Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It started out a good Preparation day....

Okay, so I already wrote pretty much every day already once. On Saturday Night, I left my keyboard on when closing my Ipad and it was typing at the lock screen. The problem with that is when you try the code 6 times in a row, the Ipad resets itself. So I lost everything, every referral that i have every gotten, a ton of info for the area. And of course the letter that I already wrote. So yeah. Fun Stuff.
  Tuesday: We went to the Family Fun Center with Nate and Elizabeth, and her brother Tyler. It was by far the most fun I have had on a P-day. The center was alright, but it was just spending time with them that made it super fun! I would totally hang out with them even if I wasn't on my mission. We had dinner with Tom afterwards, with some other missionaries there as well.
 (Okay, I'm going to forget a lot, because I don't have my journal with me, also my planner is not downloaded, so I can't look back and see what we did that day, but something really cool? I'm writing this on top of a mountain! "I'm on top of the world eh, I'm on top of the world eh!")
Wednesday: District meeting was alright, not as good as it usually is. But good none the less. We taught people and stuff. Oh! We had a 2 hour and 15 min lesson with John, pretty crazy. or was that last week... Oh no, that was this week. We finally got to teach half of the restoration with him, Elder and Sister Evertsen were with us when we were there and were able to answer a lot of his questions, that was super good.
Thursday: Weeding in the morning, then we had lunch with the Knights :) She is my second Mom, we are like bestest friends! Haha, we have just talked about a lot of things, also have been really involved in their lives, so now we just love each other. We have proposed that I marry her daughter, so that we can be real family haha. We had a s good lesson with Alex, we were going to set a date for him to be baptized, but he kinda seems lost in everything. We did ask him if he wanted to follow the example of Christ and be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God. He answered that he wants to be truly converted before he gets baptized. We told him by the 26th we know that he would be, however, he didn't seem to sure of it. A big problem of his, is that he hangs out with a lot of not good examples of Mormons. "Jack" Mormons as they call them here. Where they are baptized, but not converted.
  Friday: Elder Buckley and I got in a fight because he wouldn't wake up, so I did weekly planning by myself. That made me realize how much easier things are when you do it alone. I guess I just don't work well with others. I just like to do everything myself. I need to trust more in people. The rest of the day went well. We got to get along with each other again, and had no problem ever since.
   Saturday: I don't remember Saturdays very well for some reason. But I am sure we knocked on lots of doors and had lessons fall through. Just like everyday! Haha
  Sunday: We spoke in one of the Sacraments about baptism and conformation. Speaking is so easy now. I'm probably not a very good one. I make people laugh, but I mess up sometimes. haha, but when I say it is easy, that just means that I am comfortable doing it, I'm not really nervous or anything. We were super busy, we were constantly doing things. We are helping Norman go to the temple. We went to the Dee Event Center and listened to Elder Uchtdorf... Is that spelt right? talk. He talked about the Pioneers and how we need to stop complaining. Pretty much. Haha. I was super close to him though! However, he didn't let anyone shake his hand afterward :(
  Monday: Can I even remember what happened yesterday? hmmm... Talked about getting Sister Knight to the Temple. I hope she goes soon :( Had dinner with Robi and Mike Mandell. Went to Crown Burger! Yummy Gryo! :) Actually picked up a lesson! Super Sick! That is hard to do! Then had a really good lesson with Cody, we talked about the gospel, then we played ping pong doubles. Cody and I won against Buckley and Tyler. Cody lives with the Stake President, so I talked with him after about deep doctrine. It is like my favorite thing to do, then had super super good cake. Which I am going to get the Recipe from sister Lamb, I'll send it home so you guys can try it. SOOOOO GOOD! :)
Well now I am on top of a mountain. Utah is beautiful, just in it's own way. It is really nice temp up here, about 75 with a breeze :) Love it.
Looking forward to tomorrow, going to the temple with Tom, and Elder Simpson is going to come down as well :) 

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