Tuesday, May 6, 2014

An update and even a recipe!

      Tuesday: It was our last day with our District Leader Elder Weidner, so we played some basketball with them, and also went out to eat at Paces, (kind of like DQ, but better quality) Our dinner was with the Gunderaons, and he knows how to BBQ, he gave us delicious steak! Their children were watching frozen, so now I know a little about Frozen haha, from what I saw of it, I like tangled better. In the evening, we didn't have any lessons, so we just biked around contacting.


      Wednesday: Nothing really new or exciting happened, we had lessons with some les actives. Their excuses are almost always the same. Either they are too lazy to go to church, or they work on Sunday, those 2 excuses encompass 90% of our less active work. The other 10% is when they were offended by someone at church. It is super lame!


      Thursday: Again, nothing really new. We are working really hard to find new investigators. It is so hard when our area is only a square mile, it seems like we have talked to like every non-member out there already. Also, the stake has been told to work on prospective elders, and they aren't considered as investigators, because they are members! So all the referrals we get deal with less active work. We had dinner at the coolest family in the stake, the Bells. We had pancakes with buttermilk syrup! They also learned of my birthday coming up, and invited me to spend my birthday there. I probably will. My birthday is on a P-Day so the plan is to just go over there and play board games all day. Haha well except for after P-Day ends of course. But she is going to make me German Chocolate Cake! Just like you would mom! I'm sure it won't be as good of course.


       Friday: We had a lesson with an active family, because their kid is about to be baptized, and they wanted us to come over and just give a quick review. This happens really often. Though it was a super cool family, and they gave us a lot of referrals so it wasn't a big waste of time! Yay! We went door contacting on some less actives, and we ran into someone, who invited us into his home, and he was a super avid hunter. The walls were covered with heads, and had two bears. That's the pictures. For dinner, we had pizza dropped off at our place, this also happens quite often. I like it though, it is nice sometimes just to relax at home and eat! We had a lesson with Tom, and it didn't go very well, we could tell that there was a lot of contention in the house between Tom and Teresa, and Tom was stuck back on what it has been from the beginning, he feels like his baptism in the Baptist church is valid. He doesn't think its right that God wouldn't allow everyone to be baptized even by no priesthood. He seemed really prideful. We learned that he hasn't been keeping his commitments, he has stopped reading the BOM. Not good! He was doing soo good!



       Saturday: We met with some non-members who are being taught by the Ward because they don't want lesson from the missionaries, however, when we visited with them this time, they seemed more open to it :) So we will be starting to teach them. Dad is recently coming back active and is working on getting the priesthood, so once he is able to get that, he will be able to baptize them.


        Sunday: Lots and lots of church, we read in the white handbook that we should be going to all blocks of church. We usually have been just going to sacrament, and gospel principles sometimes, because we usually have something scheduled to where we can't go to priesthood. Well apparently we are not supposed to do that haha. It makes sense though. We had 5 lessons scheduled for the day and only 1 went through....


        Monday: We started off the day by cleaning for 2 hours... It was quite needed. I usually keep the kitchen clean, and do dishes all ye time, but the bathroom is a different story. We got a referral from church headquarters via text. So we went to that not expecting much, because they usually aren't very fruitful. However, we did meet a family of 4 Mom lives with her grandparents taking care of them, the grandparents are active members. However, mom and he three children are not members, but she wants her newborn to be blessed... So weird, never heard of a non-member wanting a baby blessing lol. They weren't to interested in meeting with us for the discussions, however we did convince them for a time that we could meet :) hopefully it goes well! So

Fun Facts:

- I know how to shuffle cards now!

- All those animals in his house are worth over $250,000.

 - A member gave us about 2 gallons of left over soup from dinner.

- So far on my mission, I have been offered to drive really nice motorcycles 4 times.


Oh and since my birthday is coming up, here is my list:

- Prince of Egypt

- IPad mini to HDMI cord (if that exists...) something to hook it up to a tv.

- A cool board game - My Sunglasses from home? If they are there?

- Candy is always good.... Lol Tropical Starburst is probably my favorite on my mission, because starburst are easy to carry around lol.

- Mints or even better, those listerine strips thingamajigs.

- IPad mini case with keyboard, that would be sick!


This is probably my cheapest birthday list ever! Lol


Oh! You should try this soup recipe, it is super good! I think anyways, I remember Jared would send some good recipes.... Lol And yes! The main ingredient is beans, strange from me huh?


White chicken bean chili


-3 cans of white beans

-1/2 pound of cooked chicken.

-2 packs of McCormick Chili White Chicken seasoning

-4 cups of water

-1 can of evaporated milk

-A little green chiles (optional)





-Sour Cream

-Tortilla chips


Throw everything in. Bring to a boil. Once it is boiling it is done.



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