Tuesday, June 10, 2014

And that made it 5 times in a row having pizza for dinner.

Yep! I got my keyboard, and I gave the old one to Simpson, Simpson figured out how to work the old one, it is really annoying, you lightly tap the space bar and it works, but he is very grateful for it. Mine works perfectly! I am not getting transferred, however, Simpson is :( Sad day, he is going to Tremonton, up North. We used a shovel to get the spiders in. That's cool with all the mission calls! It is crazy that if Melissa left right now, she would still get home before me! Weird! That is crazy to think Addison is 8! I wish I could have been there!
Well onto the week.
Tuesday: Paint Balling!! Super fun! Was a lot better than doing it in the snow. I was able to see this time. After P-day we had a lesson with the Bowdens, whom is a super fun family, however, they are less active, and they aren't keeping commitments such as reading the scriptures, or praying. Lame! I really wish they would! Then we just had contacting the rest of the day.

  Wednesday: We had District Meeting, I did a training on "increasing people's desire to meet with us". It was the training I requested, so he turned it around on me and said, "would you like to give that training?" Lol, so I did, and it works, I feel like I learned a lot more than those whom I was training. We had a lesson with Norman, we taught him the commandments, and he was all gun hoe for that! So we set his baptism for the 11th. A Wednesday, which is also transfer day, so whoever is getting transferred in the area gets that baptism straight off. Lucky guy lol. We also had a lesson with Tom, he is still golden for the 14th, we just read Joseph Smith History with him. That was his first time, so he learned a ton, it was great!

  Thursday: We had an inspection for our apartment in the morning. We passed! We had lots of cleaning to do before hand though... Lol. After that we did Service for the Knights. We moved a lot of furniture around,  they were getting rid of a desk, and we need a desk. So we need to swing by sometime to get it lol. We also had a baptismal interview with one of our investigators, Julianna, I don't think I have told you, but she doesn't speak English, so it was super hard to teach her stuff, she speaks chekaneese of something like that. So at the interview, they had a translator, and she failed!! That's the first time I have heard of, but we set up a time on Wednesday to try again because she just didn't really understand the questions. They are not able to get baptized this week though. Johnny, her husband still smokes, and we have been trying to get him to stop, I don't really know how! He doesn't really seem to have a desire to stop. Simpson and I were told by our Zone Leaders, if you soak cigarettes in milk, the. Let them dry for 24 hours, then have them smoke it, they will feel super sick, and they throw up, and after that, whenever they smoke they get that feeling again. The hard part about that is getting cigarettes, we got two, but when I was taking them out of the milk, they ripped in half, so I need to get more. But of course we wouldn't buy them lol.

   Friday: Normal, somewhat boring, except for the lesson with Julianna, so we had the interview again, and I went in there knowing that she wont be able to be baptized the next day, because she doesn't have her marriage certificate. However, Elder Muntigah, tells her she can be baptized if she doesn't live with her husband, and she said sure, I'll do it, and he was fine with it as well. So here I am, Oh crap, I'm going to have to do everything for this baptism in literally 14 hours. That is super crazy! However, her brother got in in the conversation and he said that they need to wait next week. Lame... That would have been cool.

  Saturday: We had service in the morning, I packed boxes in a garage. All of our lessons fell through. Had burnt Pizza for dinner. And that made it 5 times in a row having pizza for dinner. Yep/... that's about it haha
 Sunday: We had to go on splits to make it to the meetings, and we also went to two different sacraments, it is kind of weird not to be sitting with Simpson at sacrament. Everybody kept asking, where is your companion! I sat with the Knights family. We had Elder Pape get dropped off with us at night, because his companion already left for home in the Philippines (Mom, spell that for me! lol) I did with the help of spell check. So we get a threesome until transfers!

  Monday: So Simpson was at Leadership training, so he was away from 11:00 to 6:00. So Elder Pape and I sacked out and played Risk all day.... Haha, JK!!!! However, all of our lessons did fall through :( Something super cool though is that we got senior couples in our area, their name is the Evertsens. They are super ready to work, this will be their third mission together, so they are well seasoned. They we're asking us like what more can we do to help, I was just like, "I don't know! I'm not used to this! lol" So it will be fun working with them. We stopped by the Murphy's, they have the Rottweilers... Have I talked about that before? I don't know. lol. but they have a female and male Rottweilers, and they had puppies so they are super cute! And they are super nice! I always thought that they were super mean. Now I kind of want to get  a Rottweiler when I am out on my own. Also, they are less active, so we aren't just wasting our time petting their dogs lol. Robi took Pape and I out for Dinner, to get Gyros! Yummm!!! When Simpson  got back he knew that he was leaving and going up to Tremonton, so we started making the rounds to say goodbye to everybody. Sad! At the end we had a family home evening with the Zone. We went to a bishop's home that was super cool, they have everything in their yard, Giant swing, fire pit, stream, peacocks, ect. and we found out where everyone is going. I am staying in Syracuse, with Elder Buckley! We went back to our apartment and played games lol.
Well hope you have a good week!
Elder Wrathall


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  1. I didn't know about dipping cigarettes in milk thing... Pretty cool. Hopefully everything went well with Juliana. And after all that cleaning, it's great you passed inspections :-)