Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Super awesome, sweet delicious brownie of a day!

Transfers is next week! Crazy how fast time goes by! I have not gotten the keyboard. The request takes 7-9 buissness days to be approved, then 5-7 days to ship. yeah... Long time. Good news is I don't need to return the one that is faulty. That is super cool about the motorcycle being sold! I saw on facebook! I guess I should get him a good father's day gift huh... lol
I don't think that the Elders will be able to help with the open house. I am pretty sure only sisters get to do that... Sexist! It just means that it is more important for the Elder's to be out in the field :P haha.
Okay onto the week!
 Tuesday: Zone Sports! We started off playing softball, however, some park people kicked us off the field because they had prepared the field for a game latter that night. But we ended up playing beach volleyball, which I like a lot better anyways. Haha. After P-day we had dinner with our Stake President, his wife made delicious chicken and salad. Then we had a meeting with the stake auxiliaries. And our lesson fell through... Yay.

  Wednesday: We had DM, but afterwards we did some service weeding. We had another companionship help us out with it. Early on we saw a ton of spiders, so us, being the boys that we are started catching them and putting them in a jar. At the end of the service project, we had like 12 spiders all in one jar. It was pretty crazy. None of us wanted to take them home though. We thought about going to a less active house, knocking on the door and releasing the spiders on the door, so when they came, all the spiders would get in. However, after long consideration, we didn't think Jesus Christ would do something like that :( We just let them go. 
We had like 6 lessons scheduled for the night, however 4 of them fell through. Lame!

  Thursday: So right across from our place is a Hawaiian shaved ice place... Super delicious place haha, they also give us discounts, so with that combination, we have been going there pretty often. Haha. We also have only paid  once out of the three times that we have been there because other people want to pay for us. What nice people! They have tons of flavors, my favorite thus far is, Lychee and Pomegranate.

   Friday: We had a lesson at 10am, which is the earliest I have ever had a lesson, so that was pretty weird. We were setting expectations from him. We asked, "What do you expect from meeting with us" His response, "Well I want to give you a story that you can tell your friends..." We were pretty sure he was high lol. Later after weekly planning, we had service with the Knight's family, which really just turned into a water fight, but it was super fun. Then we had 5 lessons in the evening, all went through :) We were astonished by that fact.

  Saturday: Super awesome, sweet delicious brownie of a day! We had speedball in the morning with the zone, then did some service landscaping a yard for a less active. She made us yummy sandwiches for payment lol. So we had 0 lessons planned for the day, but during making some visits, we were able to stop by some people and they weren't busy so we just had a lesson with them and there. The best one was with a non-member, who we were trying to meet with for a really long time, and she has always just been busy, so we kinda gave up on her. But, we had a promoting to swing by, even though it had been a month since the last time that we had contacted them. What do ya know! She is free to talk, so we got to know her, and she is completely golden. Like she was thinking right before we came over, "Where are those elder's whom used to come by." And when she had thought that, we knocked at the door, the very second lol. She has also had a very positive expire cues with the church. Her dad about a year ago had been baptized, and he used to be an alcoholic and mean to her, but ever since he had been baptized, he has been a lot better guy. So she just wanted to know what is about the church that made him so different. We invited her to be baptized, she did say no. But I think that was good, because her reasoning for not being baptized is because she doesn't know enough. She wants to be sincere about baptism. Super cool! We have another meeting with her on Monday.

  Sunday: Just a ton of meetings, and the most difficult lesson in the world. We taught a less active, and boy was she a talker. Every question that we asked she would take 20 min to talk about. Even when I tried to make the question specific to a yes or no. It did not work! She also said, "you know..." soo much!! I counted and she averaged 8 times a sentence, almost every other word, and about 25 times a minute. I seriously wanted to just die. It was soo difficult being in there for an hour and a half. Elder Simpson during it said that he needed to use the restroom, and after the lesson he said that he didn't really, he just wanted a break. Lol.

  Monday: Our lesson with Rose, (investigator picked up on Saturday) fell through :( We did service in the morning, helped plant some tree's. There were two young guys there, about 23 years old helping us. They were friends, and one of them was a non-member, but he was deployed in Afghanistan, and went through a lot of war. But he played off killing people like it was no big deal, and he talked about like self defense here in the states, and how he would have no problem killing someone who tried to rob him. One of his sentences were, "You slice his jugular just enough where he bleeds out slowly, so his friends come to help him, and you kill them to." So Simpson and I were just like, oh man, this guy is homicidal! He is just going to kill everyone lol. However, at the end of the service, he told us that he was actually a member, pretending to be a crazy guy, it was super funny.

Well thanks for the email! Hope you have a wonderful week. Love you!
Elder Wrathall
Guess he is showing all the junk food he has.

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