Thursday, August 28, 2014

Saw M. Russell Ballard in the flesh!!

Wednesday: Well, we had a lot of lessons planned, now how many actually
went through. Not so much. Those days do happen, and I haven't gotten
them much this transfer, so I can't really complain to much. Haha.
Kristoph does not look so good to being baptized this next week, he
still hasn't gained a testimony of Joseph Smith. I have faith that he
will receive his answer though!

Thursday: We had a super good District Meeting, which included
drowning Elder Wood. Haha, okay, I'll explain, Elder Wood the other
day was saying that he could hold his breath for 1 minute or a minute
and a half. So therefore, we had to challenge him, will filled up a
bucket of water and put his head in it. He only made it to 32
seconds... Of course, we had to relate it to the gospel somehow, so we
compared his desire to how he wanted to breath the same should our
desire be to do missionary work.
Afterwards we went on Exchanges, I was with Elder Muntinga, we had a
lot of good work that we did in the area, he is my District Leader,
and we really do exchanges just so we can improve, and each give
feedback. At the end of the day, when we always give feedback, Elder
Muntinga gave me a lot of positive feedback, and really no negative,
or constructive rather. I asked, "What can I improve on?" "Nothing I
saw, you did great." What the? I can't be perfect, I need constructive
feedback! haha

Friday: We were in the office,  and talking with one of the office
missionaries. On his mission, he punched a police officer in Canada,
because the police officer was using  foul language towards him. He
went to jail, and Thomas S. Monson was his mission president, and he
bailed him out. He said this was President Monson's Words, "I Would
send you home Elder, but you would enjoy that too much." Haha, he
wasn't the best missionary... Haha. The same office missionary, took
Elder Wood's $20 Bill, he said, "Find the famous person, dairy product
and famous movie." Elder Wood got Andrew Jackson. He couldn't find the
others. He took the bill, said, "Andrew Jackson is the Famous person,
(Then tears Elder Wood's $20 Bill in half) half in half is the dairy
product, (Throws the two halves behind him) Gone with The wind is the
Famous Movie." We were both just shocked.... haha, He then gave Elder
Wood a new $20 bill. Crazy man. Haha

Saturday: We had a baptism! For Cloe Hunter! It was really great, all
the young woman were able to come to it to support her, they gave her
flowers and girly stuff. Haha. Also, we went to this potential
investigators apartment, probably for around the 20th time, when we
knocked, we didn't expect much, because 20/20 times he didn't answer.
This time however, we heard the door start to open, Elder Wood and I
just looked at each other and we definitely had surprised looks on our
faces. We were finally able to talk to this guy, and we actually put
him on date for the 13th! Miracles!
For lunch we go to a Hug-hes every Saturday because Hug-Hes is kind
enough to let us eat there for free, however, this time, another
customer paid for us. We were like, "NOOO!" Haha, poor guy, well at
least that way he supports Hug-Hes I guess.

Sunday: Saw M. Russell Ballard in the flesh!! He spoke at the
institute building at Weber state, and since we cover the YSA of
Weber, we were allowed to go :) He looks pretty old... Haha.
Sacraments were good, but a little crazy, we had to speak in one, and
we had a meeting at the same time, so we came into the sacrament
meeting right at the time we were to speak, went up there, both of us
just gave about 5 minute talks then left right after, feel bad for it,
but we had a meeting as well! haha, Then we had the conformation of
Cloe to become a member of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day
Saints :) Always such a cool experience!

Monday: We had a lesson with Cloe, she talked about her being fancied
by a boy at church. Turns out, that boy is not a member, but has been
coming to church! So we committed Cloe to invite him over next time we
meet. We'll get them  both baptized and married in the temple!! Haha.
We have been trying to meet a referral that we have gotten, they are
always outside though :( It would be really awkward if we drove up,
got out of the car and went and talked with them, so we tried just
coming back later to maybe have them be inside, but nope, still
outside, 3 hours later. What kind of family is that!? I mean jeez!

Love Elder Wrathall

Ruined his favorite shirt :(

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