Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A dream come true!

Well the Surgery News is that I would have to go home to get my nose

fixed. Kaiser Permanente would not allow the surgery to be done over

here for some reason. Lame!

I will just suffer with the broken nose for 16 months.


Tuesday: We were able to shop at Costco! That was nice! I got lots of

chicken and tortillas, eggs, and delicousness. Now I am set for like 2

months because of buying in bulk though... Haha


Wednesday: We had the opportunity to watch the movie, "Meet The

Mormons" Which is actually a pretty good movie, and it is supposed to

be a movie where we can invite friends to watch, however, I think that

would be one of weirdest things to do with a friend. "Yo bro! You

wanna go watch a documentary about my religion?" Haha, I don't know,

i'm sure it will help in a lot of ways.

We are meeting with a investigator, whom has the trial in life of

same-gender-attraction. That is quite the hard subject to teach about,

he has been reading the Book of Mormon, however, he did tell us that

he is not interested in joining the church whatsoever, so we had to

say good-bye, which was sad, because he is a super cool guy :(


Thursday: Had a lesson with Kacie. This lesson we didn't bible bash,

that was pretty nice, however, as soon as we brought up John 3:5 she

disengaged again, and didn't pay attention or listen. She doesn't

agree with it, I don't understand why not, it is in her own bible!


Friday: SOooooo.... I met Elder Edmonds, when he saw me he was like,

"You are Dallin Wrathall! From Sugar Hill Georgia!" I was

astonished.... Haha. We played poker with an investigator, then

related poker to the gospel afterwards, that was fun :) Haha. We also

had a dinner with a family and a non-member there, but also with

special guests... The parents of Elder Gordon! They were down here for

conference and they were having dinner with Elder Gordon's previous

mission families. That was pretty funny to meet with them. Also, we

were able to set up a return appointment a with the Non-member :)


Saturday: Met Tyler Tischner's Dad, whom Tyler is serving in the

Frankfurt Mission.

I also saw Bishop Stevens... That was cool too! I just walked past

him, but he saw me! He grabbed my arm and pulled me aside. Haha

Then on top of that, we met Brother Gallo! Our teacher from the MTC,

that was pretty cool to see him again :)

We had the chance to go to Priesthood Session in the conference

center! A dream come true!

Afterwards, was a mad house of course, everyone trying to get back

home, and Elder Coronado & Peterson's phone was dead. Krystof was

going to take us home, so I thought it would only make sense that we

meet at his car. Well Alsterberg and I waited there for about 40 min.

Then dying of thirst and he needed to use the restroom, we left a note

on the car saying where we went, and to not leave us.

Once we got to the restroom, we gave a blessing to this guy who was

crying, his cousin passed away :( Then we headed back to the car. We

looked over, and I saw that it was no longer there... I was pretty

upset, why would they leave us? Well we knew that the forerunner was

going to be at the station at 9:00 and it was 8:57, and it was about a

1/2 mile away. So we sprinted. Running in a suit isn't fun. We were

barely able to get on the train, while on the train Elder Coronado &

Peterson called, saying, "Where are you? We are waiting for you!" They

thought it was a funny prank, and they moved the car somewhere else in

the parking lot. Dumb...


Sunday: Twas a good day. General Conference is the best especially

that 2nd to last talk from Elder Bednar! Oh man! What a stud that

apostle is! Love him so much! It was really nice to just relax for the

day and listen to the talks. Elder & Sister Talbot hosted us, they

know how to do General Conference right! They had endless snacks and

treats, sloppy joes for lunch, cake at the end. Haha

Monday: We had every hour a lesson planned and then also a baptism for

6:00. It was a pretty crazy day. Sadly, we had 4 out of the 9 lesson

fall through, but we beat the 50% Haha! Ashton's baptism was really

awesome, they just made it the FHE activity for the ward, so there

were quite a few people there. Of course President & Sister Hiers came

in attendance as well. We had to rush out of there because we were

already late for a lesson. Baptisms are apparently supposed to take

only 30 minutes... I have never had one that isn't at least 45 min.
Haha, met a lot of people this week. I did not see Lauren there, she is not serving on temple square right? Yeah, 2 more baptisms, and then the one yesterday :) 3 more!
Loved conference! I have not met with Brother Groll yet, he said he was going to contact me when a time was good for him... He must be pretty busy :P Transfers is in a week! Crazy
Thanks for writing, some good stories! Love you Mom!
Elder Wrathall

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