Tuesday, September 30, 2014

You are an answer to my prayer

Wednesday:Well we had a lot of lessons planned, enough where we had to
go on splits to cover them all. unfortunately they did not all go
through, maybe like half cancelled. It is pretty sad, we have like 10
investigators with a planned baptismal date. How many of those are
solid? How many of those have we even talked to more than once? Not
many :( However, we are looking to baptize 5 this transfer. We have 3
for sure.1qw

Thursday: Thursdays are always good days. We go on splits with the
16th ward every week, because they are studs at missionary work! :) I
was able to go to a lesson with Krystof, he is such a funny guy. He
will be getting the priesthood this Sunday, and he is working on
getting his patriarchal blessing as well! Such a cool recent convert.

Friday:So we met this peculiar girl named Wendy. First contact she
came up to us and said, "Hey, your the missionaries right?" She is
really small, and she does look and sound like she is handicapped in
some way. We said, "Yeah! are you a member?" "No, but I would like to
be." Sounded way to good to be true. SO today we had a lesson with
her, and after, she couldn't give us her phone number, address or
anything. We did learn she lives out of our area, and so i asked, "How
is there a way that the missionaries can meet with you?" She then
said, "Actually, I am already meeting with missionaries?" "Really,
when was the last time you met?" "Oh just yesterday!" I am pretty sure
she is a member and she just wants attention from the missionaries.

Saturday: We had a baptism at 11, and a baptism at 1! Erica was the
first baptism :) She wasn't even a roller coater of a journey, she was
so solid from the beginning to the end. We set her date on the first
lesson and she never even thought to change it! So coool! President
Hiers decided to show up to that baptism, and of course Alsterberg and
I were presenting the restoration, it's always at those times, where
you feel if you mess up, "OFF WITH THE HEAD!" Which really, it is not
even like that at all, but it still feels like it.... Haha.

Okay, so like at 8:40 we were at some apartments, trackting, and when
we were talking to a lady in the parking lot, in the middle of a
conversation, a different lady comes walking out of this huge grass
field... Like there is nothing in this field and the grass is like 5
feet high. She was smoking a cigarette, she comes up to us, we say, "
How is it going?" She's like, "Welp, I had to much to drink and I
don't know how I got here... Well I am headed home to 24th and Monroe"
We just were like kinda dumbfounded. Haha, We were probably like a 2
hour walk from there.

Sunday: I was asked by Erica to confirm her! :) So I was able to
confirm someone for the first time. It was so cool! Then in the same
sacrament meeting Elder Peterson & I gave a talk. Elder Peterson just
went off and talked for about 25minutes. So I just talked 7 minutes.
Which was actually quite sad for me, I have grown to like talking. I
love making people laugh and at the same time seeing them like write
down some scripture references I make and what I say. :)  Last week,
we were talking to a girl named Stacie at church. Last Sunday I asked
her if she was going to prepare for a mission, and her reaction was
huge, she started to cry, and said, "You don't know what that
means..." Then in a little while she explained, "I have been praying
to Heavenly Father on what I need to do, if I need to go on a mission.
I told him, if he wants me to go on a mission, to have someone come up
and talk to me about a mission, I even gave him a timeline. You are an
answer to my prayer." I was sort of taken back, I didn't know what to
say. This week I talked with her again, she already has her papers
filled out! :) So cool!

Monday: In the evening, we did a ward blitz, which is where they get
everyone's name that they don't recognize and go and visit them.
Alsterberg and I split up with some priesthood leaders. Most of my
contacts we didn't even get a hold of, either they moved away, or
their address was non-exsistent. However, miracles happen, just
because of working hard. After receiving the news that someone moved
away by her brother, we returned to thee car and was deciding where
next to go. When all of a sudden, a knock came at my window and scared
me half to death. We talked to her, her name, Crystal. She has been
wanting to come back to church, she has been in-active for about 6
years, it was awesome that she took that initiative :) We will be
meeting with her, because she has lost a bit of doctrinal knowledge.

Love Elder Wrathall

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