Saturday, July 5, 2014

July 1, 2014

Tuesday: We played games with the Knight's family. We played
Bananagrams, I'm not sure if you know that game, I'm sure you do, but
it is like a scrabble game, however can use all their tiles first in
words wins. I won 3 out of 4 times :) Good job training me Mom! Haha.
So we pretty much played games and shopped. Had dinner with Robi.
After P-day we went to our senior couple's house because they got
themselves a hold of the stake mission plan, which we have been trying
to get ever since I got in this area. So we went over that together.
So nice to know the Stake plan... Haha.
  Wednesday: We had district meeting. So everyone in the mission is
supposed to do a lot more role playing. So we did quite a bit of that.
Before role playing, I'm always thinking, "Dang it, I hate role
playing" but after role playing, I'm thinking, "Dang, I love role
playing!" It really is the most effective way to improve on teaching
skills :)
  We had almost all of our lessons go through, 3 out of 4 :) We are
trying to help a senior couple try to get to the temple, and we told
them that they should do some family history, so that they can take
names of their ancestors to the temple. Well I kinda felt bad
extending that invitation when I, myself have never done that. SO I
promised them that I would do it with them :) I was pretty excited
about it! haha, feeling so good about family history work after that
lesson, we went to Tom's lesson, and invited them to do family history
as well, we are going to go do that with them on Wednesday next week.
It will be super fun to do it with them :) Grandma Peden would be so
proud of me :P haha. Once I got to our place we went on exchanges. I
went with our DL Elder Knudson. He is really cool, he reminds me of
Bro. Pett on how he smiles ALL THE TIME! haha
  Thursday: I spent the day out of my area in Elder Knudson's area, he
is district leader so we did companion study with the Sister's in our
District which was really fun. Sister Katich and Shreeve are the best!
After that we had to go to District Leader Training, that was actually
a lot more fun than I thought it would be. We talked about trying to
get rid of filler words. And everyone in our zone, says, "Super
cool..." as a filler when talking including me. So when doing the role
play, if we ever used a filler word such as that, or "soo...", or
"Umm...". Everyone spectating would repeat that word and yell it at
them haha. Now it is a joke even outside of role play.
  After DLT we had some really good visit's, no lessons, but good
visits :) I always like going to someone else's area because I don't
have to do anything... haha, I just follow them haha.
  Friday: Back in my own area.  We had zone study in the morning,
setting goals for the new month. Last Month we had a goal of 6, but we
only got 2 :( Dang agency! But for July our goal is 2. We will get
that! If it is the last thing that we do! haha. We also did weekly
planning. There is a carnival happening in our area so we went to
that, and we got a lot of contacts going there, it was nice! haha,
also every booth and food place was offering to give us free stuff.
It's so hard to be a missionary in Utah. I got some essential oil that
is supposedly makes me more happy. Haha, hopefully I don't get
Saturday: After our studies, we went back to the carnival, did some
more contacting and we really got some potential people that are
really interested in going to church and whatnot, unfortunately not in
our area, but it feels really good giving other missionaries referrals
  We had a really good lesson with Gloria, whom is a investigator, we
set a date for her to be baptized the 26th of July. We are really
hoping that we will be able to do it!
  Sunday: A lot of investigators came to church :) That made us very
happy. For dinner we ate with a Recent Convert , Norman Chuckwubba,
and they fed us Nigerian food... Gizzards, Chicken Hearts, Tripe (Cow
Stomach). Called peppered soup. It was actually pretty good :) That's
what the picture is. At the end of the day, we went on exchanges with
DL again. I went with Elder Child into his area.
  Monday: I had a lot of fun serving with Elder Child for the day, one
of the most memorable experiences will be that we were trying to
figure out what kind of fruit trees they are. (There are a ton of
fruit trees all around here) So first one we tried to guess, it was a
huge tree, and we plucked off two fruit, and they are completely
green, not ripe at all, Child smashes his, and you can't really tell
what it is, I cut mine, and still can't really tell, kinda looks like
an apple, so I take a bite out of it. He asks, "What's it taste like",
"plant". It was gross. Later, there was another tree, looked like
cherry tree to me, but Elder Child takes one down and bites it, I
asked, "What's it taste like?" His response, "Plant." We busted out
  We didn't have much success, we knocked on a lot of doors, many
slammed, but it was a good day :)

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