Saturday, July 5, 2014

June 24, 2104

Well I am sure that you already know... I loved that yucky weather. It felt so good after all of those hot days we've been having! Dang, seems like you had a really fun week! Carter is so funny! I probably was riding my bike at the same time you were! Crazy!!! Yeah, it is hard to believe it has been 5 months already! That text was from the member haha, but she asked me what to say lol. That stump sure was difficult to say the least. She didn't mean to plant it, it just grew there, and she didn't stop it. haha. Pray for Johnny to stop smoking!! Haha
My companionship with Buckley is going well.
Things I have learned about Elder Buckley:
- From Mesa Arizona. It's hot there. So when ever I complain about the heat here, he is just alright haha.
-He swam... a lot. That is all he did at home pretty much. He is going to shoot for the Olympics!
-When 14 he had brain surgery to remove some of his brain, because he was constantly having seizures. He suffers from brain damage, but not to badly. Just has a  hard time memorizing things and whatnot.
-He loves playing board games :)
-He has a girl on a mission, that they want to date after.
That's all I can think of right now. He is a good companion. Sometimes I get annoyed at him, but not to bad. haha.
   Tuesday: Played Smash up. Absolutely love that game :) haha. We also played "Chair Soccer" as a zone. Then of course shopping, we just rode our bikes to Walmart, I have no problem doing that, I'm just that kind of guy. Elder Buckley however, wasn't so happy about riding home with groceries on his bike. I even carried half his groceries! Haha, but I do see how he doesn't like to, I mean, any sane person wouldn't want to ride with groceries on a bike lol.

   Wednesday: We had District Meeting in the Morning, they announced that everyone will be doing the 12 Week Program. (It is a program that we do as training, as soon as we get on our missions... Nobody really likes it) Everyone was so excited about it... not really haha. Elder Buckley and I were though! I never did it as training, so might as well do it now! A big reason why a lot of people don't like it, is because it includes a lot of role playing. So now on for 12 weeks, we take an additional hour of study in the morning to do that.
 After District Meeting, we got to go on exchanges with an AP. I really wish we were able to get my daddy, Elder Berg. But since he knows us both super well, he isn't supposed to :( We got Elder Young, whom is still super cool. We only had one lesson though. Usually they ask us to get as many lessons we can when we have them, so they can evaluate our teaching skills. We failed... 1 lesson. haha. It was really fun having him with us though :)
  Thursday: Not too exciting. We tried to do a lot of Contacting. Not many people answered their doors. Lessons fell through. I really don't understand how it is so often that people cancel with us. However, we did knock on our investigator, John .... I don't know if I have talked about him yet to you. He is an older gentleman, probably late 60's. He is very knowledgeable in religion and has many doctrinal questions. Most of them aren't really important, like why can't we drink wine if Jesus did. He is progressing though, he is reading The Book of Mormon. :) He did say, "I am never ever ever getting baptized!" the first time Simpson and I met with him. Last lesson though, he was telling Elder Buckley, "It is very very unlikely that I would be baptized." Ohhhhh! Improvement! Hahaha, that made me soo happy.
  Friday: 2/2 of our lessons fell through again. Yay. We stopped by our Investigator Johnny, whom has trouble with smoking and drinking. He drank a lot the night before. :( We really don't don't know what to do with him. He is not progressing, but his wife is. We really just want to drop him, but that's not fair to Julianna, his wife. He says if she gets baptized and not him, he will get a divorce, because he says that she will be clean, and he won't be, so she won't want him. Which is totally  true, more like just an excuse. So I don't know. We did get really good contacts though, found some potential.
  Saturday: I can't even remember what happened. I must have drank to much.
  Sunday: So many meetings, we were biking place in the hot sun to place after every hour. On top of that, we were fasting. So I was pretty dang tired before dinner. When I got to dinner, I drank three big glasses of water straight off. I was thirsty needless to say haha. Had a super good lesson with a less active family. We got them to agree that they need to work towards the temple :)
  Monday: We had to get a new update on our Ipads, which deleted everything in the gospel library, so we had to download everything again. It took a really long time. Like 4 hours in total. It was not very fun, except during the update itself, we just played basketball while it updated for an hour. That was pretty fun haha.
We had dinner with faithful parents, however their son whom is 17 is dating a non-member, and he went anti-Mormon. Whom before the girl was so strong in the gospel, and so set on going on a mission. So crazy how much influence girls have on guys. That's why we need a good girl for positive influence. They have a date to be married. So I gave the parents an article in Ensign, that talks about wayward children. I read it the week before, thought it would be perfect to help them. It is so sad :(
All in all, good week!
Hope you have another fun week!
Elder Wrathall


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