Tuesday, July 8, 2014

There is no such thing as a perfect lesson, however, that one had to be pretty dang close.

Tuesday: We had planned on going ice skating with our District
Leader's investigator with them. However, that was rescheduled for
next week. We played some more games with the Knight's family. After
P-day, we had a lesson fall through with a Potential Investigator
named Alex, he went up to Zion's Camp, which is kind of like a youth
conference here. He felt the spirit so strongly, we heard that after
the speakers talked, he would go up and talk with them afterwards. At
the final testimony meeting he went up there and said that he didn't
have a testimony, however he wanted one, and he wanted to read the
Book of Mormon. So we tried to get a lesson with him. Not today
   Wednesday: We had District Meeting, and it was concerning using
filler words, such as, Ummm, and..., but... So.... Super cool.... I
use super cool quite often. So we all had to role play in front of the
Zone, and whenever, we said a filler word, they would yell it at us
haha. I am proud to say, I had nobody yell at me :) haha. In the
evening, we tried to do family history with the Greenwoods, that key
word is "try". We had no idea what we were doing. I also learned that
my family history has been done all the way back to the 1500s... It's
going to be difficult.
   Thursday: I had the best lesson so far on my mission! So we are
working with a less active named Cody, and he has been studying things
of the church for a really long time. Like he knows probably about as
much as me. Knowledge wise anyways. He just wants a testimony. The
spirit was super strong with me during that lesson, and told me to ask
certain questions. Those questions were soo powerful. Also, the spirit
told me to invite him to kneel down with us and pray to know if the
BOM was true, right then and there. He accepted, and he prayed. He
felt the spirit strongly testifying to him. He shed a few tears. :) It
was so awesome. There are no such things as perfect lessons, however,
that one had to be pretty dang close :)
   Friday: We as a zone helped someone with yard work, it was pretty
fun, they had apple trees that we had to pluck some, so other's would
grow better. So what do we do with the discarded apples? Shoot baskets
and throw them at each other! You know... Missionary life. After
service we tried to make contacts, however, most people don't like to
talk to missionaries for the 4th of July I guess. We did go and visit
a referral that we got, Jesse. He has been attending church with his
active girlfriend (They are late 40's) We had heard word that he went
up to the bishop and he asked if he could get the priesthood. The
Bishop in response say, "Well you got to first be baptized!". So that
is why we are here! Haha, Golden! We just met with him and it was
pretty warm, he seems interested.
 Oh yes! Also, that door that you people keep taking pictures of... we
never use that door. So when I was riding by in front of the house, I
was like, "What are all those colored notes on that door!" Haha, so we
went up, come to find it is the Smith's! Thanks!

  Because it is the 4th of July, we had to be in our apartments at
7:00. Pretty crazy, So Buckley and I just played Board Games :) haha.
   Sunday: Fast and Testimony Meeting!
Funniest Testimony: "I would like to bear my testimony by cleaning up
messes that I make at church... (Everyone in the congregation laughs)
*giggle* That was funny..."
   Monday: We had Zone Conference, which was super sick! (Yes I used
Super Sick again. lol) Got to see Elder Berg again. Asked him if I
could be Trainer next transfer, he said, "We'll see what we can do"
lol. I miss Elder Berg! He was so fun to serve with. However he is
dying this transfer.
Tuesday: Oh, so this morning, Elder Buckley would not get up from bed.
(He thinks it is fine to sleep in on P-day's) I told him, "If you get
up now, I'll make you breakfast!" He didn't get up. So I got a pitcher
of water, and went over to his bed and said, "You may want to get up
now." He saw it, but he still didn't get up. So I poured a little on
his head. "You sure you don't want to get up?" So I ended up pouring
two pitchers on him. He just laid sopping wet for like 10 minutes.
  I can say that I have been wanting to do that all my life, he took
it well. He didn't get angry or anything, I am super impressed with
that. Hopefully he will wake up on time now?

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