Saturday, August 23, 2014

Was definitely a good day!


Wednesday: We had a lesson at every hour of the day starting at 1, so
it was the coolest experience to finish one lesson, go onto the other,
repeat. Haha. Also! Only one fell through! Such an ideal day :) We
were able to help a couple of people get re-activated, and taught a
few of our investigators and helped them come closer to their next
ordinance. Was definitely a good day!

Thursday: Well we had 10 lessons set up for the day... 10, in a single
day.... Crazy how much we are teaching! :) however, only 6 went
through. Taught Cloe for the Third day in a row. She is kind of slow
at learning, it is probably really embarrassing for her, because she
can't remember any of the answers. So sad :( Hopefully we can get her
there, she is progressing, but slowly.

Friday: Elder Wood's Birthday! We tried the best that we could to make
it the best birthday for him, he turned 19. The best thing that we did
is that we all went up to Logan temple with a recent convert. Road
trips are so fun haha! It was about an hour drive there, seeing the
country land was beautiful, reminded me of going up to bear lake. We
ate at a crepery on the way there, and that was delicious!  At the
temple, we were not allowed to participate, however, we did get to
watch him be baptized for and in behalf of a family :)

Saturday: Elder Coronado and I went to the temple open house, we were
going to go through with a group of YSA, however, all that showed up
was two of the girls. But with just two young woman, and
me and my companion, it totally looked like a double date... I was
thinking, this probably looks so bad, but what can we say? "Oh sorry,
we can't go through the temple with you today, because it looks like
we are on a date..." Haha. We went through, probably got judged a lot.
Later that day, I went through again with Robi and Mike from Roy,
afterwards, they said that they wanted to get active again, so that is
really good to hear :) that temple works miracles!
Later, we had two baptisms in one program! McKenna and Stacey were
baptized! Two more enter into the fold! It was a really good baptism!
Lots of people there too.

Sunday: Okay, so here comes the day of miracles! Well first, we were
in ward council, and the young woman's president told us that she has
a young man living with her from the Czech Republic, and he hasn't
been baptized, but he has met with the missionaries, and he has read
the entire Book of Mormon in 6 days. We met with him, and he is so
dang smart, and he told us how he invited his neighbors to the temple
BETTER MEMBER THAN MEMBERS lol. He is so solid, so golden! His
previous missionaries never invited him to be baptized, and we asked
him if he would be baptized the 30th, and he accepted. haha, poor
missionaries, they could have easily baptized him if they just asked
Then at another sacrament meeting we met with a part-member family,
who came to church all by themselves. The husband, whom is the
non-member said that he just needs to stop smoking and he wants to be
put on the right path. AKA BAPTISM!!!! However, he did just get out of
prison, and he is on parole. So it will probably be a while till he
can get baptized. Still! those miracles!

Monday: We had interviews with president today. Basically in my
interview president told me that I will stay as APB another transfer,
which would be pretty cool, because  next transfer will be super busy
at Weber State university, we would only cover the YSA next transfer,
so it would be completely different without even getting transferred
haha. Later in the day, Elder Coronado and Elder Young went to a
lesson with Christoff, and he was saying things like, "I know without
a doubt Joseph Smith was a prophet" "I know the Book Of Mormon to be
the word of God.... I think I will read it completely through again by
Thursday..." "You know, I actually might serve a mission." Like what?
Completely dumbfounds me, never have heard of such a golden
investigator lol.

SO now we are up to having 6 baptisms this month when we started off
with 0. Still need 1 more to get our goal of 7!

Love Elder Wrathall

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