Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"Dude... That's my birthday.... That's a sign I need to be baptized!

Tuesday: For P-day, we played soccer, went on a hike and cleaned the
apartment. It needed some cleaning. We still weren't even out of our
suitcases yet. Haha. Afterwards, we went to Weber. We spend a lot of
time at Weber, but it works really well, it is cool. We had a lesson
with Katie, whom was at our church because her class told her to go to
a different religion. She wanted to learn more, so she met with us.
The lesson went pretty weird.... It was the first time that I taught
with Elder Peterson, and he has a very strange teaching style, so that
threw me off, we did manage to get her on a soft commit for baptism
for the 4th of October.

Wednesday: A ton of lessons fell through today sadly. In the evening,
we went on splits with the Ward Missionaries. Ahh splits... I love
splits... I was able to take the lesson we have with Eric, whom plays
football for Weber, and he was the only one to score a touchdown this
last game of theirs.  It was such a good lesson. Haven't had one that
good in a while. The spirit was so strong! After sharing the first
vision, I asked him, "How do you feel?" "I feel god's presence." "That
is him letting you know that this is true, do you believe that?"
"Yes". Then extended him the invitation to be baptized, he said yes.
Then asked him if he would prepare himself for the 4th of October. His
response, "Dude... That's my birthday.... That's a sign I need to be
baptized! Yes!" Such a cool guy :) haha.

Thursday: So in the previous day, trying to get into the dorms, (you
have to have a key to get in the dorms, but we don't have one, so we
just wait till people let us in haha.) two girls were coming out. We
exclaimed how happy we were to them, and one of them was like holding
her other friend back kinda, so that we could talk longer haha. We got
to know them, had a lot of good laughs. We learned that the girl
holding her back was a member, and the other was not. After the
bribing of cookies and bringing cute boys, we set up a return
appointment for today. I forgot that we didn't have oven racks in our
apartment, so we couldn't make cookies, so we bought some. Then we had
"cute boys" there, but they weren't there. So we let the
Fellowshippers go. We hanged around the dorms for a little, talking to
people, then they finally showed up. We got a lesson with them, taught
the Restoration and invited her to be baptized. She said yes! :)

Friday: So I have I told you I am a media specialist? I don't know if
I have, well I am. Haha, I just help out people who have problems with
their Ipads. People have a lot of problems... Haha. But Friday
morning, I had a training for a couple of things on the Ipad. Then we
went to Hug-Hes for lunch. Then Weekly Planning. Then haircuts,
because Holland comes tomorrow! Usually they don't allow us to do
haircuts other than P-day, but they told us to get them now for
Holland. Haha. Finally after dinner with a Bishop, we were able to go
and teach some people. It is nice to teach rather than all those other

Saturday: Drove up to Logan in order to see Elder Holland :) Cray C.
Christiansen was there as well. They are such good speakers. I was
about 20 feet away from them! It was pretty dang cool! Holland yelled
at us some, told us we need to be better, but in a loving way. :) That
took up half the day,  headed up there at 6:45, got back down at 2:30.
We had a couple of lessons set up, but of course they fell through :)
We got some texts from other missionaries setting up lessons for us,
because they just ran into YSA in their areas. So we had two lessons
that way, and we got 2 new investigators that way! Jordan was one of
them, I think his concern will be sacrament.

Sunday: We had a lot of investigators come to sacraments so that was
good. However, not all of them did. Jordan, sadly didn't come, which
means he can't be baptized the 27th which we set it for. Lame.
We had dinner with President again, always delicious, Sister Hiers is
a good cook! Then afterwards we went to go watch D. Todd
Christofferson's broadcast, that was pretty cool, he explained, "When
you lose yourself for my sake, you find yourself."

Monday: Walked around on campus  more, just talking to people. It is
pretty fun to get to know a whole bunch of people. My fear is I am
going to talk to someone that I have already talked to, and be like,
"Hey! What's your name?" "Bro, I told you yesterday..." "Oh my bad...
have a good one!". We had a lesson in these one apartments, and the
hallways were really dark. The benefit of that is in the peepholes of
the door, you can see light shine through. When we knocked on Jordan's
door, waited a little bit, and he looked through the peep hole at us.
I was like okay, he'll open the door. Nope. He continued to look at us
through the door each time we knocked. Then I called him. He looked at
us then. When he put his eye up there, I made it obvious we could see
him, like I waved, said, "Hey Jordan!" It was kinda creepy. He never
did open the door, we just left a note on his door.

(I asked about his surgery coming up)
Turns out it is just a appointment, I thought it was surgery, that is what he told me. But I called him, and he told me, "You haven't even met me! We have to meet first before we start cutting into you!" I'm just like, I don't care! Just get it done! haha. My appt. Is today.
I Want to play board games, none of my companions are into that. I haven't played in a while!!
Sounds like everything went really well! I can't even imagine going home yet... Well that is good, because I still have a long time! Haha. That picture of how much chocolate she brought is ridiculous! Haha. That stuff is dang good though! haha.
I don't think I will be back on today. Now I have a good companion that doesn't take long I don't think anyways.
Elder Wrathall 

Tour of the apartment


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