Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Transfer news: I am leaving!

Transfer news: I am leaving! The new area where I am assigned is
Tremonton West, and will be serving as Co-District Leader. Elder Mika
is my new companion. I'm going to the boonies!
Wednesday: Usually I look back at my planner to help me remember these
days. Unfortunately my planner has been synced with my new area, so I
don't remember much. I think we had a lesson with Junior, he was
pretty cool. His girlfriend requested that we talk about the plan of
salvation and temple... What a good girl friend :P
Thursday: So in the planning session last night for this day, in the
planner there was written "Katie & Armando". I had no idea who they
were. I know that I was the one that put it in. However, no idea who
they are. So I prayed, that Heavenly Father could help me remember
them, because they must be important. Well I couldn't remember them
last night, however, when we were in the institute, I was talking with
this girl, and asked her for referrals. Her name was Katie, I hadn't
quite recognized, because there are a ton of Katie's. Shortly soon
after though, her boyfriend came up, I asked him what his name was,
"Armando"!!! They probably thought I was a mad man, because I gasped
loudly when he answered. Turns out they just needed to be followed up
on a referral they gave us last time, but it was cool God answered my
prayer :)
Friday: I received word that Tom Greenwood was going to the temple, so
immediately I asked permission for if I could go with them to do that.
Elder Simpson was able to come down as well. Baptisms for the Dead was
great. The temple president at the Ogden Temple allows us to
participate. So I baptized Elder Simpson, and He baptized me. T'was
pretty cool.
Saturday: Went to the temple again with Erika today though! This time
it took soo much time! It took us 3 hours to do baptisms for the dead,
we waited forever :( Sad that it was Erika's first time and that
happened. She told us she enjoyed it still which is good. Went to go
eat at Hug-Hes afterwards... Last time eating at Hug-Hes :( There is
when Elder Coronado & Peterson gave us the news, what are we doing,
and where are we going. Elder Alsterberg is going to West Valley, and
he is getting a step-son. Elder Holland was out for 3 weeks, and his
trainer went home, so he was in a threesome for the rest of the
transfer. Elder Alsterberg is going to train him correctly!
Sunday: I love fast Sundays they are by far the best! I learned so
much about how much about how our lessons influence members. Issa, a
ward missionary got up an bore her testimony about how she was at a
lesson with us, and when we shared the first vision it helped her with
her testimony a lot. Then right after, Brianna, a fellowship of one of
our investigators, came up and she said how much having us, the
missionaries around has helped her understand how important it is for
her brother to go out and serve, and she never really wanted him to
leave, because she is so close to him.
Monday: It was a sad day, but a really good day. We had a lesson with
Sal the Muslim. He such a cool guy, it was really sad telling him that
we can't meet again.
I spent most of the time in MLT though. (Mission Leadership Training).
It was a super good training for me. I learned that Elder Farmer is
going to be my Zone Leader again! :) So excited for that. Elder Mika
seems like he is a lot like me, so I think we shouldn't have too much
trouble with each other. Haha. I was concerned that there wasn't going
to be too much work up there, because all of the rumors of the North,
however I heard some good things from Mika! The rest of the day, we
had lessons galore, like about 8 all back to back, some of the people
I was surprised at their reactions to me leaving. I didn't think we
really had that strong of a connection or something, but when I tell
them that they are getting new missionaries, they are completely
devastated. Makes me feel loved. Haha. Still Sad for them though.
Love Elder Wrathall


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