Saturday, August 23, 2014

"Do you want to be baptized?" "Yeah"

My next appointment for my nose is the 16th of September, Dr. Major didn't feel confident in doing this procedure, so he passed me on to another doctor, Dr. Thompson I believe. The new doctor is apparently really excited, Dr. Major told him I was a missionary, and he is active LDS, he said he would pay for my co-pays just like he did. It's nice to be a missionary in Utah. Haha.
 Sounds like you had a lot of good food this week :) How are you doing with losing weight though?? Haha, I actually gained 6 lbs this transfer so far. I have been eating way more than I have ever ate. I am starting to work out a lot more though, so hopefully I can turn it into muscle :)
That is cool that you got a lot of good memories with family, some things  that you will always remember, and will take with you for eternity :) I want to spend a lot more time with family once I get back. That means I can't really live in Georgia though... It is too far from everyone else! If Jared lives in Georgia though, so will I! haha

Tuesday: We had a meeting with the Bishop, and he gave us some
referrals for some less actives that he would like us to go visit.
Right after the meeting, we checked in the gym, because we heard that
there are 3 non-members that come and play basketball with the youth
on Tuesdays. 2 of them were there, so we changed and started playing
basketball. Of course, I didn't do very well, even when versing 13
year olds, I'm pretty sure they were still better than me. I did learn
that the 2 non-members are brothers, and they are staunch Buddhist!
OOOHHHH Something that we don't see everyday! Leon is 13, and his
brother  is 16. They weren't very interested in meeting with us :/

Wednesday: We had a ton of lessons scheduled in the evening, and we
had two wards that wanted to go on splits with us... So thankfully
Elder Young and Coronado were able to help us out for the night. I
went to a lesson with a part-member family. The husband is an active
member, while the wife is a non-member. She actually wanted us, the
missionaries, to come by and do family home evening with them.
However, it doesn't seem that she is very interested in joining the
church, she is atheist and doesn't believe in Christ or Heavenly
Father. So pretty rough case. However, the daughter's friend, Zoey
came over, she is ten, and she listened in at the lesson, and she
seemed really interested in what was being taught, so later in the
week I plan on stopping by her house and talking with the parents.

Thursday: I went on exchanges with Elder Armstrong, whom is a new
missionary, he has only been out for 2 weeks. Which I was really
excited about, because I want to be a trainer, so to go out on
exchanges with him, is somewhat like what it will be like training. We
had a couple "could be better lessons" but at the end, we had a lesson
with Franklin, who's sons just got baptized. Franklin, after hearing
me say that "We all make mistakes, especially me, I make a ton of
mistakes." He chuckled, I was like, 'What?" He said, "When you guys
say that, it always makes me laugh, you guys were born with Mormon
parents right?" "Yeah" "Well you guys never made serious mistakes."
"Oh... Well I wouldn't jump to that conclusion..." " Oh c'mon, have
you ever took your mom's car and crashed it?" "...Yeah" LOL We were
all laughing. I thought that was so bizarre that he said exactly what
I have done before. He was so shocked to hear me say yes to that.
Everyone laughed, Haha.

Friday: Went to Wasatch Care center, because it was requested that we
share a lesson with two people whom are there. That place is a sad
place.  A lot of old helpless people. I never want to go in one of
those! Hopefully the 2nd coming will come before that point. Haha. We
shared The Plan of Salvation with them, they were nice people, pretty
coherent to.

Saturday: We thought we had a meeting with our Stake President, we
were wrong however. So we went and contacted some referrals that we
had. Or tried to anyways. We ended up helping a lady mow her lawn. She
gave us peaches from her peach tree, so I think it was a fair trade

Sunday: We walked into a church building, and in the foyer, this man
stopped us, and told us that his grand-daughter is 17 and wants to be
baptized. She was sitting there, and we asked her, "Do you want to be
baptized?" "Yeah". So that is another date that we have for this
month. We also had a lesson with Kristi, who is on date for 30th, she
has been having her non-member friend for the lessons. SO we put her
friend on date as well!! So another for this month!

Monday: Elder Wood's Non-member friends came up from California to go
to Yellowstone, so on the way up, they stopped by and we took them to
the temple open house! That was pretty cool, and Elder Wood made them
promise that they would see the missionaries when they get home :)

Love Elder Wrathall

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