Saturday, July 5, 2014

June 17th 2014

Well here is the week!

Tuesday: Consisted of helping Elder Pape pack, which took 5 hours... He had a lot of stuff, so I took a nap during that, the good thing was that he gave me a lot of free stuff as payment of my time lol. I had one of those storage tubs full of free stuff. Which ranged from black rice to a RC Car. lol. Then the rest of the day we went and did visits for Pape and Simpson to say goodbye to people.

  Wednesday: Transfer day!!! I hate transfer day.... haha, nothing ever goes according to plan. So Simpson needed to be at the transfer point at 8:30, Elder Buckley wasn't going to be at the transfer point till 11:30. So Said goodbye to Simpson :( and hitched a ride to the mission office. We were getting 10 new missionaries in the area so I wanted to see that because it is pretty fun to watch them get their "daddy". I saw a lot of MTC friends there as well. After that I headed back to the transfer point. Just read scriptures and did some planning for when we get back to our area. Elder Buckley didn't show up until 1:30... long wait. We did play chair soccer twice. (Everyone has a chair that has two lives, when it get hits by the soccer ball, it loses a life, once you are out of lives you sit down) which I learned is super fun! Once Buckley was there, we still had Pape's car, so we used that to drive back down to Syracue. We were told that we were going to be giving it to the sisters, so I called them up and asked them to meet up with us to give them it. They were like, "Was it approved by Elder Graves?" I didn't know it needed to be approved, the Zone Leaders just told me to do it lol. I called up Elder Graves, he told us to drive back up to the mission office because he has a different car he wants for the sisters. So we started making the 30 min drive back to mission office whence we came. When we almost got there, Elder Berg called us and told us that we didn't need to exchange the cars. So then we did a U-turn and went back and gave the car to the sister's... sooo much time wasted!
For the rest of the day, just tried to get him to meet all the bishop's and Ward Mission Leaders.

  Thursday: We had Zone Study, which part of it included throwing water balloons at our Zone Leaders lol. For how many people we had with a date, that is how many balloons we got. So we got 5! That's a lot haha.
After Lunch just contacted Bishop's and Ward Mission Leaders.
We had dinner with the Bell's, we played Carcassone with them. I love that game soo much! I know Jared has played it, but has anyone else?
More contacting after Dinner

  Friday: We had a lesson in the morning with Art and Jacee, they are soo ready to be baptized, we could have easily baptized them the next day. The thing that is holding them up is the ex-wife, she is not letting Jacee be baptized for some reason unknown. Sad :( Art smoked some Salmon that morning, and he gave me some.... SOOOO GOOD! haha. We had weekly planning, Elder Buckley isn't a bad companion at all. Of course sometimes he is annoying, but he really a good guy, and he wants to improve the area.
 We then had to get stuff ready for baptism tomorrow, we failed at getting Johnny Mitipok to go get his marriage license, so Julianna is not able to be baptized this week :( However, Norman and Tom are looking as Golden as ever :) We had to get suits, make sure baptismal programs are getting made and whatnot. Getting 2 baptisms on their way I learned is very stressful. I was undergoing a lot stress, also because I am just wnating to not spend my time on this stuff, I want to go and contact referrals and what not!

  Saturday: We had service in the morning helping with yard work, we were trying to get a stump out of the ground, which we learned is a lot more difficult than it looks, we spent 1 and a half hours on it but wasn't able to get it out. We had a to leave to go fill up the Font for Tom's baptism, the font takes 2 hours to fill. Tom's baptism was so great though! A huge turn out, and his stepdaughters whom are serving their missions in South Carolina and Georgia were able to skype in to see him be baptized! It was so cool. Teresa was dang happy about that lol. We had 18 missionaries there at the baptism, many of them whom had helped with Tom when they were in this area. President Hiers was there to, he is such a cool mission president :)
 Norman's baptism was definitely on the smaller side. I mean all his family lives in Nigeria, so they weren't necessarily able to come out haha. He was super tall though, the water only came up to mid-thigh, I didn't think they would be able to do it first try, but they did crazily haha. I learned afterwards that Norman wants to serve a mission. He is 23 now, but he wants to serve a mission as soon as he can :) So cool!

  Sunday: We were able to sleep until 6:30 on a Sunday! Because it was Father's Day, all of the meetings that we usually have were cancelled. We went to go and see Tom get confirmed. In his blessing, it included on how he was going to prepare to serve a full time mission with his wife. That is super cool too! :) They would make an awesome senior couple!! Norman's confirmation was really cool to, bishop had him bear his testimony afterwards, and he has such a strong testimony :)
We had dinner over at the Knight's, we played pictionary some, and had fajitas. I could tell the family wasn't in very good harmony though. Their daughter Liz seemed pretty out of it, and Jimmy (Father) and Shirley (Mom) are going through some things, and not living together currently. It's really sad. I received a really strong prompting from the spirit, "You need to help this family!" I heard it loud and clear. They are out of town next week, however I got all of their numbers, and I've been keeping in contact with them. I have talked a lot with Liz, and she has been going through a lot of depression, but she has no relationship with God, so I have been helping her with that. I have also been making sure they have family prayer and scripture every night. I love the Knights so much, they are really close friends.

  Monday: We had a lesson scheduled with a Potential Investigator at 1:30, Simspon and I found him just knocking on a door we were prompted to knock on. However he is YSA age, so I gave that lesson to the YSA missionaries. They later told me that he was golden and that they set him to be baptized on the 5th on July., they were really thankful for me giving them that lesson. It made me feel super good though, someone that we found getting baptized. I have been such a wimp lately, whenever someone comes to church after a super long time, or I hear some really good things happening to people I know, I get watery eyes, because I just love it so much!
Well, that was my week. A very stressful one, but transfer weeks are always stressful from what I hear. I think we did pretty good.
Love you!
Elder Wrathall


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