we
are like super good friends with her, she is going to try to find
people we can teach, she is a convert of a year.
Later in the afternoon, we went trackting in a apartment place, and
never have I had tracting so successful before. We met this guy from
New Jersey, he has been looking for a church, we invited him to be
baptized, his response, "Yeah, that would be cool..." haha. Seems to
good to be true. Met a catholic girl, who seems so promising, we
didn't really talk anything about our church, but really asked her
about her church. She pointed out what faults her church has and
whatnot, so we told her she would be very interested in what we have
to say. She said sure! So she is so going to love what we have to
hear! :) She is really smart too!

Well... I find it difficult to beat this week. It is going to be a
sad, sad day leaving this area. :(

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  1. Enjoy it while you can. It´s nice to not always have an uphill battle.