Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Birthday Week

Of course I watched X-men... haha just kidding! We had a ton of food though lol. I don't really like hot dogs, but I do love polish dogs, and brots, and similar things! Kayla did get me candy. I need to take a picture of my cupboard, I have lots of candy. Though I do grill up chicken quite often, so that makes it all better. You would get really mad at me if you looked in the fridge though. We have two 12-packs of Mountain Dew! Haha, I don't like it all too much, but we got it for free, so might as well. That is cool that you got to walk so much! I got to bike a lot this week! :P hjaha. I do miss the beauty of Georgia! I miss it soo much! However, there is beauty here, a different kind of beauty. I'd still much rather live in GA though.
  That was funny about the dinner disaster, but it was good that it turned out alright! Nice job on the German! You and Allison will be talking in secret combination when she gets home! lol I wish I could learn Spanish after being out here, it would be so nice to be able to talk to these people that say they can't speak english.
 Well, onto the week!
Tuesday: My Birthday! It was a super good Birthday! We did zone sports, and we played my favorite, Beach Volleyball! Then we also played another game that I like a ton, Ultimate Frisbee! I absolutely love playing sports with the zone. We went to the Bell's house, (a member) and we played board games with them, we played Dominion, Small World, Smash Up, and Carcassone. Super fun, she made chicken cordon blue for my birthday dinner, and also gluten free German chocolate cake. It wasn't as good as yours mom, but it was good. Then after the P-day ended, we made door contacts, not really anything interesting...
     Wednesday: We had my second B-day dinner! Lol the Knights threw a party for me, she made meatball subs which tasted oh so good! Then gave me a present, the present was a bag and removed the tissue paper and there it was. A toilet paper roll and a "nut roll" (kinda like a pay-day) in it. We all laughed, and then she gave me the real gift, and that was, creamies, which are the best Popsicles in the world!! And To Go. Nutella and dip in bread sticks. Lol.
We had a lesson with Tom Greenwood, and President Hiers was able to come to that lesson. I love our mission president, he is so cool, and has a good sense of humor. The sad thing, was that Simpson and I were only able to stay there for about 15 min, because we had another appointment that we had to go to, but President did stay there longer to just read the scriptures with them.
    Thursday: Oh man... The morning was the best. We had some service to tear down a gazebo, (have no idea if that it spelt correctly) and they didn't have sledgehammers, unfortunately. We used just normal hammers, and went to work on it. It was fun to tear down, I really should have gotten a picture of us, but when I thought of that, it was too late. At one point, the hammers weren't doing us much good. The owners told us, "Whatever you can find in this garage, you can use" so I went searching through, they didn't have much good stuff, however, I did find a lead pipe.... Haha, so I took that lead pipe and went to town with it!
Then we had some more service helping a less active family with their front yard. Yes... We do a lot of service. Haha, but we love to!
Robi (A member from Roy) took us out for my Birthday, if you have lost count, that's my 3rd birthday dinner :P. Took us out to crown burger, super good gyro. And her daughter in law made me a super cool cake! Coconut!
We had a lesson with investigators whom we haven't seen forever! They didn't continue reading the Book of Mormon :( but we read a chapter with them. 1 Nephi chp. 4. Love that chapter, not only because Nephi chops off Laban's head... Lol You can relate the experience to many different things.
    Friday: Weekly planning! Yay... We didn't have much planned for the day, but since we were slacking so much the other days with TTI's we set out to get as many as we could. We did have a lesson with Tom, but because of our desire for soo many TTI's we went on splits, I went to the lesson. The lesson was awesome, just talked about the baptism and how sick it is going to be and whatnot. When I rejoined Simpson, he got 6 TTI's within the course of an hour, super good! At the end of the day, we had 14 TTI's our new daily record! Haha. We have fun with it.
  Saturday: We had a lesson with the Knights, Love them!! We ended up helping them do yard work for about 2 hours, which was fun. Chopping down tree limbs, weed whacking, whatnot. Then after that, helped someone move. Then had dinner with an old couple who had a ton of small dogs. They all barked at us whenever we moved. It was crazy! The lady had a can with something in it that rattled, and she would throw it near the dogs to make them shut up, haha. It was a very interesting dinner. Then of course, our lessons for the night fell through, so we contacted people and got more TTI's.
   Sunday: Went to a couple of Ward councils. They were soo good! We got a ton of referrals from them, and got a lot of info on people. Being a missionary really just gives me experience on how to stalk someone. No, but like seriously, if you want information on someone, be a missionary! I feel like a detective a lot of the times, it is quite fun actually. Finding out whether people went to church or not, or if they are keeping commitments lol. We are God's law enforcement team. Haha.
We gave two talks... I just gave the same talk in both wards, Simpson did two different ones. In one of the meetings, we were the only ones that were speaking. So we both had to talk 20-25 min each. We actually had no problem. Haha, I spoke about the restoration, I can talk about that forever, that and The Plan of Salvation. Haha. I met one of our investigators for the first time. This was our second lesson and we were on splits on the last one. Norman is his name, and he is from Nigeria, he has been going to church for 6 months, we started the Restoration, and he knew every single thing in it. So I just asked him, "Do you already have a testimony that all these things are true? The Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, the Gospel, Christ?" He responded, "Yes, I do, I know with the surety of my heart all these things are true." He already had a Baptismal date for the 21st of June, but I think we will get him baptized before then. Soo cool of a guy! :)
  Monday: Memorial Day! It was dang hot out, it was 85 degrees I believe. That killed us. We did go to a Ward party breakfast, which was delicious, then had BBQ with the Greenwoods, then BBQ for dinner. Haha, we did only contacting, nothing very successful, both of our lessons fell through. So lame! We did go to the Bells, because we hadn't seen them in a while, Bro. Bell recently won Google Glass for free, so he let us try it out! It was pretty dang cool. Worked pretty well. For me it was pretty blurry, but everyone else said it was crystal clear for them. Must just have been something with me... I'm unique lol
Also, my allergies are acting up... Lame! Not too bad though.
Love yuou!

Elder Wrathall



  1. Sorry, I'm not up on my mission lingo. Please explain what TTI's are?

  2. Teach, Testify and Invite I think.